The Front Butt Effect?

Submitted by BlueTimesTwo on September 19th, 2009 at 5:13 PM

Was is just a coincidence that Michigan was on the short end of some very bad officiating today, or was that the result of all of the whining by Weis and ND? I would like to chalk it up to incompetence on the part of the refs, but some coaches seem to get in the heads of the officials when they complain, resulting in calls being made that would not otherwise. Any thoughts?



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There were two no calls on PI and the awful PI call on Michigan on EMU's first scoring drive. The incomplete pass that was reversed, i have no idea. Opposite side of the field from where i was sitting and the replay on the jumbotron didnt really help


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I don't mean that they were doing it intentionally. It just seems that after coaches like Weis complain, there is perhaps a higher level of scrutiny than there would otherwise be.

I was also referring more to some of the PI calls. For once, Cissoko was in perfect position to make a pick, and he gets called for getting tackled by the receiver. There was another on the same part of the field, where our receiver (I forget which) was interfered with pretty obviously with no call. Finally, the downfield throw to Matthews was ruled uncatchable, despite the fact that he was interfered with the entire time he was running his pattern.

Obviously those calls didn't matter today, but some were pretty bad.


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is one of the worst calls I've ever seen.

Brian said something during UFR, I think, to the effect of "if a CB can't do that, then there's nothing they can do" explaining why Warren's coverage was perfect and not PI.

Same goes for Cissoko. Dude ran the EMU WR's route, was going for the ball, the EMU WR jumped on his back, and... def PI? I hope Brian, despite his results-based charting, kicks BooBoo a +1 for that coverage.

The noncall on Matthews was pretty bad, too.

And honestly - what the Eff is up with that non-TD on Floyd's catch against MSU? Even under the most strict intrepretation of a "continuous catch," that was a ridiculous call.

Brother Mouzone

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Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it sucks.

But not much can be done but playing through it.

I don't focus on the people griping about it when they get the shitty end of the stick.

I don't gripe about it when we do.

Yep it sucks today. Let's see who will play through it.