Friday POSBANG only 8 days until M football

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Only eight days until Michigan football, folks. That is all that needs to be said.



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do you actually do while flying?  This is not a slight at all, my wife and I just took my son to Disney World.  Neither of us fly very much so of course to us there was a 50-50 shot that we were going to die in a horrendous crash..  We just got to talking about what pilots actually do and what is basically "done for them" if you will.  Obviously you manually take off and land, do you manually steer and drive the plane in the event of conditions causing turbulance?  Do you make that call or does air traffic control?  Could my pilot have actually been playing Fruit Ninja the entire way to Florida and it would not have made a difference?  Give me the scoop.


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I'll give you my perspective.  On the type of flights that compare to what airliners do, the busiest time is actually on the ground it seems, especially on the busier airports.  Chicago is a nightmare.  You manually fly the take off and generally the departure procedure up to altitude.  But in the air, the autopilot does much of the "up in the air" work, pilots are talking on the radios, deconflicting with other airplanes, listening to other transmissions, checking on weather, making sure you stay on course (cus a computer controls the AP, and those are prone to mistakes once in a while).  Once into the arrival phase, its manual flying for the most part...running checklists, reviewing the approach procedures.  It is not a crazy busy time at altitude, but there's plenty to keep things moving along and keep you from getting bored.


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I love Chicago and the busy places those are usually the most laid back. It's always the tiny airports like Indy or Columbus or Raleigh where the controllers get all pissy. The motto in Chicago O'Hare ground is don't stop. It's a pretty easy airport actually to get around. I despise all east coast airports especially New York City (JFK,EWR, LGA, HPN, ISP) you can add Philly to that list too. Chicago I think has the best controllers in the world. They keep you fast and they are laid back.


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We try to avoid weather and find smooth air as it gives a much smoother more comforting ride to our passengers. Sometimes you just can't find smooth air no matter what you do. Aerodynamics are very similar to hydrodynamics. Air is moving much like a river or waves/ currents in the ocean. The taxi, take off and departure phase up until you as passengers are allowed to use your large electronic devices is the workload high and busy. However even then it's not bad. It's just like your job you get into a flow. I'm a laid back guy and I rarely get mad at things outta my control. (Ramp personal, late flights, broken planes, bad weather etc) Something Michigan football has taught me here in the last few years. The landing approach part can be hectic depending on the airport and the arrival phase can start very far out and very high and be an extremely busy section of flights as your crossing over intersections at certain speeds and altitudes and configuring the airplane to do just that. Very rarely do I "hand fly" (meaning the auto pilot is off) in cruise simply because the auto pilot allows me to perform other tasks. I usually turn the auto pilot on around 18,000 feet or about 15 minutes after takeoff. However like today our auto pilot is broke so we are hand flying at every single second. Both co-pilot(first officer) and the captain fly usually taking turns every other leg. The only qualification required to be a captain is based on seniority. If your hired before someone else your going to get the call first even if someone behind you in line is a more skilled aviator.


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Woooooo! It's almost time. The last few days take so long though. I am excited, but I won't lie and say I'm not a little nervous about next Saturday.

Franz Schubert

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It seems like it took forever, but football season is nearly upon us again, and indeed, along with it comes come my favorite weather and my favorite team. So far, my wife has still said she will guest mod the Miami (OH) game, so that should be interesting. 

My daughter is actually going on a short trip with the in-laws to the west side of the state, and as my wife is working much of the weekend, it will be me and my son around the house and about as well, probably eating pizza and watching sports. 

Tonight and tomorrow, there might be a little front-end cleanup of some of the not-so-hot threads from the last few days to maximize the amount of football related content on the first few pages as the deadline passes for OT. I might also  make some sort of note in the top OT thread around 11 PM on Saturday night to warn people one last time too.


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Eight more days until there are actually games to (over)analyze every team and the predictions for our biggest games can be made on concrete (yet often barely more predictive) evidence. But still: games!!!

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Up early for up voting all who've posted before me . . . . and for some music from the boys from Liverpool (No, NOT Mario Balotelli, for those of us who've already enjoyed the opening of the Barclays Premier League season last week)