Damien Harris had a big opener

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Per Kyle Bogenschutz, a writer for FoxSports who was at the game, Damien Harris looked great in his season opener. Harris' Madison Southern beat Rockcastle for the first time behind a 170 yard rushing effort from Harris. Harris ran for 5 TD's including rushing TD's from 51, 42 and 31 yards out. On top of that Harris also added a 60 yard kick return for a TD.



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The class he plays in, which is equivalent to divisions in college football, is fairly small and weak. Madison Southern is in 5A. Rockcastle last year in round one of the playoffs they got smoked 48-0 against Lexington Catholic. The higher the class the bigger and generally tougher the teams. The best teams are usually near Lexington and Louisville. The level of high school football is very bad here except 6A and a few 5A teams. Trinity has to basically travel around in order to find competitive games. Still doesnt mean anything. He dominates weak compition like any great high school player should. Mike Hart was from a tiny school in a weak division look how that turned out for us.


On a side note. The game against Dunbar is the one I should get to this year and get Ace or someone some film. I know a lot of the coaches there from when I tought at and attend Eastern Kentucky Univeristy two of them I employed. Berea, KY is about a 45 minute drive south of Lexington right off 75 if your driving through and want to catch a game.

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As a Madison Central graduate (and former captain of the football team), it does my heart good to hear you say this.  Of course, when I played there was no Madison Southern.  half our linemen came from Berea.

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Well, it was a very long time ago.  Still, it was good times.  In my mind, Harris goes to "my" high school, since back then all the Berea kids went to Central.  It is certainly true that the level of competition in KY football is not high (that was a brutal reality I learned at Michigan). Even at a big school like Central, playing against other big schools, I knew virtually no one who went to D-1 schools.  It was pretty rare, at least.  Down here in South Carolina there are kids all around going to D-1 programs.  I am hoping that this does not bode ill for Damien.  I think the camp circuit helps the recruiters to be more objective, though.


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I know nothing about his level of competition, or the area. I know he's highly ranked, so I assume he is in a tough league against other D1 prospects. Anyone have any insight into this for me? That's a monster game to have, btw.


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He plays in a small division and scrimmaged my old school a couple years ago. We are lucky if all five guys on our o line are over 200 pounds. Both these players have amazing measurables but I wonder if they will take a little longer to develop and get used to the college speed. McDowell made the move to a bigger school this year so that should help.

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The recap from his local paper revealed my favorite part: The coaches call their package where Harris takes the direct snap from center the "Wolverine" formation.

That’s when Harris took over the game, thanks to some halftime adjustments by the Eagles coaching staff.

On the ensuing possession, the Eagles switched to their “Wolverine” formation with Harris taking the direct snap from center after the first four plays.

On the first snap from the “Wolverine”, Harris scooted 16 yards around left end for a touchdown to make it 13-12 with 7:27 left in the quarter. The PAT tied the game at 13.

Harris said he always had faith in his teammates to open up running room and the halftime adjustments made the difference.

“It wasn’t big adjustments, we just needed to get some things going,” Harris said. “The line had as much faith in me to run as I did in them to block and it was a beautiful thing and we were able to put some points up on the board because of it.”

After the Eagles got the ball back three plays later when Casey Dionne recovered a Rockcastle fumble on the Eagle 38-yard line, the “Wolverine” came through again.

On the third play, Harris picked up his third touchdown of the night, from 42 yards out to give Southern its first lead of the game, 19-13.

From that point on, the Southern defense began to dominate, forcing the Rockets to punt from their own goaline, giving the Eagles possession on the 31 yard line.

One play later, Harris made it 22-13 on a 31-yard run up the middle. Quarterback Devante Linville converted the two-point conversion and the rout was on.

Harris added a 51-yard touchdown with 17 seconds left in the third quarter and his sixth TD from twos yard out early in the fourth quarter. His two-point conversion rounded out the scoring.


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Can't start new thread/don't know if it's worth it, but apparently Bryan Mone played pretty well last night as well. No stats in the article, but there's a photo in the album with a caption stating he had at least one sack. I believe he also plays OL and they clearly had a good night on the ground. FTR, Mountain Crest was last year's 4A state runner up.