Championship Game Boycotters

Submitted by cigol on January 10th, 2012 at 9:16 AM

While I am not a fan of the BCS system, given the current format, I hope we can all agree that the BCS got it spite of the national bore that is two teams from the same division in the same conference playing each other.  Those two teams were in another league of talent, and as it turned out, the team given another shot obviously deserved it.  After watching Stanford and Oklahoma State, the level of athlete Alabama had on defense did not even compare to those on the teams that felt as though they deserved another shot.  In addition to their defense, given how talented Richardson, and as it turns out, McCarron is, they were a far superior team to Oklahoma State and Stanford.

Regarding those bitter about Michigan not getting another shot in 2006/2007, I drink a lot of Michigan Koolaid, but as it turned out, Michigan and Ohio weren't the top two teams that year.  They went on to get handedly beaten in their respective bowl games, showing that neither of them belonged in the top 2.  Make whatever excuses you want for those games, but they did not deserve to play in the championship game that year, whether or not the other teams were clean.

Finally, I am not liking our chances in that opener next year.  While Alabama loses a lot, I just don't think that the RR era size / talent of recruit will be able to hang.  Let's face it, the guys we ran out there this year, while full of heart and who I respect immensely, were not on the same talent level of those playing for Alabama. Once Hoke gets in some big AND athletic DEs /  LBs / WRs, I think it will be another story, but they'll only be true freshmen next season.  Given our struggles moving the ball against MSU and Va Tech, I cringe at the thought of playing Alabama right now.  Then again, Hoke is magical, so we'll see.



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This is idiotic. No, they did not get it right. All they really did is invalidate the regular season game between Bama and LSU. Bama isn't the champion. Right now they're 1-1 with LSU. Ok State may have lost a game to a weak ISU team, but at least they won their conference. You can't say regular season is crucial and then play a rematch championship game. Dumb.


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This is not my argument. If you want to add the claim that there will never be a regular season matchup, then that's fine.  Nevertheless, all the BCS tries to do is get the two best teams.  My opinion, along with a ton of people that know more about college football than anybody on this board was that Alabama was better than Oklahoma State.  Had LSU gone out and stomped Alabama, then there could be some weight to the argument that Oklahoma State belonged in this game.


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there is no "getting it right" with this system.  when there are multiple one loss teams out there, you've solved nothing.  

also, please stop judging these teams by the eyeball test.  there is no sport in the world that does this or has to do this to determine who wins.  wouldn't the nfl suck if we just said "patriots and packers look like the best teams, lets just go with that."

maybe those two teams look fantastic on defense because their offense are horrible.  same with the pac 12 looking great on offense until they play a good defense.  

the bcs sucks and probably always will.