Calling all CFB statisticians!

Submitted by Wolverine In Exile on September 24th, 2010 at 12:29 PM

In reading the ESPN preview of the game this weekend (, I read a stat that Denard is still leading the nation in rushing... I fully anticipate that some 45 carry/game MAC RB will take the lead at some point, but made me wonder: has a QB in the modern era (1970-now) ever lead the NATION in rushing? I looked at HicockSports ( a good stat resource and I didn't see any QB's in that timeframe. Makes me wonder what QB last led the nation in rushing as late in the season as possible. I would assume it would have to be either a option QB at Neb or Oklahoma in the glory days of the wishbone or maybe even Michael Vick for a 2-3 week period... anyone give me a better answer to either of my two questions:

1) when was the last time a QB led the NCAA in rushing?

2) When was the last time a QB led the nation in rushing after week 4? latest week in the season?



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Sorry to be a downer but from the ESPN preview:

Michigan is 26-1 all-time against Mid-American Conference foes.

Toledo.   Ugh.

To all fans in attendance tomorrow:  Please do not let this happen again this year!!!

Wolverine In Exile

September 24th, 2010 at 1:01 PM ^

From what i can tell so far from my research, you have to go back to eras of football where the forward pass hadn't been developed or widely used to get this type of statistical performance. Not even Vick, or Vince Young, or Tommy Frazier, or Eric Crouch, or JC Watts or Steve McNair are doing what Denard is... I know a big if, but IF Denard keeps this up, we could be looking at a Woodson-esque never-been-done-before type season. Plus Denard is completing passes at a 60+% clip for relevent yardage and completion numbers (not like the classic Neb QB who throws 5-10 passes a game)


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the record for most rushing yards in a season by a qb is 1,649 yards by Georgia Southern QB Jayson Foster, which leads me to believe that the answer is no, even though thats a ton of yards.

Wolverine In Exile

September 24th, 2010 at 2:58 PM ^

he put the ground in the Air Force. Nice catch. 225 rushes in 11 games means he carried the ball 20.45 times/game. Denard right now is at 74 rushes (33% of Morgan's carries in 25% of the schedule) and 559 yards (37% of the yardage in 25% of the schedule). I think we may be in for some record breaking performances...

The Mathlete

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Assuming Denard plays the whole season and we make it to a bowl game, Denard needs "just" 94.1 yards per game over the next 10 games to set the NCAA QB single season rushing record and if he throws for 132.9 a game (easy) he can become the first 2000/1500 QB ever. 232.9 a game through the air gets him to 3000/1500. Only Vince Young and Dan LeFevour have done 3000/1000.