What Am I thinking???

Submitted by cougar blue on July 31st, 2008 at 8:33 AM

Well, since this is kind of my own blog I thought I would share something exciting, challenging, and at times stupid... I am training to run a MARATHON!

I have been training for the Grand Rapids Marathon on October 19th since the beginning of June. Training is going well, and I am getting ready to run 15 miles this weekend. I have been building from 8 miles, and have run a half - marathon, etc... I have been running for the past two years on and off but I have never ran more than a 15.5 mile race in 2007. So I am getting anxious to get my training up to the 20 miles I need in order to be able to run the 26.2 in October!

This morning I was running before work and it was 70 degrees and humid over here on the west side... As I was running I was thinking (as you tend to have a lot of time) about the upcoming training camps - regardless of level - that will be opening in a matter of days. I was thinking holy crap! I can't believe I used to have to wear full pads in this heat and humidity from 2nd grade through college! I am not a small guy (6'2" 210 - have lost just over 40 lbs. since Feb.) so I amout there for a while, and I know I can force my self through it... what I am trying to say is that the game of football to me is much more than x's and o's... it is about life! If you can make it through the camps and the conditioning then can do anything you set your mind to.

I think about the game of football daily, sometimes just remembering the fellas... There are a lot of games that I barely can recall - and this was not that long ago (graduated from college in 2000) - but i remember everything that I did with my boys! The sweating, the pain, the throwing up, the parties, and this is what i miss the most.

I guess what I am trying to communicate is that if I can run a marathon (I hope) and sweat my ass off for a goal (and put up with the aches and pains)... think about the team at M right now... they have been busting their collective asses off and becoming more than just a TEAM, they are becoming a close knit group of FRIENDS (brothers if you will) and proving to themselves what kind of preople they are.

So whenever some critic, fan, etc. worries about or blasts the team for not having a QB, or being young on the line - DO NOT FORGET THAT THERE IS A LOT MORE BEHIND THEM THAN WHAT WE SEE ON THE SURFACE - THEY WILL BE SUCCESFUL IN WAYS WE CANNOT SEE...  I believe that this is what will win games this year for the team. 

I just think that these are the things that get over looked by the x's and o's the recruiting, the analysis, etc... I leave you with these thoughts:

"Enthusiasm is the force upon which all momentum is created!"

"Anything worthwhile is never easy!"

GO BLUE!!!!!



July 31st, 2008 at 9:22 AM ^

I have run the Fifth Third 25k the last two years, finished pretty well (over the top half in my age and gender class), but after running those never thought about doing a marathon!

My sisters both have run the Chicago marathon twice and they finished (not in good shape, but they finished!). So in other words if my sisters can do it, I am pretty sure you will be able to finish!

Just keep training and put in a lot of miles each week!

Run Forest run!!


July 31st, 2008 at 11:21 AM ^

The thing that bushwacked me in my first marathon was the mental toll it took. Physically, I can run the first 18-20 very well and then stumble at some bullshit pace to the end (I’m told it does not resemble running) because I have problems with cramping in my legs that start around mile 16 and become debilitating sometime after 20. The physical part you’re ready for. It’s the mental part that I was completely unprepared for. First, as you start out you realize something hurts and you think how the hell am I going to run 25 more miles when I feel like this in mile 1? Every year I run the Marine Corp Marathon and every year in mile 1 I think, “this is the year I just turn around and get on the metro again.” That first time, it really got bad around miles 6-10 because now you’ve run a good distance but in terms of 26.2 you’ve done nothing. Weirdly, I nearly cried at that point my first time I was so depressed. Fortunately for me, the Marine Corp hits the national mall for miles 12-18 or so depending on the year and that’s a big party. After that mile 20 or so takes you across the bridge back into Virginia. At that point you’ve finished because while they need to reopen traffic on the bridge at a certain time once you cross the bridge your guaranteed to finish as long as you can move. It helps me to break it down into manageable distances. Survive the first 10 without quitting or running too fast. Then focus on the half way point because after that you’re counting down. Then push on to the Bridge or wherever you need to get to ensure success. I also like to fantasize about the aid stations. Orange sections haven’t tasted that good since I was a 10 year playing soccer.


August 3rd, 2008 at 1:07 AM ^

My girlfriend and i did the half marathon in GR in 2005 (i had to run away from that fb season, lol). It was quite an experience. We trained our asses off (special note: I HATE running...i mostly did it for fitness/she wanted me to). I got as high as 15 miles in 1 run for training, which is about 12 miles further than i ever thought i would run. Anyways, long story short, we paid our dues, drove our asses allllll the way over there, and about 2.5 miles in she steps funny and wrenches her ankle. Luckily i was close enough to her to see this happen (or maybe unluckily depending on how you see it, perhaps i couldve finished, lol) and she started crying so i had to pick her up and carry her off the course, effectively ending our day. lol. Better luck to you my friend :-p But in all seriousness, have a good one and I hope you meet your goals (as well as our team). Go Blue!