Sunday Morning Stats - 11/7/10

Submitted by HeismanPose on November 7th, 2010 at 10:28 AM

The good, the bad and the ugly, presented without comment.



Scoring (Pts/g) 38.89 12th
Rushing (Yds/g) 273.44 9th
Rush Yds/Carry  6.17 5th
Passing (Yds/g) 262.44 28th
Pass Eff  158.09 14th
Pass Yds/Att 9.23 7th
Total (Yds/g) 535.89 5th
Sacks Allowed/g 0.44 4th
TFL Allowed/g 3.00 2nd
Turnovers Lost  17 73rd
RedZone - TD  78.05% 2nd
RedZone - Score  87.80% 27th
3rd Down Conversions 48.31% 21st
4th Down Conversions 66.67% 21st
Scoring (Pts/g) 33.89 104th
Rushing (Yds/g) 168.11 84th
Rush Yds/Carry  4.24 71st
Passing (Yds/g) 285.56 115th
Pass Eff Def 144.29 101st
Pass Yds/Att 8.26 110th
Total (Yds/g) 453.67 114th
Sacks/g 1.33 98th
TFL/g 5.11 87th
Turnovers Gained 10 107th
RedZone Def - TD  69.23% 101st
RedZone Def - Score  87.18% 92nd
3rd Down Conversions Def 43.94% 95th
4th Down Conversions Def 70.00% 108th
Special Teams/Other
Net Punting 36.40 62nd
Net Kicking n/a n/a
Punt Returning (Yds/Ret) 6.00 95th
Kick Returning (Yds/Ret) 20.84 78th
Punt Return D (Yds/Ret) 12.13 95th
Kick Return D (Yds/Ret) 19.77 27th
Field Goals 36.36% 119th
Extra Points 97.87% 51st
Penalties/g 4.89 15th
Penalty Yards/g 50.22 52nd
TOP/g 27:33 109th
Turnover Margin/g -0.78 108th



Denard Robinson
Rush Yds 1349 1st
Rush Yds/g 149.89 2nd
Rush Yds/Carry 7.37 6th
Pass Yds 1814 50th
Pass Yds/g 201.56 60th
Pass Yds/Att 9.75 3rd
Passer Rating 160.9 11th
Total Yds 3163 3rd
Total Yds/g 351.44 1st
Pts Responsible for 150 13th
Pts Responsible for/g 16.67 10th
Pts 72 37th
Pts/g 8.00 41st
Roy Roundtree
Rec Yds 656 42nd
Rec Yds/g 72.89 43rd
Rec/g 5.00 55th
Jonas Mouton
Tackles/g 9.89 20th
Solo Tackles/g 5.44 27th
Jordan Kovacs
Tackles/g 9.00 39th
Solo Tackles/g 4.89 57th
J.T. Floyd
Tackles/g 8.25 73rd
Solo Tackles/g 5.38 31st
Will Hagerup
Yds/punt 43.6 32nd


Blue in Seattle

November 7th, 2010 at 11:34 AM ^

all we get are charts?

Was this really more work than copy and paste?


but as just a bunch of stats, I thought we were 4th as a scoring offense last week, what kind of scoring went on Saturday to have us drop after a 67 point performance?

For a diary, I'm expecting a well written article, supported by data, whether in chart form or not.

not just a list of stats that I could have googled myself.

Seriously, I come to this site to get other people's conclusions and analysis.  Don't be afraid to put that effort in,




November 7th, 2010 at 6:20 PM ^

Since you are so unhappy with the data as a diary, please provide the same info on the board.  Your comment was unfair.  The OP was can read the data and draw your own conclusions.  I don't need someone to analyze it for me.

Some of the nitpicking crap going on around here is starting to be over the top.  If you don't like it, move on.


November 7th, 2010 at 11:53 AM ^

It actually took a fair amount of effort to compile this.  I posted something similar a few weeks ago and people seemed to appreciate it.  It also generated some discussion in the comments.  But if people are gonna bitch, I won't bother.  You can spend an hour and google it yourself, I guess. Sorry to waste your time on the internet.

Michigan was not 4th in scoring offense last week.  You're probably thinking of total offense.


November 7th, 2010 at 6:49 PM ^

I for one would spend that hour googling and searching for all these stats, so it's extremely convenient to have them all in one place.

Thanks for your hard work, it saves the rest of us a lot of time, and your effort doesn't go unnoticed.


November 7th, 2010 at 12:00 PM ^

Denard Robinson is averaging 351.5 total yds/game. This is after yesterday's game in which he missed the entire 4th qtr and much of the 3rd. After he missed much of the Iowa game. After he missed most of the Bowling Green game.

To put his stats in perspective, here are the next closest qbs in total yds/game:

Moniz, Hawaii  344.4 yds/game, mostly passing qb

Griffin, Baylor 327.5 yds/game

Weedon, OkSt. 325.2 yds/game, mostly passing qb, -yds rushing

Davis, ECU 319.8 yds/game, mostly passing qb

Wilson, NCSt. 312.4, mostly passing qb

Jones, OK 303.9, -yds rushing

Kinne, Tulsa, 303.8

Newton, Aub, 303.6, closest to what Denard does with 114+ yds/game rushing

Persa, NW 303.5, scrambler, closest to Denard in the B10

And Pryor, just for kicks,

Pryor, tOSU, 273.3 yds/game

One has to wonder how Denard's yds/game would have been if he'd played more in the BG game or Iowa game, or Illinois game.

As an aside, only one RB(L. James) is ahead on yds/game and Denard leads all rushers on the season, and he does it with a very respectable 201.6 yds/game through the air as well.

Tha Quiet Storm

November 7th, 2010 at 2:49 PM ^

Thanks for doing all the legwork compiling these stats.

On offense, if we can just cut down on our turnovers next season, we should go from very good to "industrial strength laser cutting through paper."

If I had to pick one thing out on defense, it would be our lack of a pass rush. Part of this may be attributable to the prevalence of 3-man lines, but if we could just put a little more pressure on QB's (see the last play of the game), maybe our extremely young secondary wouldn't look quite so lost because they wouldn't have to cover guys for so long.


November 7th, 2010 at 9:11 PM ^

my favorite stat on there is our ranking for TFL's allowed on offense... Remember just 2 short years ago when something like 40% of our plays went for 0 or Negative yardage? That's a remarkable improvement. Just shows you how important it is for a coach to have HIS players on the field with some experience.