Saturday Morning Psycho

Submitted by SMart WolveFan on September 29th, 2018 at 11:59 AM

A third of the way through the season, I thought it would be interesting to put Michigan Football "on the couch" to see if a cigar is a just cigar and if a loss to ranked opponent on the road in week one is actually a win.


Frost motel.jpg

                                               "Mother, I think we got out hit today."


After dispatching little Scottie and his overbearing mother, the frost has started to evaporate from the chilling predictions of the week one over reaction. 

However, kinda like a rubberband in the hands of nervous six year old, the psyche can be stretched too far in the other direction, so let's look at what state the fans are in.

Fact is, the last decade had made it Loony Toons in the fan base.

Fudd Season.jpg

                                                                     "Fudd season? What's that?"


Thanks to the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt surrounding the program most fans are riddle with psychosis, from PTSD, ADHD, IBS and even a few STDs ........looking at you, aaamichfan.

However, if you only remember to 2015 and the job Harbaugh did with his transition and contrast that with the current state of Nebraska and UCLA, UofM is actually ahead of the game.



Now, here's Carl Jungas, cable repairman and night school psychiatrist with today's fan archetype:


                                            "I'm here to fix the cable .......and interpret dreams.


"Zee worst archetype of football fan is zee Maizen. Zat guy blows."


Checking in on The Ohio State of Urban Decay, they have introduced the new way to spell:







So, here we are fellow aficionados; the 1 loss is out of the way, it was the most quality loss there is; and, lets face it, it's better when we have lower expectations but still have a lot left to cheer for. So take your THC, Prosiac, Adderall or two-hearted ale and relax, it's been a rough 10 years, but payback is a....




                                                    "I'm not done with you ....not by a longshot."