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Submitted by WolverSwede on September 14th, 2008 at 1:55 AM

I spent a great deal of my evening in an attempt to repress the events of the afternoon:

"Sorry about the game man."

"What game?  I think it got rained out.  Hurricane Gustav or whatev."

 This was useless: 

 I saw OSU get pummeled. 

There's nothing like the smell of burning flesh to remind you that some teams are worse than other teams; the teams that are worse than other teams are also better than some other teams;  one of these other teams beat the hell out of our team.   Moving on:

I saw Michael Phelps bomb on SNL. 

He did wear a Michigan shirt while announcing Lil Wayne.  He might have been the worst host of all time. 

Reliving it all under the guise of a Michigan win:

I would still be laying in my bed with laptop on my chest, the heat emminating from the battery (fantastic birth control method if you lay it in your lap, in case you didn't know), trying to type something worth reading.  I am a pathetic excuse for a writer, but even as I type this I hold on to some ridiculous fantasy that someone will respond: "what a well written post".  Narcissism is a beautiful thing.  Since the end of the game, four diaries have been written (not including this one); this is not because there is a lot to say (there is little to say).  It is because want-to-be writers (like me) subconsciously   know that a herd of forlorn fans will look to MGoBlog for answers, all but guaranteeing that their diary will be read by the masses.

Read my diary (I'm under-qualified).

Respond with comments.  It feeds me.  So does whiskey.   




September 14th, 2008 at 3:53 AM ^

I agree Phelps wasn't a great actor tonight. I bet he would agree, considering he has probably never trained as an actor.

However, I think that the main reason why SNL wasn't funny tonight was the writing. So many of those skits had no chance of being funny no matter who the host was:

  •  Fancy Pants swim coach
  • Ugly children
  • The waiter sketch
  • Space Olympics Digital Short

I do have to give credit to two hilarious skits. The opening scene with Palin and Hillary was great. I also loved the spoof of the T-Mobile commercial. That had been a pretty funny ad and they took a good turn on it.

Blue Durham

September 14th, 2008 at 9:07 AM ^

There's nothing like the smell of burning flesh to remind you that some teams are worse than other teams

And some conferences are better than others. After the Big Ten's showing yesterday (particularly from the defending champion and likely to repeat), there are 3 better conferences.