Film Analysis Ep 9.1 - PSU - Chunk Plays on Offense

Submitted by FanNamedOzzy on November 7th, 2018 at 10:41 PM

This was an extremely fun game to go through analysis for, and had to cut the offensive plays from about 20 down to 12. Want to call out that I did a stream going over some of the unsuccessful plays Michigan had against Penn State. Check the Links section at the end if you're interested in those plays.

Enjoy the domination :)

9.1.1 - Q1 11:40 - 2nd & 9 - UM25 - Higdon gain of 10 yards

  • Power run left that PSU slants into. Want to see Gentry do a better job on the edge, here, and I think Higdon had a lane inside that he missed. Otherwise it’s well blocked and still a good chunk play.

9.1.2 - Q1 11:21 - 1st & 10 - UM35 - Higdon gain of 50 yards

  • Split-zone read executed really well. Onwenu & JBB set-up the hole really well with Onwenu forcing DT to left & JBB reaching out to a LB to the outside and working him outside. LB#7 for PSU gets lost.

9.1.3 - Q1 8:17 - 2nd & G - PSU2 - Patterson TD of 1 yard

  • Patterson keeps around the edge for the TD. Giant pile forms in the middle of the OL. No penetration, so mission accomplished, there. Gentry passes #18 on the edge to pick-up a LB on an arc-block. Turns out to be the right move.

9.1.4 - Q2 15:00 - 1st & 10 - UM16 - Pass to Collins for 47 yards

  • Nice pass protection, especially from JBB on the DE. Interesting route combo for Collins & Eubanks, who’re on a fly / flat-n-up - causes the DBs to collide. Slightly underthrown ball and a bit too far inside, but not bad.

9.1.5 - Q2 6:58 - 3rd & 7 - UM23 - DPJ 23 yard TD catch

  • Patterson flushed from the pocket - JBB needs to do a bit better on the edge. DB decides to come up to cover Perry, which is a mind-boggling decision. Nice ball on the run and excellent body control on the catch.

9.1.6 - Q3 3:54 - 3rd & 3 - UM42 - 19 yard run for Higdon

  • Runyan & Bredeson do well on left side, Onwenu & JBB get an effective double on the DT, then Onwenu falls off to pick up LB#11, great job. Ruiz shows incredible patience in space, huge block on LB to open up this play.

9.1.7 - Q3 2:03 - 3rd & 7 - PSU36 - Catch by Evans for 24 yards

  • Great play design - Collins & Perry execute slants that operate as pick routes, opening up Evans on the wheel route out of the backfield. PSU happened to call a blitz, as well, which makes this an easy 24 yards.

9.1.8 - Q3 1:00 - 2nd & 6 - PSU7 - RPO TD Pass to Gentry

  • RPO executed very well, here. The run-blocking on this play leaves a lot to be desired (JBB, McKeon, Eubanks), but Patterson correctly reads #6 of PSU and delivers a perfectly placed ball to Gentry.

9.1.9 - Q4 12:04 - 1st & 10 - Black TD called back

  • Yes, Gentry holds. Yes, it was the correct call. Black screams past the DB on his fly route. Perfectly thrown ball from Patterson and Black looks 100% back. :)

9.1.10 - Q4 11:12 - 1st & 10 - PSU19 - Patterson keeps for 13 yards

  • Another zone read. TEs do well on their blocking assignments on this one. McKeon and Eubanks both block LBs that help open this play up. Bonus points for Bell blocking downfield to get Patterson a couple more.

9.1.11 - Q4 9:53 - 2nd & G - PSU4 - Higdon TD

  • TEs do an excellent job here to open the hole for Higdon. Gentry caves down DE #99 to form the right side of this hole and McKeon rides #11 outside to form the left. Nice power to get in from Higdon.

9.1.12 - Q4 7:48 - 1st & G - PSU2 - Evans TD

  • Onwenu & Mason make this play, especially Mason, who deposits a safety in the end zone. Nice job from Ruiz & JBB on the double on the DT, as well.


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November 7th, 2018 at 11:34 PM ^

Great stuff.  

It sure seems like watching the game Higdon leaves some yards on the table and this confirms that.  He runs hard and typically finds the initial crease.  He is having an All Big Ten season but dang put a Sequon Barkley behind this line and watch out. 

Tight ends seem to know their assignments but I am missing Asiasi and what he could do in this offense. 

Hugh White

November 7th, 2018 at 11:59 PM ^

On that RPO to Gentry: is Patterson reading the outside linebacker assigned to Gentry, or is he reading the inside linebacker who is supposed to help on the inside?  I thought it was the latter, but RPO is not my strong suit. 


November 9th, 2018 at 6:13 AM ^

Wow, this was the most educational 25 minutes I've spent in a long time. Love to see the plays develop, the slo-mo, the different angles. Plus reliving only the best plays--brilliant! Who are you and where and when did you play/coach?