Film Analysis Ep 3.2 - Good Offensive Plays vs. SMU

Submitted by FanNamedOzzy on September 21st, 2018 at 3:18 PM

In the previous episode, I covered 8 plays where Michigan's offense didn't look so hot, to put it nicely. 7 of those 8 plays were in the first half. That makes sense when you consider Michigan putting up points on their final 7 possessions against SMU.

SO, I covered the bad, time to cover the good. Below is the video, and I included a "summary" of each play, with down, distance, result, and a short description of each play's outcome. I did all of these with the live analysis format given the feedback here and on Twitter.

Let me know if there's any other changes or improvements you guys would like to see:

3.2.1 - Q1 4:39 - 1st & 10 - UM43 - Catch by Gentry for 33 yards

  • OL does a good job, 5 blockers on 3 initial rushers. Tru Wilson with a phenomenal blitz pickup of MLB. Good read progression from Patterson to find Gentry mismatch - great catch as well.

3.2.2 - Q2 11:57 - 3rd & 4 - UM49 - Catch by Gentry for 24 yards

  • Evans looks to be responsible for this missed MLB blitz. Solid blocking from OL overall. Perry motions to get CB in coverage away from Gentry. Hell of a throw from Patterson under pressure to the seam.

3.2.3 - Q2 2:43 - 1st & 10 - SMU35 - TD Catch for DPJ

  • Just how it was drawn up. Double PA on jet-sweep (Thomas) and up middle (Wilson) dooms the MLB, who has the impossible job of covering a crossing route of DPJ. Good protection, good pass, good play.

3.2.4 - Q3 9:39 - 1st & 10 - SMU35 - 28-yard pass to Gentry

  • Great protection - good job by Runyan to pick up blitz on edge. Patterson with a good read to find Gentry on the seam as he crosses the LBs in zone. Also had DPJ, but good throw.

3.2.5 - Q3 9:13 - 1st & G - SMU7 - TD pass to DPJ

  • Decent protection on this quick RPO(?) fade, you’d like to see Gentry do a bit better back-side. Great ball placement and DPJ shows off his athleticism with excellent body control.

3.2.6 - Q3 1:31 - 2nd & 10 - SMU41 - TD pass to DPJ

  • Protection isn’t bad. Runyan gets beat, Bredeson tries to help. They give enough time for Patterson to hit DPJ in stride deep on a play the safety definitely should have been deeper. Nice throw.

3.2.7 - Q4 10:43 - 1st & 15 - UM20 - Evans run for 35 yards

  • Really well blocked Inside Zone run off of fake jet sweep. LBs are fooled, and hole is created by strong blocks from Ruiz & Onwenu, and Gentry setting the edge just enough. Unfortunate that Evans cramped, otherwise TD.



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September 21st, 2018 at 6:05 PM ^

I'm planning on possibly doing a live-stream tonight for defensive plays - time will tell, though. I try to keep myself away from the UFRs so as to not sway what I'm seeing vs. what Brian sees. After I post I generally go back to see the similarities / differences.

Usually the plays are relatively straight-forward, so we don't disagree on much. Sometimes there's a difference on who we think is at fault for a blitz pick-up or a bad route, etc.

An example, the pick from Patterson to McKeon seems like 75% on McKeon to me, since he clearly stops on his way back to the ball, allowing the DB to make a play. Brian gave way more of the fault on Patterson. So, minor things like that are common.


September 22nd, 2018 at 10:11 AM ^

Great work - thanks!

About play #4:

Even though the pass rush didn't get home, what Ruiz did looks concerning to me. His man does a slightly delayed stunt and, instead of passing him off, Ruiz seems to chase him, thereafter being in no position to do anything useful. Comments?