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In other news, ND beats Ohio 3 - 2 in OT, with upsets in all the conference finals, (including Michigan Tech over Northern for WCHA title)

Gophers are out.…


Big Ten  has 4 teams of the 16 in post-season, equalling the 4 hoop teams in the 68 team post-season.





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was at the NMU-Tech game tonight. Disappointing game for the Cats but props to Michigan Tech for winning the WCHA after we stole their coach. Incredible run they went on including upsetting Minnesota State. What I don't understand is the WCHA goes from a best of 3 format all playoffs to a one game winner take all championship. What?


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Amazing. Remember Big Ten hockey sucks in prior years? This conference is so solid. Go Blue. I will travel anywhere for any Final Four or Frozen Four.


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Minnesota had a 98% chance of making the tourney Saturday morning.  Their absolute worst case scenario happened.  I can only imagine the team had been practicing for 2 weeks, and then this.


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Big Ten hockey is gonna be interesting the next few years to say the least. You've got Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all historical powers who expect to make it ever year, but you've also got Notre Dame who's been great the last decade, plus an upstart Penn State that expects to be good. OSU makes a run every once and a while, and MSU being a historical power but total poop for quite a while hoping to turn things around. How many bids will there be to go around? Will the league cannibalize itself?


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Brackets come out tomorrow. There seems to be a good, logical argument for sticking Michigan in Sioux Falls in Saint Cloud's bracket, but who knows how it turns out. I saw one guy suggest Michigan would get Worcester in Cornell's. I don't think it's likely, but that would be an easier road. 

We'll likely play Northeastern. It's not an easy matchup, but it's big-boy time and if we want easy matchups we can schedule Arizona State again. I think it's winnable. SCSU, if we get them, is a tough matchup, though they did lose convincingly to Denver today. 



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I think that it's a really hard year to predict what the committee will do. The Midwest is up this year at the expense of the East and Minnesota/North Dakota. No regional in the Midwest or Minnesota is going to be an attendance nightmare. Even BU squeezing their way in is more than offset by BC missing out. Very strange year.