My 2017 College Football Experience

My 2017 College Football Experience

Submitted by UNCWolverine on December 12th, 2017 at 12:09 PM

As we find ourselves in a bit of a lull between the regular season and bowl games I thought I’d take the time to post about my 2017 college football experience. I am single with no kids, and being in sales my manager allows me a fairly flexible work schedule so long as I hit my numbers.

So I have decided to take advantage of this time in my life and opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite things, college football. I absolutely love Michigan football, but I also really enjoy experiencing new stadiums, campuses, fanbases, etc. So this fall I set out to check off a few more boxes. Here goes….

September 9 – Stanford (24) @ USC (42)

I really thought Stanford was going to take it to the Trojans. My Stanford buddy and I took Stanford +6 and we never had a chance. I recall after seeing this USC offense that they might go undefeated this season and wished Michigan could have one of their two superb backs who combined for 235 on 34 carries.

I did not take a wide shot picture from my seat probably because I’ve been to several games at the Coliseum. But I did think it was interesting that you could definitely tell where the student section started and stopped based on brand new shirts compared to those that have been washed and faded over the years.

September 16 – LSU (7) @ Mississippi State (37)

This was my second LSU away game (last year’s loss to Wisconsin at Lambeau). The Tigers were 2-0 going into this game and there was no reason to expect this result. This team looked confused and undisciplined all over the field. In fact I believe two LSU DLinemen were ejected for dangerous and absurdly stupid hits to the Bulldogs QB within minutes in the3rd quarter.

This was first time to Starkville and hopefully my last. The cowbells were just awful (akin to vuvuzelas) and it just boggles my mind that they are allowed to bring them into the stadium. They do mostly stop ringing them when the opposing team comes to the line of scrimmage, but they begin ringing them right after the ball is snapped. I also can’t believe they are allowed to ring them when the opposing team is huddling up, there is just not a chance at any verbal communication outside of shouting in the huddle. It made for a brutal neutral/opposing fan experience and I never plan to subject myself to that shit again.

Here you can see that they’ve set the stadium up so you can actually sit outside near the south endzone and watch the game on the big screen above the north endzone. That seemed unique in all my travels. This was after the game was no longer in doubt, so I’m sure it was packed at the beginning of the game.

September 17 – Pats (won) @ Saints (lost)

October 14 – Auburn (23) @ LSU (27)

After that loss to Mississippi State and then the embarrassment by Troy I don’t think anyone saw this one coming. And by halftime it looked like Auburn would walk away with a fairly easy victory. But LSU scored the only points in the 2nd half, 13 all in the 4th quarter to pretty much save their season and probably Coach O’s job.

This was something I don’t really think I’d seen before. Players were holding up these banners/flags to, I can only assume, hide the coach’s whiteboard from lookie loos in the Auburn press box. Seemed overly paranoid to me, but maybe it’s been a thing in the past.

October 15 – Lions (lost) @ Saints (won)

November 4 – Oklahoma (62) @ Oklahoma State (52)

This was an area of the country I haven’t spent much time. This was my 2017 grad school buddy trip. Last year we did Florida @ Tennessee and this year we decided on the Bedlam Game for their hall pass weekend. We experienced a lot of great BBQ and the open carry law. We really wanted to place a wager on the game to make it more interesting. Last year we took the over and it helped pay for our dinner after the game. The over/under in this game was 76.5 which seemed pretty high. But this was a Big12 game and not Michigan State v. Iowa so we decided to take our chances. It was 38-38 AT HALFTIME. This made the game very enjoyable from that standpoint.

And I didn’t have to look far for the obligatory….

And as Game Day was in town that weekend we got to meet Lee Corso very early Sunday morning at the airport. I’ve been in the “he really should just retire” camp the past few years. But man after meeting him he’s such a nice and charming guy I have backed off that stance. I hope he can continue for years to come.

November 18 – Cal (14) @ Stanford (17)

A few of us went to the Stanford @ Cal game in the pouring rain last year. I had never been to a game on the farm so decided sort of last minute (night before) to fly up Saturday morning to catch this game. I actually did something that I don’t usually do when I go to games, I took the time to walk the (athletic) campus a bit. Not surprisingly it is all very impressive. I have to say it would be tough to turn down Stanford if you’re an athlete in just about any sport, and they have the Director’s Cup results to back that up.

I have always considered Cal to be Michigan’s sister school from school colors to the education to the campus politics. Crazy Cal kids…

This picture was taken inside the gates after they scan your ticket. They have beautiful landscaping all around the outside of their stadium. They haven’t touched the bathrooms/concession stands since they built the stadium, but it really is a great environment, highly recommend it.

November 25 – Michigan/OSU

I’ve only missed a handful of OSU home games since the early 90s even though I’ve really not lived in Michigan since about 2000. I did not want this year to be one of those years even though I knew it would be JOK getting the starting nod. I’ve got nothing groundbreaking to say about the game.

But I will say for those that live in/near Michigan and are able to attend a lot of games, coming back for a game or two each year truly is for me a highlight of every year. I’ve brought numerous friends back for games and to see our campus over the years. I am proud of our university regardless of our wins and losses. As this post signifies I’ve been to dozens of campuses and it really doesn’t get much better than what we’ve got at Michigan, go blue.

I checked off 3 new P5 stadium boxes this fall which now puts me at 22 total. Here is my list in no particular order:

North Carolina

Oklahoma State




Michigan State











Florida/Georgia Cocktail Party - Jacksonville



Mississippi State


Texas A&M

One last thing, In my previous company I used to work with a real ass hat that was a big Louisville fan/alum/arrogant loudmouth. After the championship game against them I mentioned that it was a shame that the refs ruined the end of our game with that terrible foul call on Trey Burke. He commented that it was indeed the right call because Burke impeded his way to the basket. Then he threw in this diddy, “you should stick to things you know about in Michigan, like asparagus”. So I did what any Michigan asparagus-loving fan would do, I anonymously sent him this:

OT : New Orleans Area High School Coaches Planning To Ban LSU

OT : New Orleans Area High School Coaches Planning To Ban LSU

Submitted by Eskimoan on February 7th, 2017 at 4:15 PM

So it looks like New Orleans High School coaches are pretty pissed at coach O for what some might call, "dirty recruiting". He pretty much did what OSU did with Mike Weber, and waited till after signing day before making coaching changes.

Assistant coach and one of his top recruiters, Jabbar Juluke was re-assigned after signing day, making sure LSU secured those recruits

Here is the Link,

OT: LSU RG Josh Boutte Suspended 1 Game for Late Hit

OT: LSU RG Josh Boutte Suspended 1 Game for Late Hit

Submitted by Croatian_Blue on September 6th, 2016 at 11:55 AM

LSU's RG Josh Boutte was suspended by Les Miles for 1 game for his vicious, late cheap shot on Wisconsin CB D'Cota Dixon. That game is against Jacksonville State. Les defended Boutte saying it was out of character and that Boutte believed the play was still live, which I totally believe.  /s

For those that didn't see the hit, here is the link:

Boutte is 6'5", 346 lbs and Dixon is 5'10", 203 lbs.  This could've done a lot of damage, but thankfully didn't.  

This brings me to my question: What punishment does Boutte actually deserve?


CC: Impact on other schools

CC: Impact on other schools

Submitted by The_Mad Hatter on December 11th, 2014 at 10:38 AM

I've been thinking about the impact our coaching hire will have on other schools,

Assume for a moment that we're going after the coach at another blue blood university.  How does the timing of our search and eventual hire impact that school?  Does their recruiting class tank?  Who do they get to replace the outgoing coach, especially if we're taking early January?

Are there succession plans in place to promote an assistant?  Or do they go out into the market and try to poach another successful coach like we did?


Just some things to think about while we're all busy F5ing today.

OT: Les Miles Trolls Texas Longhorns' Lack of 2014 Draft Picks

OT: Les Miles Trolls Texas Longhorns' Lack of 2014 Draft Picks

Submitted by boliver46 on May 15th, 2014 at 1:40 PM

Good old crusty Les Miles.  Not one to miss an opportunity to compliment his program and backhandedly slap another - he got in some digs at a Tiger Tour Stop in Texas.  While touting the high number of LSU draft picks, he let out this quip:


"Some schools in this state didn't have any,"

Gotta love it.  Too bad LSU doesn't play Texas!


OT - Poor choices made during sporting events

OT - Poor choices made during sporting events

Submitted by NYC Fan on November 16th, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Just read (this was about the Alabama fan that violated a passed out LSU fan after the National Championship game last year) and have to say that while the act was sophmoric, this doesn't seem out of the realm of many younger fans.  I know most of us on here are die hard fans and just thought this story showed how much a "bad decision" could alter a family's life.

Given its Friday and I am getting depressed over the fact that Denard's last home game is tomorrow, I was hoping to incite some comments on stupid sports related things people on the board have done or have had done onto them.  I have never ventured south to Ohio for a game based off of some prior stories I have read on here and am interested on hearing from others.

Go Blue!

Validity of BCS Gripes

Validity of BCS Gripes

Submitted by Vasav on December 5th, 2011 at 5:30 AM

I'm sure you're all as excited as I am about the Sugar Bowl. But I'm sure you've all been pestered by friend/family/co-workers about how M is only there because it's all about the money. Or they have various other gripes. I've decided to classify these gripes, and share my unsolicited opinion with you on the internet. I'll approach this as a conversation with each of the various butthurt partisans.

(Since we are the lowest ranked BCS team in, I'll compare everyone's resume to ours)


Sparty - I'd almost feel bad for you if you were passed over for a BCS game by us. But you weren't - you were outside of the top 14 and therefore ineligible. Why were you outside the top 14, when we both had the same number of losses and you won the head-to-head? And won the division over us? No, not the polls - we were ranked within a spot of each other in all of them. It was the computers. Why? You see, while you beat us by 14, you lost to Nebraska by 21, who lost to us by 28. Triangle of doom. Shall we look at the other loss? Ours was an ugly one in the division to Iowa - by 8 points. Which gave you the edge in the B1G West. Yours was an even uglier thumping at the hands of Notre Dame. Yes, yes, you beat Wiscy on a Hail Mary at home. And then lost to them by 3 at a neutral site. Want to count it as a tie against a top ten team? Doesn't change the fact that If you had shown up at all in that ND game, you may have had a legitimate gripe. You didn't, so you don't. Enjoy Florida. I hear it's nice this time of year.

Oklahoma - Yes, your TT loss doesn't look that much worse than our Iowa loss. And your Baylor loss looks better than our Sparty loss. But the way you got absolutely stomped in the biggest game of your season is way uglier than anything that happened to us. Also, you're 9-3 after that one. You don't deserve anything more than the Copper Bowl.

South Carolina and Arkansas - Nobody wants to hear it. No, the limit on only two teams from a conference isn't holding you back - it keeps you from playing each other. Look, even in your good years nobody wants to see two teams from the same conference play in a bowl game against each other. And the SEC didn't have a good year - Arkansas, your best win is against the Cocks, and your escape against A&M is not as pretty as our escape against Notre Dame. And you got throttled in your two losses - you got beat worse by Bama than Penn State did. Gamecocks, your best win was against Clemson - and your losses against Arkansas and Auburn are comparable to our losses against Sparty and Iowa. But we pretty much thumped everyone else on our schedule except our rivals. Your wins were...uninspiring. The system isn't holding you back at all - your own failures on the field are keeping you out of the party. And no SEC partisans are ever allowed to complain about the BCS again, unless it's talking about how biased pollsters are towards their own.

Boise State - I usually defend you guys, but I'm not going to this time. Yes, you've got only 1 loss, and it was a close one to TCU - better looking than either of our losses alone, and certainly prettier than both put together. And your win over Georgia is comparable to our win over Nebraska. But here's the thing - your next best win was either Tulsa, Wyoming, or SDSU. SDSU was at the bottom of our resume for wins. In fact, it's so far down there we don't even think about where it is. Your second best win is our 7th or 8th best? I've got to go with our resume on this, even with the uglier losses.

Southern Miss - When both of your losses are to teams without winning records, then you have not proven you belong in the BCS. That interview gave me a good laugh though.


TCU - I love how you guys do what you do, and you had an amazing season. Beating Boise on the blue turf and winning the Mountain West is nothing to smirk at. And while your win @Boise may be better than ours against Nebraska, and your losses are comparable to ours, I've got to go with the same argument I had against Boise - the meat of your schedule is the dregs of ours. What's that you say? Why is West Virginia ahead of you? That's a good point, but you guys know how it is in the Mountain West. That's why you're leaving next year. Good luck in the B12.

Baylor - I've had a lot of fun watching you guys, and I'm rooting for RG3 for the Heisman. And your resume isn't bad - beating three ranked teams is far better than us, and getting blown out by OK St is not so bad. Losing to K St by one isn't bad at all either. Getting blown out by A&M is way worse than anything that happened to us though. So yea, your resume is close to ours. But there's a couple of other guys in your conference who belong more, so I don't feel so bad that we're in over you.


Kansas State - You guys should be in a BCS game. Yes, your blowout at home by OU is bad, but your second loss was by seven @the #2 team in the country. You totally have an argument that "it's all about the money." But hey now, don't look at US like that - we weren't the last ones in. That would be the Hokies you have beef with - and truth be told, I think you'd probably travel to NOLA better than them anyway.

But really, getting a chance to play an overrated #6 SEC team in the Cotton Bowl - a game that was "major" back in the Bowl Coalition days - that's a major opportunity for respect, and pretty much a BCS game anyway. I mean, without the massive payout. But that would've gone to Texas as blood money anyway, right?


Oklahoma State - What can anybody say, guys. You got hosed by Alabama. They have two wins over the top 25, you have four. They lost to the #1 team at home, and you lost to an unranked team on the road - your loss is a little worse, your wins are better. No, just cause they blew out a weak schedule doesn't mean anything - you should have gotten the nod from resume alone.

What makes it ridiculous and insufferable is the obvious - this is a rematch, they didn't win their division, they're playing a team from their conference. I know you've been over it a hundred times over in your own heads. I hope you guys beat Stanford and win the Grantland Rice and the Macarthur trophies. I hope Alabama gets crushed.

But really, your gripe is way more legitimate than K-State's. It's probably the most legitimate gripe I've ever heard with regards to the BCS - yes, more legit than Oregon, Auburn, and USC have had in the past. While I've never loved the BCS, I never thought it was so broken as to screw you over for a less deserving team because they came in second in a conference that was good the last couple of years. The system is broken and you've been royally screwed by it, and will watch them play a regional scrimmage.

I'm way more excited for your matchup against Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl than I am for the event that precedes LSU's deserved coronation. Good luck, and prove to the nation that you deserve a shot.

ALA-LSU vs UM-Ohio in 2006. The hypocrisy of Gary Danielson.

ALA-LSU vs UM-Ohio in 2006. The hypocrisy of Gary Danielson.

Submitted by michelin on November 27th, 2011 at 12:28 PM

Reasonably, one might argue that the should be a rematch in cases like ALA vs. LSU.   Or one might argue that there shouldn’t.  But at least one should be consistent.

However, recall what Gary Danielson said on WXYT AM Radio in Detroit, MI, December 4th about the controversy over Michigan losing out to Florida:  He said:

“It wouldn't have been fair for Michigan to have to play them again..

Winning it on the field is all that matters.

There was only one team in college football that had the opportunity to play their way into that game against Ohio. Michigan had a shot.”


So, you would figure that he would  be consistent and say:

it wouldn’t have been fair for Alabama to play LSU again,

that winning on the field is all that matters,

 that there was only one team in college football that had their opportunity to play its way  onto the field,  that Alabama had its shot.


But what does he say now?

He calls for a rematch of LSU and Alabama and says that it’s inevitable

He says “fair is fair, these are the rules, there is nothing to prohibit a rematch.”


You would at least think that Danielson would recall and try to justify his apparent inconsistency.  Taking his side, one might argue “look at what happened in the later bowl games in 2006—that UM lost to SC and Fla beat Ohio.  But that was totally irrelevant.  It was unknown at the time a decision was made about whether UM or some other team should have for the national title. In fact, we can never know what would have happened if Fla had played USC on their home turf, against USC or if MI had a rematch with OSU.  If Fla played a USC team tht used players that should have been ineligible, like Reggie Bush, then FLA might have lost by 40 points.  If UM played Ohio—who also had consistently cheated under Tressel’s tenure-- on a neutral field, it might have won by 40.  Recall too that FLA played OSU without their only good receiver: Ginn.  Urban Whiner’s team twas losing until Ginn was injured.

Indeed, one might argue that UM only lost the game in Columbus in 2006 because they didn’t have home field advantage.  Tressel grew the grass to a a foot in length—called by Bo Shembechler “worst field conditions (he had) ever seen.  As a result, UM defensive players like Lamarr Woodley would slip on the grass when pursuing Troy Smith (an already slippery character who had taken dirty money from a Tressel-associated booster).  I don’t think Woodley would have slipped on the astro turf of a neutral field.  In retrospect, we see that Woodley is far more talented.  He is a multiple-time all-star on a Super Bowl winning team, while Smith is a marginal player on a USFL team in Idaho.

Moreover, consider the main difference between the head-to-head MI-OSU game in 2006 and the Ala-LSU game already played this year. The 3-point loss of Michigan in 2006 was really a tie even if you ignore Tressel’s cheating and just consider the usual advantage of a home field.  The 3 point loss of Alabama to LSU was really a 6 point loss when you consider ALA’s home field advantage.

No doubt the SEC proponents—who ignore the SEC cheating and oversigning and dismissal of substandard recruits—will argue that their conference is better than the Big Ten.   I suppose they are entitled to their opinion.  Maybe, if the SEC is voted the by best conference, we should just have a rematch of the two top SEC teams in the title game and ignore the rest of the teams in the country.  Unfortunately, most games the SEC plays are vs the SEC.  Nobody really can reliably measure conference strength in such cases.  Even then, nobody really knows how important conference strength should be when weighed against other factors

My point, however, is not that Alabama is unworthy.  They may rightly state that their team will be the second ranked team in the BCS.  But recall that UM should have been the second ranked team in 2006 according to the objective computer rankings.  It also was ranked higher in one of the two human polls.   And it would have been ranked higher too in the other human poll—if not for the campaign of Urban Whiner and Gary Danielson.  They got voters to change their minds in the Coaches Poll, which was appointed by the SEC chairman, dominated by southern voters and other biased coaches like Tressel.

But I guess that we should take the SEC commentator, Gary Danielson, for his word when asked about whether his opinion in 2006 was influenced by his employer [CBS].  He said:

"So is everybody else's, but that's not true.”

So, Gary says “yes” but “no”.

Thanks for being so consistent, Gary.