Miss St. vs. LSU game notes

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Game 3


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  • LSU likes to run heavy sets more than Auburn, so Miss st. ran alot more 4 and even 5 DL fronts on first and second down 3rd down was almost exclusively 3 DL
  • LSU's QB's were able to break contain on scrambles and get to the outside.
  • ESPN U cameraman can't find the fricken ball, missing plays with stupid graphics, ARRRRGGGGHHH!
  • Audible's come from the sideline
  • Trips formation is about 60% bubble screens in 2+ games so far.
  • Relf looks slow to pickup corner blitzes.
  • punt formation was back to normal this week, but maybe just cause the punt was from deep in their own territory
  • LSU adjusts to the 4 man line by going spread on 1st down. to pickup a nice gain, then back to heavy sets.
  • #34 DE, team captian.  Looks small for a DE, (maybe it's just his number) but has good ups. Knocked down a screen pass.
  • 4th and inches on the 45, ran the option and gave to the full back instead of qb iso.  strange.
  • #28 ballard is pretty strong, can move the pile
  • Relf looks to have decent accuracy over the middle, but he's not gonna beat you on deep outs and corner routes.  ball has too much air under it.
  • Trips, when LSU has two men up in bump and run, it's a straight up zone option, when LSU's corners play off, they throw the bubble.
  • triangle trips (where the middle WR is on the line) is more of a passing formation.
  • Terrible interception by Relf, just throwing up a prayer under a blitz pressure.  hopefully he hasn't grown out of that yet.
  • LSU is back in spread on 1st, so MSU goes 3 man line, so LSU runs right at it for big yardage.
  • LSU 3rd and 15, only 2 DL but brought a 5 man blitz in the redzone,  interesting.
  • Relf is pitching the ball more when they run the option left this week, probably got coached up on that.
  • 12-0 LSU at the half, Miss State's redzone D brought a lot of pressure, but LSU's ineffeciency at redzone passing probably had more to do with the stops.  Very conservative playcalling by miles that the bulldog D jumped all over.  procedure penalties also hurt LSU.
  • the previous comment about tony dungy was obviously incorrect, it's Herman Edwards who is stuttering up in that booth.
  • Miss st. is moving the the RB late to change the direction of the zone option
  • Relf shaken up with a mild concussion,  once you get the first it becomes more of risk every subsequent time.
  • Russell can throw the deep out, hope he's out for the bowl game.
  • not real impressed with miss state's FB on short yardage.  he's better on option dives, but LSU does have a good DL, so that might be skewing my opinion. Either way, ballard and relf are the much bigger threats in short yardage.
  • Still not very impressed with #4 safety, in 3 games I've seen him only make one great play when he was in the box and read the hole.  Other than that, he's been a lot of meh.
  • FB will take you to the play 90% of the time, he's either the first man on the option or the lead blocker, they almost never use him as a backside blocker or in cross buck motion.  The closest to misdirection with the FB i've seen is when they dive off the guard's outside shoulder and option it the the other way
  • up 26-7 start of the 4th quarter,  fourth INT of the game for LSU and that's the ball game.
  • LOL is there really a baseball player called FUKUDOME?!?  I saw it on the scroll and thought it was the name of a stadium.  the Fuk - U - dome.hahaha
  • Without the massive # of turnovers this would have been a closer game, but LSU just dominated the LOS on both sides of the ball. they brought lots of heat on defense and heavy sets on offense and just pushed around their counterparts.  Unfortunately this is not really something we'll be able to do.  We won't have the weight advantage LSU had.


T-town Wolv

December 10th, 2010 at 2:11 PM ^

some little things I noticed:

  • Gives up medium yardage on the play to the edge when first run and/or not obvious
  • After the 3rd or 4th time running an edge play, MSU's secondary keys in on that play the next drive. I don't know if this is from overcoaching because you don't want the secondary looking into the backfield in case of PA. Something RR and Calvin McGee could play on for the bowl.
  • They easily give up short passes.
  • Screens work about 60% against this aggressive D.
  • When they turn up the heat, they lose complete contain on most plays. Look for D-Rob to exploit that when scrambling, if he does get out of the pocket. 
  • The secondary is sub-par. Anyone with hands could scorch this defense. Sorry Roy Roundtree.

The defense is overall a very average bunch of guys who are well coached in the fundamentals. Unlike our defense which is full of potential but for the most part poorly coached.


December 10th, 2010 at 11:28 AM ^

I'm surprised that people are calling them a good line. They are not very big and not very fast.

They do seem to be very well coached, however. Good gap discipline, not a lot of "ugh" moments.

I think their linebackers are pretty good.


December 10th, 2010 at 1:12 PM ^

Size and weight wise relative to LSU? Is it bigger/smaller? By how much?

Also, any sense of the size of MSU's D-Line relative to some of the big 10 competition we've faced?