META - Can You Please Just Leave MGoBlog As Is?

META - Can You Please Just Leave MGoBlog As Is?

Submitted by Darker Blue on September 12th, 2017 at 1:20 PM

I love the way the site is laid out. I know that you've spent a lot of money to make changes, but I'm begging you please don't take this mgoblog away from me. 

thanks for listening , back to your reguarly scheduled football content.

A Suggestion: MGoBlog Day

A Suggestion: MGoBlog Day

Submitted by Swayze Howell Sheen on August 13th, 2010 at 8:35 AM


As the football season approaches, I find myself checking into this wonderful site on an increasing basis. Replace "increasing basis" with "every 5 minutes", and that last sentence will be true. Yes, the fall fanaticism is upon us.

Here they come

As well all know, MGoBlog* is an incredible and irreplaceable resource for Michigan football** fans. It has a unique space in the blogosphere, and we all, as fans of U of M football, are lucky and privileged to have it.

So why am I writing this diary? To get some more mgopoints? To state a bunch of obvious truths? No, rather, to first state a concern, and then suggest a possible solution.

These are truths you can handle, actually

The Concern: Brian Leaves MGoBlog

The concern is simple: that one day, perhaps sooner rather than later, one Brian Cook may pack up and decide to do something else with his life. I'm not saying this is going to happen, and I certainly have no particular indication that Brian is anything but happy and content as leader of the mgoblogosphere, but each time I read one of his brilliant articles, I find myself thinking: this guy is going to get swept up by some bigger media outlet. His writing is terrific, heartfelt, funny, thoughtful, and even occasionally poetic (I could link to dozens of examples here, but what is the point? You all know what I mean).

This is a train leaving a station. Imagine if Brian were on it?

Envision, if you will, the tragedy that would result. Certainly, my own personal Michigan football experience would be greatly lessened***. Worse than any freep scandal or crazy coaching search, the thought of Brian Cook leaving this fine site for some greener pastures is too painful to consider.

The Solution: MGoBlog Day

So let's not consider it. Or rather, let's take steps to make it less likely. What I suggest today is an alternative: a celebration of the best. Specifically: let us create an unofficial MGoBlog Day. On this one day a year, each of us would tune into the site, perhaps write a little bit about why the site is so great for us, but, more importantly, DONATE. If each serious reader donated as little as $5 or $10 or $20 (or much more, if desired) each year, I suspect Brian and company would become notably better compensated for what he does, and presumably this would (perhaps greatly) lower any future possibility of Brian thinking of moving onto some bigger or different stage. Let's make Brian rich!

Pledge Drive: Everyone hates these, but...

This NPR-ish pledge drive would just take place once a year, which begs the question: which day should such a celebration of all that is MGoBlog take place? The day that came to my mind is this: the last Thursday before the first game each year. This year, it would be 09/02 before the UConn game. Why this day? Well, as that first game approaches, I think we all sense with great anticipation the beginning of the season. Thus, some time right before that first game is when I appreciate MGoBlog the most, and look forward to the season full of UFRs, Unverified Voracities, and all the other standards that this blog has created for us. And why not take advantage of the fever pitch that is undoubtedly building anyhow?

Fever Pitch: actually not a bad movie

The most important thing about having such a day is that it serves as a reminder to donate. I have donated a few times myself, but personally can never remember when or how much. By having a single day where we all donate, it simplifies things quite a bit. Kind of a "subscription" of sorts, but still in the pure voluntary spirit that has driven the site thus far.

In Closing

Anyhow, it is just a thought. I would be curious to hear your thoughts on this idea. Some questions to ponder:

  • Should we have such a day?
  • If so, does the day proposed (the last Thursday before opening day) make sense? If not, which day?
  • If agreed to, how can we track progress of donations? Would Brian be willing to state how much was raised on that day? (at least a ballpark figure?)

Your input is truly appreciated****.


* What is the proper capitalization, anyhow?
** Yes, there are other sports, but come on
*** "greatly lessened" = "would suck a lot more"
**** well, not truly. but kind of. isn't that good enough?

Brian Cook, Renaissance Man

Brian Cook, Renaissance Man

Submitted by Topher on September 18th, 2009 at 3:31 PM

I know I'll get negbanged for synchophancy, but what the hell. I was reading me some crappy sports blogs and it dawned on me that we're lucky, and we in the MGoBlogoverse had better recognize. Items I find remarkable about our Fearless Leader:

-His raw production of absolutely great content in the blog format
-His technical prowess in designing and deploying an update to the blog
-His judgment in managing the blog's community
-His frequency of posting and by extension his total awareness of the news cycle and the blogosphere
-His ability to get onto other blogs (and vice versa) and to get on legacy media outlets (i.e. radio)
-His original humor and perfect taste in using memes, references and other eccentri to spice up his content
-The adoption of "Unverified Voracity," a reporter's malapropism criticizing sports blogs, as a permanent feature of the site
-His ability to slog through good and bad with stamina and aplomb. I only recall three instances where he pretty much tapped out of his gig - last year's Ohio State game (didn't do the UFR), the Jim Carty academics story (an honest but rambling piece), and the Horror (kittens).
-Last but not least, a heartfelt dedication to Michigan that gives the rest of us a place to go.

Having worked both in engineering and in sports journalism, I find this combination of left- and right-brain, along with the sense of balance and quality, to be astounding. Not many could do both jobs. For the longest time he pretty much did it as a one-man show - now that he is expanding the blog's bounds he's brought on additional, but highly competent, content assistants.

Suggestion for the thread: praise Brian in the guise of whatever Internet meme you wish. Real Ultimate Power (the ninja webpage) LOLcats, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Orson Swindle's ruminations, the delusion Notre Dame fan, "if Brian were an Ann Arbor restaurant, he would be ...", you get the idea.