Brian Cook, Renaissance Man

Submitted by Topher on September 18th, 2009 at 3:31 PM

I know I'll get negbanged for synchophancy, but what the hell. I was reading me some crappy sports blogs and it dawned on me that we're lucky, and we in the MGoBlogoverse had better recognize. Items I find remarkable about our Fearless Leader:

-His raw production of absolutely great content in the blog format
-His technical prowess in designing and deploying an update to the blog
-His judgment in managing the blog's community
-His frequency of posting and by extension his total awareness of the news cycle and the blogosphere
-His ability to get onto other blogs (and vice versa) and to get on legacy media outlets (i.e. radio)
-His original humor and perfect taste in using memes, references and other eccentri to spice up his content
-The adoption of "Unverified Voracity," a reporter's malapropism criticizing sports blogs, as a permanent feature of the site
-His ability to slog through good and bad with stamina and aplomb. I only recall three instances where he pretty much tapped out of his gig - last year's Ohio State game (didn't do the UFR), the Jim Carty academics story (an honest but rambling piece), and the Horror (kittens).
-Last but not least, a heartfelt dedication to Michigan that gives the rest of us a place to go.

Having worked both in engineering and in sports journalism, I find this combination of left- and right-brain, along with the sense of balance and quality, to be astounding. Not many could do both jobs. For the longest time he pretty much did it as a one-man show - now that he is expanding the blog's bounds he's brought on additional, but highly competent, content assistants.

Suggestion for the thread: praise Brian in the guise of whatever Internet meme you wish. Real Ultimate Power (the ninja webpage) LOLcats, Tuesday Morning Quarterback, Orson Swindle's ruminations, the delusion Notre Dame fan, "if Brian were an Ann Arbor restaurant, he would be ...", you get the idea.


Shalom Lansky

September 18th, 2009 at 3:41 PM ^

It is just a matter of time until there is a Brian Cook fan site where we can all go and praise Brian, away from his watchful eye, then again is there anything Michigan related Brian doesn't see?


September 18th, 2009 at 3:57 PM ^

has a pleasant odor.

If he were an AA restaurant he would be Red Hawk or Ashley's.

If he were a beer he would be Bell's Amber.

If he were a sandwich he would be a Turkey Reuben.

If he were an album he would be 'Siamese Dream.'

If he were a book he would be the Three Musketeers.

If he were an article of clothing he would be a really cool track jacket.

If he were a movie he would be Goodfellas.

If he were a martial art he would be Judo.

If he were an animal he would be a Black Rhino.


September 18th, 2009 at 4:10 PM ^

if he were a gate, he'd be swinging?

From Guys and Dolls:

Ask me how do I feel, now that we're cozy and clinging
Well sir, all I can say is if I were a bell I'd be ringing
From the moment we kissed tonight
That's the way I've just gotta behave
Boy, if I were a lamp I'd light or if I were a banner I'd wave

Ask me how do I feel, little me with my quiet upbringing
Well sir, all I can say is if I were a gate I'd be swinging
And if I were a watch I'd start popping my springs
Well, and if I were a bell I'd go ding dong, ding dong ding

Ask me how do I feel from this chemistry lesson, I'm learning
Well sir, all I can say, if I were a bridge I'd be burning
Yes, I knew my moral would crack
From the wonderful way that you looked
Boy, if I were a duck I'd quack or if I were a goose I'd be cooked

Ask me how do I feel, now that we're finally caressing
Pal, if I were a salad I know I'd be splashing my dressing
Or if I were a season, I'd surely be spring
Yes, or if I were a bell I'd go ding dong, ding dong ding