Denard on SOTS, Harbaugh, and More

Denard on SOTS, Harbaugh, and More

Submitted by Sopwith on February 11th, 2016 at 12:54 AM

I looked in vain to see if I could find this posted somewhere, and it surely is but damn if I could find it.  Anyway it's Denard so double-posts don't count, because obviously.

Free Rivals article (LINK HERE) with video of Denard's post-SOTS comments (embedded below). Among the highlights:

On the SOTS stage:

"It was crazy," he said. [Ed.-not referring to subs] "During the pre-trial runs, the whole thing, it was different - like, 'how is this supposed to go?' When you see it you're like, 'this is comfortable ... a great idea.' It was almost like draft day. You had guys announcing, breaking down highlights, Todd McShay breaking you down just like the draft - and coming to Michigan is like being drafted.

On Harbaugh (Rivals selectively edited out the bolded bit in the article):

He brings that enthusiasm, he brings that flair [Ed.-see what he did there?] that you need as a head coach, and as a coach, period. He brings that... awkwardness, sometimes. But he's got that winning mentality and he's going to do what he do to get there.



Denard Robinson launches The Shoelace Foundation

Denard Robinson launches The Shoelace Foundation

Submitted by justingoblue on April 12th, 2015 at 9:36 PM

I saw tonight that Denard had started promoting his new charitable foundation on social media and thought I'd share a link with the board.

It looks like he has a free youth camp planned for 7/11/15 and is raising money to (among other things) provide needy children with a new pair of back to school shoes. I'd definitely recommend taking a look at the site and even finding ways to show some support for Denard. The store has tee shirts and hoodies and 100% of proceeds go towards the mission.
Twitter: @TheShoelaceFDTN
Instagram: @theshoelacefoundation

Where can I buy a (legit) 2011 UTL jersey?

Where can I buy a (legit) 2011 UTL jersey?

Submitted by Talpostal on December 26th, 2014 at 2:31 AM

I'm looking to buy a legit jersey from the first UTL back in 2011. There are some expensive ones on ebay and plenty of shady knockoffs, but I'm really just trying to find a online store or store in the metro area that would be selling a real one. I haven't had any luck online so far--any leads? Thanks in advance.


Thought for the day: Faith in Harbaugh is its own reward.

Wolverines in the NFL - Week 9

Wolverines in the NFL - Week 9

Submitted by Peter Nesbitt on November 3rd, 2014 at 9:43 PM

Let me know what I missed, or if you have any more insight that I can add.

Week 9 Notes: Jordan Kovacs was signed by the Dolphins! Alan Branch picked up by New England.


Tom Brady (1997-99) | Patriots, Starting QB (W 43-21 vs. DEN)

- Very impressive game from Brady: 33/53 for 333 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. Was sacked once.

- Brady passed John Elway for fifth on the all-time passing yards list, with 51,541. He has also won 42 straight home games vs. AFC teams.

- For the year, Brady is 214/334 for 2,392 yards, 22 TDs with 3 interceptions.


Denard Robinson (2009-12) | @denardx | Jaguars, RB (L 33-23 vs. CIN)

- 3rd straight game as feature back, 3rd straight impressive game. 94 yards rushing on 17 attempts (long of 39), and 1 rushing TD. Also caught a 12-yard pass.

- Great article on Denard.

- Has started 3 games this year, has rushed for 423 yards on 85 carries, and has 14 receptions for 57 yards. Robinson has zero fumbles, compared to 3 fumbles on 20 rushing attempts last year.


Jason Avant (2002-05) | Panthers, WR (L 28-10 vs. NO)

- 1 catch for 8 yards.

- In his first year with the Panthers, Avant has made 20 catches on 29 targets for 193 yards, and 1 TD.


Junior Hemingway (2007-11) | @younghemi21 | Chiefs, Backup WR (W 24-10 vs. NYJ)

- 2 catches for 9 yards.

- In 8 games, Hemingway has 10 receptions for 98 yards.


Michael Cox (2008-11) | @mikecox1mill | Giants, KR (MNF vs. IND)

- Returned kicks for 33 yards.

- Has played 3 games, exclusively in kick returning duties.


Patrick Omameh (2009-12) | @patrickomameh | Buccaneers, Starting G (L 22-17 vs. CLE)

- QB was sacked twice.

- Has started all 8 games this year.


Steve Schilling (2007-10) | Seahawks, Backup G (W 30-24 vs. OAK)

- Started, although he was questionable due to knee injury—QB was sacked once.

- In his first year with Seattle, has started 4 straight games.



Alan Branch (2004-07) | Patriots, Backup NT (W 43-21 vs. DEN)

- Played a handful of snaps, no statistics.

- Was picked up by NE on Wednesday, and only got two practices in before the game.

- Had a career year in 2013 with Buffalo, but was cut in fall camp due to failed condiitioning test and getting a DUI.


Tim Jamison (2005-08) | Texans, Backup DE (L 31-21 vs. PHI)

- 2 tackles.

- Has started 1 of 9 games this year. Jamison has recorded 13 tackles, 1 recovered fumble, and half of a sack.


Brandon Graham (2006-09) | @brandongraham55 | Eagles, Backup LB (W 31-21 vs. HOU)

- 2 tackles, 1 sack. Played 13 passing downs and had 5 QB hurries.

- Has not started yet this year, but has 20 tackles, 3 sacks, 5 TFLs, and 3 forced fumbles in 8 games.


Kenny Demens (2009-12) | @kdemens25 | Cardinals, Backup ILB (W 28-17 vs. DAL)

- 1 tackle.

- In 8 games played, Demens has recorded 6 tackles and 2 forced fumble.


Larry Foote (1998-2001) | @larryfoote313 | Cardinals, Starting MLB (W 28-17 vs. DAL)

- 5 tackles.

- Has started all 8 games in his first year with Arizona, recording 41 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 INT so far.


David Harris (2004-06) | Jets, Starting ILB (L 24-10 vs. KC)

- 4 tackles.

- In 9 starts, Harris has recorded 68 tackles and 1 forced fumble.


Leon Hall (2003-06) | Bengals, Starting CB (W 33-23 vs. JAX)

- 5 tackles. Was injured on a hit to the head, questionable for next week.

- Has 39 tackles and 1 interception in 8 starts.


Charles Woodson (1995-97) | Raiders, Starting FS (L 30-24 vs. SEA)

- 5 tackles.

- Has 50 tackles and 2 interceptions in 8 games.


Stevie Brown (2006-09) | @steviebrown27 | Giants, Backup FS (MNF vs IND)

- Brown tore his ACL and missed the 2013 season, and has started 3 games this year. He has amassed 13 tackles in 7 games.


Bye Week

Taylor Lewan (2009-13)  | @taylorlewan77 | Titans, Starting T (Bye Week)

- Started third consecutive game.


Mike Martin (2008-11) | @gomikemartin | Titans, Backup DE (Bye Week)

- Started two games this year, with 10 tackles.


Ryan Mundy (2003-06) | @rmundy29 | Bears, Starting SS (Bye Week)

- Has recorded 43 tackles and 1 pick-six interception in his first 8 games with the bears.


Did Not Play

Chad Henne (2004-07) | @chad_henne | Jaguars. Backup QB

- Did not play. There are calls for him to get playing time due to Bortles’ turnover issues.

- Started 3 games to begin the year. 42/78 for 492 with 3 TDs and 1 interception and 1 fumble. Has apparently lost starting job to rookie Blake Bortles.


David Molk (2007-11) | Eagles, Backup C

- Had started past 4 games, due to starter injury.

Michael Schofield (2009-13) | @schoblue75 | Broncos, Backup T

- Has yet to play. Is marked as inactive.



Jonathan Goodwin (1999-2001) | Saints, Injured C

- Missed his first game since 11/24/2008.


Cameron Gordon (2009-13) | Patriots, Injured LB

- On injured reserve.


Jake Long (2004-07) | Rams, Injured T

- Tore his ACL last week for the second time. Out for the year.

- Has been a starter since he entered the league 7 years ago.


LaMarr Woodley (2003-06) | @lamarrwoodley | Raiders, Injured DE

- Placed on season-ending IR with torn bicep.

- 4 tackles in 5 games. 


Practice Squad

Will Campbell (2009-12) | @idonttweet73 | Bills, Practice G


Jordan Kovacs (2009-13) | @jkovacs32 | Dolphins, SS

- Was just picked up by the Dolphins (again) to take over for an injured player. Played in 9 games last year for the Dolphins.



Denard for President of Everything Michigan Related

Denard for President of Everything Michigan Related

Submitted by andrewG on October 19th, 2014 at 5:57 PM

I'm sure this is buried somewhere in the 170-some comments of the previous Denard thread just a little further down the board, but I believe this quote, after Denard rushed for 127 yards and a TD against the Browns, warrants a thread of it's own:

Robinson, a former Michigan quarterback, was asked about his career day.

"Good to do it against an Ohio team," he said.


Now THAT is a Michigan Man. [source]

#2013Faves by SBNation

#2013Faves by SBNation

Submitted by mgobaran on December 26th, 2013 at 9:32 AM

SBNation has a whole post dedicated to tweets favorited in 2013. Almost a best of sports twitter. 

There are definitely some good laughs in there. And the comments seem to be filling in the rest of the best. 

Lana Berry posted a whole bunch of her old favorited tweets yesterday. Which, if you have a twitter, follow her, and look at her feed.

Anyways, here is the LINK for some good ole fashion post-christmas, pre-bowl game, fun.

Michigan Related "Faves"




— Lana Berry (@Lana) December 24, 2013



— Lana Berry (@Lana) December 24, 2013