Big Ten Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2017

Big Ten Coaches Talk Anonymously About Conference Foes for 2017

Submitted by RoseInBlue on August 1st, 2017 at 11:57 AM

Athlon Sports just put out their annual anonymous comments from coaches article.

Some interesting things including my personal favorite:

"They want to outwork you. That was the whole satellite camp thing last offseason. He wanted to send a message to the SEC and other schools that he will outwork you to make up for any advantage you might have over Michigan.

Big Ten Football Championship Game Tickets- Pay to Play?

Big Ten Football Championship Game Tickets- Pay to Play?

Submitted by Dailysportseditor on July 30th, 2017 at 11:42 AM

Tickets for the Big Ten Football Championship Game December 2 went on sale yesterday.  Tickets can be purchase through Ticketmaster, at face values between $50 and $95.

Reservations for ticket purchases can also be made through  These reservations are "Team-based" reservations and only apply to obtaining tickets if a specific team is playing in the Championship.

Thus, if your selected team wins the right to play in the Championship Game, your reservation entitles you to purchase a ticket at face value between $50 and $190.  If your team fails to qualify for the Championship, your reservation fee "is forfeited."

Reservation prices listed at the website:  Ohio State & Michigan - $20.  All others - $10. then provides fans with the ability to sell and buy the "Team-based" reservations during the football season, as the individual teams' fortunes rise and fall.

The Big Ten/Shoowin arrangement follows up on last year's pilot project, but it seems there should be a lot of questions asked, especially about transparency:  

How are the initial Shoowin reservations prices determined?  How many ticket reservations can Shoowin sell? What numbers of face value tickets are available via ShooWin ticket reservation sales?  Why the discrepancy between the face value tickets on sale by Ticketmaster ($50 to $95) and the ticket reservation face value amounts sold on ($50 to $190)?  What are the terms of the deal between Shoowin and the Big Ten?  

It is interesting that the "Team based" reservations are described as "options" in this article in Sports Business Daily:…

Even more interesting is the fact that is financially tied to the sketchy company which previously had the Big Ten's Championship ticket reservation/option business, Forward Market Media [FMM].

Forward Market Media had sold ticket reservations/options for the Big Ten Championship game from 2012 until the SEC filed a lawsuit and a federal judge froze its assets and put it under receivership in 2016. was then created by a Forward Market Media consultant, Brisa Trinchero, which then licensed FMM's technology, giving FMM a stake in and a royalty deal.…

Lots of questions here.




B1G/ACC Challenge: Michigan at UNC

B1G/ACC Challenge: Michigan at UNC

Submitted by Yung Geezer on June 8th, 2017 at 10:37 AM

Reported by Jeff Goodman of ESPN.  Bring on the Tar Heels!


Notre Dame at MSU

Duke at Indiana

Miami at Minnesota

Boston College at Nebraska

Clemson at Ohio State

Louisville at Purdue

Florida State at Rutgers

Northwestern at Georgia Tech

Penn State at NC State

Maryland at Syracuse

Wisconsin at Virginia

Iowa at Virginia Tech

Illinois at Wake Forest

Big Ten ‘did not expect the blowback’ they got for moving football games to Friday nights

Big Ten ‘did not expect the blowback’ they got for moving football games to Friday nights

Submitted by RoseInBlue on May 16th, 2017 at 8:50 AM

Apparently, Jim Delany and Co. didn't expect the backlash they saw after the announcement of the Friday night games.  Did it seriously never occur to him to, oh I don't know, ask the schools first?  Maybe float the idea and gage reactions prior to just blindsiding everyone and then having a bunch of schools refuse this and that?

A way to play all other 13 conference teams, home and away, within 4 seasons

A way to play all other 13 conference teams, home and away, within 4 seasons

Submitted by MaizeJacket on February 10th, 2017 at 9:48 PM

So, inspired by Seth's scheduling proposal earlier this week, I decided to take a pen and paper and sit down and see if I could, under the current 14-team Big Ten (yes, I'm leaving in Maryland and Rutgers, it's what we got, let's face reality and make the best of it), create a scheduling alignment that allowed every team in the conference to face every other team in the conference, home and away, within four seasons.

It can be done.  In short, there would be "floating" divisions that would reset every two years, in two groups of four, and two groups of three.  In long, well, keep reading!

The first order of business is that it's necessary to ditch the permanent 7-team divisions.  In order to create "fluid" divisions, we need two groups of four, and two groups of three, as stated above, in which each team in a given group would play every other team in that group every season.  Those groups are below.  I grouped based on proximity and traditional matchups.


Hate Quad Group
Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Nebraska


Illiana Group
Illinois Northwestern Indiana Purdue


East Coast Group
Penn St* Maryland** Rutgers***


Toledo Strip Group
Ohio St* Michigan** Michigan St***


The asterisk represents teams that are in the same column in "small" groups, and are each team's permanent crossover opponents.  Crossover opponents in "small" groups are for schedule balancing purposes only and may or may not reflect historical "rivalries". Yes, Michigan gets a blah opponent to play every year, in addition to Ohio State and Michigan State, but it's necessary for schedule balancing, and I couldn't think of a better way to do it.

Now, all we have to do is take each team's group and, where necessary, small group crossover opponents, and combine them with those from other divisions to form our 4-year schedules, which I have done tabularly below.


Hate Quad Group
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
at ECG1 ECG1 at TSG1 TSG1
ECG2 at ECG2 TSG2 at TSG2
at ECG3 ECG3 at TSG3 TSG3
IG1 at IG1 IG3 at IG3
at IG2 IG2 at IG4 IG4


Illiana Group
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
IG at IG IG at IG
at IG IG at IG IG
IG at IG IG at IG
at TSG1 TSG1 at ECG1 ECG1
TSG2 at TSG2 ECG2 at ECG2
at TSG3 TSG3 at ECG3 ECG3
HQG3 at HQG3 HQG1 at HQG1
at HQG4 HQG4 at HQG2 HQG2


East Coast Group
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
HQG1 at HQG1 IG1 at IG1
at HQG2 HQG2 at IG2 IG2
HQG3 at HQG3 IG3 at IG3
at HQG4 HQG4 at IG4 IG4
TSGp at TSGp TSGp at TSGp
at TSG1 TSG1 at TSG2 TSG2


Toledo Strip Group
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
IG1 at IG1 HQG1 at HQG1
at IG2 IG2 at HQG2 HQG2
IG3 at IG3 HQG3 at HQG3
at IG4 IG4 at HQG4 HQG4
ECGp at ECGp ECGp at ECGp
at ECG1 ECG1 at ECG2 ECG2


This all checks out.  For visualization's sake.  I've created 4-year schedules for Nebraska, who is in a 4-team group, and Michigan, who is in a 3-team group, to show that the math and rotations do check out.  Please note that these are simply lists of opponents and not a chronological order of when the actual games would be played.



(Hate Quad Group)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Wisconsin at Wisconsin Wisconsin at Wisconsin
at Minnesota Minnesota at Minnesota Minnesota
Iowa at Iowa Iowa at Iowa
at Rutgers Rutgers at Michigan Michigan
Penn St at Penn St Michigan St at Michigan St
at Maryland Maryland at Ohio St Ohio St
Illinois at Illinois Indiana at Indiana
at Northwestern Northwestern at Purdue Purdue



(Toledo Strip Group)

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4
Ohio St at Ohio St Ohio St at Ohio St
at Michigan St Michigan St at Michigan St Michigan St
Illinois at Illinois Wisconsin at Wisconsin
at Northwestern Northwestern at Minnesota Minnesota
Indiana at Indiana Nebraska at Nebraska
at Purdue Purdue at Iowa Iowa
Maryland at Maryland Maryland at Maryland
at Penn St Penn St at Rutgers Rutgers


I won't go through the 4-year schedules for every team, but I think it's clear that this algorithm works.  It wouldn't be perfect, and undoubtedly wouldn't satisfy everyone, especially if a strength of schedule discrepancy arose during a conference title run, but at least you're only going four years max between conference opponents.

OT- Fleck steals all (a lot) of WMU's recruits

OT- Fleck steals all (a lot) of WMU's recruits

Submitted by PutInPeters18 on January 7th, 2017 at 12:03 AM
PJ Fleck and the Gophers just had their own commit-apooloza of sorts as Fleck flipped 6 Western Michigan commits in one night and looks likely to add a few more. 3* QB Tanner Morgan (KY) 3* OG John Schmitz (IL) 3* DT Noah Hickcox (IL) 3* WR Chris Bell (IL) 3* DE Esezi Otomewo (IN) 2* LB Trenton Guthrie (MI) Glad to see the Big Ten continuing to add high quality coaches. Can't wait for the first ever Harbaugh-Fleck matchup this next season in Ann Arbor.

NCAA issues Rutgers football with notice of rules violations

NCAA issues Rutgers football with notice of rules violations

Submitted by translator82 on December 20th, 2016 at 1:25 PM

Link to story

Seven possible violations, all under Kyle Flood's watch.

The NCAA charges that Flood provided former cornerback Nadir Barnwell with an impermissible extra benefit by directly contacting a professor seeking special consideration for Barnwell in an academic course relating to the 2014-2015 academic year. In addition, it's believed that Flood is charged with failing to promote an atmosphere of compliance in the football program, violating the principles of NCAA head coach responsibility legislation.

Follow-Up Article Regarding Jim Delany/Big Ten Officiating From Detroit Sports Nation

Follow-Up Article Regarding Jim Delany/Big Ten Officiating From Detroit Sports Nation

Submitted by cjpops on November 30th, 2016 at 2:58 PM

There was a forum post here yesterday about my recent editorial for Detroit Sports Nation regarding Jim Delany owing an apology to college football. Here is the follow-up article if anyone is interested.

More information has come to light about the crew for the game this past Saturday. One of the officials is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Furthermore, I take a look at one possible solution to the problem regarding compensation for officials.

Thanks for reading.…

OT: Lots of Pelini to Purdon't chatter

OT: Lots of Pelini to Purdon't chatter

Submitted by Chitown Kev on October 18th, 2016 at 6:16 PM

Lots of chatter that Bo Pelini is interested in the Purdue job.…

As Purdue shops around for a head coach — the Boilermakers fired Darrell Hazell and his 9-33 record on Sunday — it’d be smart to remember that one Bo Pelini is eager to get back to the Big Ten.

“He would definitely be interested in this job,” a source who coached under Pelini told 247Sports this week. “I think he would make a more immediate impact more than any other guy I believe. He would change that culture real quick.”


Purdue could do worse.

They might not be able to do much better. (I can't see Les Miles taking that job).

Having Pelini back in the B10 would be fun and it would be a good hire that would create some buzz for the Boilermakers

Ranking the Big Ten's Cross-Division Schedules in 2016

Ranking the Big Ten's Cross-Division Schedules in 2016

Submitted by MaizeJacket on July 14th, 2016 at 3:15 PM


I was inspired to create this by the staff over at  They've done this over the past couple of seasons for the ACC and SEC, but I don't think for the other Power 5 conferences with divisions (if they have I can't find them).  They put out one for the 2016 ACC Football season a couple of days ago, so I thought I'd follow their template and do this for each B1G team for the 2016 season, starting with what I think is the easiest cross-division slate, building up to the most difficult in my mind, regardless of division.

Starting in 2016, the 14-team Big Ten is adopting a 6-3 scheduling format, with each team playing the 6 teams in their division and 3 teams from the opposite division.

Note, this is not a ranking of each team's conference schedule as a whole; rather, only the three teams they are playing from said team's opposite division.

Cross-division teams are listed based on chronological appearance on each team's schedule.

Again, I have no concrete database for the rankings, I just went by arbitrary feels.  It's up for debate.


14. Maryland (Purdue, Minnesota, at Nebraska)

New coach DJ Durkin gets a huge scheduling break in his first season in charge in College Park (besides that whole being in the B1G East thing).  Maryland gets Purdue at home as part of two home games against teams from the B1G West.  At Nebraska is a tough road to hoe, but Maryland will waltz into Lincoln into November potentially able to lock up bowl eligibility solely on the strength of a cushy soft non-conference schedule and an extremely favorable draw of B1G West teams.


13. Penn State (Minnesota, at Purdue, Iowa)

Penn State has to face Iowa, but they get them at home, and then have the luxury of drawing Purdue (home or road, what difference does it make) and Minnesota at home.  Penn State is sort of in limbo with James Franklin right now, but if he can upset Iowa at home and then take care of the other two (more than doable), the tune may start to change in Happy Valley.


12. Minnesota (at Penn State, at Maryland, Rutgers)

You could split hairs between Minnesota and Penn State, but I figured at Penn State is more unfriendly than Iowa at home.  If you're a team in the B1G West and you know you're getting three teams from the B1G East, I don't think you could ask for a more favorable draw than the Gophers got, at least right in this point in time.  I think the Gophers would much prefer trying to handle Penn State than Indiana's up-tempo attack.  With a manageable B1G West and a fairly soft non-conference schedule, Minnesota could put up a bit of an inflated record by simply proving competent against below-average to average teams.


11. Indiana (Nebraska, at Northwestern, Purdue)

Any cross-divisional slate that features Purdue at home has to be included in the bottom four, and while Nebraska, even at home, and Northwestern on the road won't be pushovers, Indiana can put up points on these squads.  Presumably Indiana takes care of Purdue at home and looks to split the remaining two games to shoot for 2-1 from the B1G West.


10. Rutgers (Iowa, Illinois, at Minnesota)

The Scarlet Knights are breaking in a new coach and are looking to rebuild (again).  While they, like Maryland, currently form the soft underbelly of the B1G East, Rutgers doesn't get it all bad against the B1G West this season.  Iowa at home debatably makes the cross-division slate more difficult than 13th in the conference, but Iowa can always Iowa, and that leaves Illinois at home and Minnesota on the road for the Knights.  Surprise the Hawkeyes at home, and Rutgers could go to Minnesota looking to make it 3-0 against the B1G West.


9. Purdue (at Maryland, Penn State, at Indiana)

Purdue hit the skids pretty much since Joe Tiller left and hasn't really slowed their progress toward the wall since.  Danny Hope brought a couple of big wins over Ohio State and got them to a couple of bowls, but Purdue thought there was more to be achieved.  Oops.  In comes Hazell and Purdue has plummeted like an anvil in the conference.  However, despite being required to play three B1G East teams starting this season, Purdue doesn't get it all that bad.  Ohio State, Michigan, and Michigan State are all avoided.  I don't think the Boilers will be able to slow down Indiana, but against a new coaching situation in Maryland and an uncertain one at Penn State, with a little luck, Purdue may be able to squeeze out a win or maybe even two from the B1G East.


8. Nebraska (at Indiana, at Ohio State, Maryland)

The obvious toughie here is at the Horseshoe, debatably the toughest place to play in the conference alongside the Big House.  At Indiana won't be easy, as Nebraska struggled to stop even Purdue (!) last season, but do get a manageable home game in Maryland.  This leaves the 'Huskers in the middle of the road concerning cross-divisional difficulty.


7. Michigan State (Wisconsin, Northwestern, at Illinois)

You could really go in any direction with the teams ranked 4-7, as we'll see.  State draws maybe the co-leader in the B1G West in Wisconsin, but it's at home, and also gets Northwestern at home, usually a respectable opponent, but beatable, and then a road trip to what will probably be a disastrous Illinois team.  To me the real wild card is Northwestern because of their razor thin margin for success.  If the 'Cats are hit with any bad luck, this schedule weakens, but assuming they stay healthy, it's a good home test for Sparty.


6. Iowa (at Rutgers, at Penn State, Michigan)

Again, take your best shot at separating these previous two along with the next two.  I know, I know, Rutgers, but Penn State on the road, while a bit down, won't be an easy out, and Michigan, while at home, could end up being a loss.  There's potential here for Iowa to go 1-2, which is what you really have to look at.


5. Michigan (Wisconsin, Illinois, at Iowa)

If you replaced Illinois with most anyone besides Purdue, this ranking would rise at least a couple more ticks.  But with Illinois probably likely to be pretty bad, that keeps this cross-division schedule in the second tier.  Wisconsin comes to Ann Arbor, but at Iowa will be a dogfight, which helps to separate Michigan and Michigan State's slates.


4. Ohio State (at Wisconsin, Northwestern, Nebraska)

You could make a case this should be 7th, but who wants to go play at Madison, especially at night (the game has been confirmed as a night game).  That's really what keeps this slate in the top 4-7, however you want to rank it.  Northwestern, assuming they're healthy and can finish most of their close games, and Nebraska aren't cakewalks, but they come to the Shoe.


3. Illinois (at Rutgers, at Michigan, Michigan State)

The Rutgers trip and at least getting Michigan State at home pretty easily slots this cross-division slate into the 3rd spot.  But the Illini are likely looking at 1-2 from these three games.


2. Northwestern (at Michigan State, Indiana, at Ohio State)

Poor Northwestern.  They land probably the second toughest cross-division slate, but hey, someone from the B1G West has to.  Trips to East Lansing and Columbus likely will not go well, and in between those they get to deal with Indiana's track team.  Good luck, 'Cats.


1. Wisconsin (at Michigan State, at Michigan, Ohio State)

If Wisconsin somehow makes it to Indianapolis, they will have earned it more than any other team in the conference.  Undoubtedly the Badgers draw the top three in the conference, period, and get the two Michigan teams on the road.  Much good fortune will be needed from the guys in Madison to avoid going 0-3 from this set of cross-division games.