Tim Baldwin Has Committed to Michigan

Tim Baldwin Has Committed to Michigan Comment Count

Seth November 4th, 2018 at 1:37 PM

Michigan picked up (its first?) commitment from the afterglow of last night’s visitpalooza in 2020 Virginia RB Tim Baldwin.

The sites are still sorting out what they thing about him (he’s a high 3-star to the composite) but 247Sports currently has him a four-star, the last guy in their Top 247, and the 26th RB. Quick film review sees a Higdonesque guy who’s probably a bit thicker than his (sophomore-year) listed 5’11”/187 and a neat shimmy move.

Baldwin was picking up interest from a number of Eastern schools. He had previously visited Michigan last June, and was at Penn State for their loss to Ohio State a month ago. He’s the 6th player and first running back committed to the 2020 class. We’ll get a more informative update on him later.


Tyrece Woods Commits to Michigan

Tyrece Woods Commits to Michigan Comment Count

BiSB August 13th, 2018 at 3:12 PM

We interrupt the reading of tea leaves and the burning of entrails over the scraps of information leaking out of the submarine for an actual news update: Belleville Defensive End Tyrece Woods committed to Michigan last night. 

In the short term, Woods will cause strife between the star-gazers and the numbers guys. A three-star, Woods is currently the 46th-ranked prospect... in the state of Michigan (#1866 overall). Michigan was also his first and only Power 5 offer. However, his measurables suggest he might have slightly more upside than that.

It is worth noting however, that when both Greg Mattison and Don Brown approve of a defensive lineman, it is generally wise to adjust your opinions accordingly.

Woods is the 20th commit in the class, and the 4th defensive end. However, early indications are that Michigan might be planning to feed him many sandwiches and move him inside to three-tech, making him the second interior lineman in the class (joining Mazi Smith). His Belleville teammate Andre Seldon is committed in the 2020 class.

Informative update to follow.


Andre Seldon has Committed to Michigan

Andre Seldon has Committed to Michigan Comment Count

Seth June 20th, 2018 at 2:28 PM

[Jeff Corrion/The D Zone]: 

Via Perry Farrell of the Detroit Free Press, one of Evan Petzold's gut feelings is explained. It's 2020 CB/Slot Ninja prospect Andre Seldon Jr, and at least SOMEONE got the memo that giving bloggers a 30-minute heads up before they need a commit post on a slow news day will endear you to them:

Positives: anticipation, follow-through

Seldon camped at Michigan this week and Wiltfong said he ran a 4.3 there. The Belleville product is listed at 5'8"/140, but that is probably from his sophomore season roster and 15-year-olds tend to grow some. 247 lists him at 5'9"/160 and the 24th cornerback at this time. Steve Lorenz has an eval up that includes a take from Jourdan Lewis; ditto Allen Trieu.

In case Belleville wasn't your first clue, Seldon's been on radars for a long time. As an 8th grader he earned MVP of the DBs and fastest man honors at the youth camp of 2016 Sound Mind Sound Body (when Ace was watching Ambry Thomas and I was waiting around for Luigi Vilain). Kentucky offered even then.

While the strapping lads of this year's class are expected to play outside, Seldon's tackling ability and elite feet should see him used early at nickel. He has the stickiness to play normal downs outside and move in to end your slot fades and still be an asset to against the run. He'll also be fun to track over the next couple of years since he's the kind of player who should (continue to) shine in a camp setting. 

We'll get a more thorough commit post up later this afternoon on Kalil Branham (spoiler: box jump) and get into more detail on Seldon later.

[UPDATE: A previous version of this article suggested Seldon might be McDoom-ish slot receiver. He's 100% nickel -seth]


Kalil Branham Has Committed to Michigan

Kalil Branham Has Committed to Michigan Comment Count

Seth June 19th, 2018 at 6:43 PM

Michigan’s 2020 class is underway with a receiver out of Columbus, Ohio.

Listed at 6’1’/190, the rising junior is a 3-star, 321st overall, and the 36th receiver to 247’s very early rankings, and a three-star (5.7) to Rivals. His brother John Branham Jr. is an uncommitted 2019 running back prospect.


Initial take: pretty fast, willing blocker, maybe not 6’1”.

Informative update cometh later.


Jack Stewart Commits to Michigan

Jack Stewart Commits to Michigan Comment Count

Seth April 16th, 2018 at 7:38 PM


[Jack Stewart/via 247Sports]

As Sam hinted earlier today the Wolverines have added more help in the trenches, pulling 6’5”/280 2019 offensive lineman prospect Jack Stewart out of Don Brown country:

Stewart got his Michigan offer during the big recruiting weekend a few weeks ago. He had offers from BC, Texas A&M, Zona, and just recently picked up a TCU offer after visiting the two Texas schools last week. Notre Dame was also fishing around. He’s a three star to 247, an unranked 2-star to Rivals, and doesn’t exist on ESPN because Connecticut offensive lineman.

Hudl video exists:

More informative update cometh.


Trente Jones Commits to Michigan

Trente Jones Commits to Michigan Comment Count

Seth February 21st, 2018 at 6:43 PM

Huzzah a good recruiting thing happened! Yes, for us! 2019 GA 4-star OT Trente Jones (247 profile/highlights) has committed to Michigan.

Jones pulled the trigger after visiting this weekend—if you were in Crisler it was hard to miss the mountain sitting by Partridge. Listed at 6’6/282, he had offers from just about the whole SEC.

Informative update tomorrow, probably.


Julius Welschof Hat Sich zu Michigan Verpflichtet

Julius Welschof Hat Sich zu Michigan Verpflichtet Comment Count

Seth December 20th, 2017 at 8:58 AM

It’s a happy early signing day:

The coaches always planned to take another DE in the class, and with Oweh dropping them and Anoma almost certain to go to Alabama, Michigan didn’t wait long to move on their next target, das unglaubliche 6’6”/250 Deutsch ende Julius Welschof.

Welschof was on Michigan’s radar since impressing the coaches—particularly Mattison—at their mid-June camp. He was committed to Georgia Tech until Michigan moved on him late last week. Še das d' kemma bisd, der Moritz Wagner des amerikanischen fußballs!

More informative update kommen.


Hassan Haskins Has Committed to Michigan

Hassan Haskins Has Committed to Michigan Comment Count

Seth October 29th, 2017 at 8:22 PM

Hope you like late-rising bruisebacks, because Michigan just got one out of Missouri:

The Michigan offer came early this month and presaged others as several Big Ten teams were sniffing around the senior putting up ludicrous stats (over 1800 yards, 30 TDs so far) this year. Quick Hudl review shows a big guy with ridiculous balance and power—think Kareem Walker, or Gus Edwards, the Rutgers RB who impressed us last week.

Informative update cometh tomorrow.


Ignas Brazdeikis Commits to Michigan

Ignas Brazdeikis Commits to Michigan Comment Count

Seth September 22nd, 2017 at 8:45 PM



We all got in our cars after the podcast and couldn’t figure out why the bar broke out into a spontaneous OOOOOOOH CAAAAAANDA! This is why. Six-eight Not-Just-A-Shooter Iggy Brazdeikis is in the class:

Informative update tomorrow: We stand on guard for thee.