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07/18/2008 - 2:55pm Good insight But... the road uni's have nothing to do with RR "tweaking" traditions. One statement from UM said that they were designed before RR was even hired, and he just signed off on them. I don't think he had any influence at all and they would look the same if Lloyd were back for another year. Otherwise, it all seems positive to me, even the (over?) use of bubble screens. All coaches use particular plays that are comfortable/conservative. I'd rather have the bubble screen used in that way (where a fast, shifty guy is in space) than the zone play we all came to love/hate.
07/10/2008 - 12:45pm RR and 2008 class As I said below, 11 of the 24 guys in the 2008 class committed after January 1.  Some would have anyway, but many would not have (IMO).  The legwork for these guys was NOT done by Lloyd, but by RR and his staff while at WVU.  He kept most of Lloyd's guys in the fold, and recruited/landed almost half of the final class in 2 months.  This was one of the greatest recruiting efforts I've ever seen.  Snake oil helped, but mostly it was good old fashioned hard work.
07/10/2008 - 12:29pm 2008 Recruiting Class
Note that 11 guys in last year's  class committed AFTER January 1.  I think you are mistaken that it was just a few "last minute players" that RR landed.  11 out of 24 (25 if you count Morales) and add the ones he had to re-recruit.
07/03/2008 - 11:11am Names Anyone know if player names will still be on the back? I am "old school" and prefer no names (the team, the team, the team) but understand that might not fly well these days with players.