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06/22/2011 - 10:26am Night Game

Looking for the Night game Tickets ! Anyone ? 

06/22/2011 - 10:10am Slappy

Your slappy

10/07/2010 - 11:15am Tash.0

Tash.0 inspired me to do this ! 

10/07/2010 - 11:14am FIRST

FIRST!! ahah and no not a sparty fan! 

10/06/2010 - 12:52pm First


10/06/2010 - 12:49pm FIRST


04/02/2010 - 11:40am Players win

You have no idea if they won or loss in the jersey's. Just because they wear maize doesn't mean all hell will break loose. Just go ask the lions they tried everything, and now are starting to found out its the coaches and players that matter !

04/02/2010 - 11:30am Be open

I like the history of michigan but sometimes you have to make a new landmark, like the night game. or wearing a different color jersey. I mean its still michigan colors. I think we should wear maize during the night game. BOOM!

04/02/2010 - 11:08am NLI

Found something hope it helps out…

04/02/2010 - 9:32am Big hits

When you hit a guy so hard his feet fly out from underneath him there is no need to wrap up. Because A. he is hitting the ground hard, or B. someone else ( like in the clip ) is going to make sure he gets hit in the air then hits the ground hard. Good defense.

03/31/2010 - 1:45pm Kroger deep?

Did you say put Kroger for our deep threat? I am no coach but if I were playing I would think that there is a lot more talent to put out there than kroger. He is a good TE but not a deep threat there are a lot more people I would put in before I would put him in. ( For a deep threat) If I read the thread wrong someone correct me.

03/31/2010 - 9:46am Canada ?

They have cereal in Canada I thought it was just Bacon? pshhh

03/30/2010 - 3:29pm Bell

I think bell and hawthorn will have a good year

03/29/2010 - 3:16pm Big ten!

I dont know about all of you but I predict we take the big ten this year.

03/26/2010 - 10:06am I agree

I like the class and how the defense is shaping up, but only results matter. Big ten is about power defense something michigan use to have and we have to get back to that. NO MORE ARM TACKLES! Lets get some contact.

03/25/2010 - 10:53am thank you!

Thank you for the info and next time will change up the thread title

03/24/2010 - 9:33am helmet brand

They have different helmet brands, different style.

03/17/2010 - 9:38am Drill

Your actually seeing a drill where the players have a certain route to the ball if the defense of play breaks down. it prevents a big run play.

02/05/2010 - 12:12pm Swagger

Dorsey will bring exactly what this team needs... "Swagger".. Not only does he talk a lot on the field but he backs it up. He really does feed off his off physical skills. I know he is only a freshman and prolly will get smacked around a bit if he talks a little too much but looking forward to when he is a junior of senior.

02/05/2010 - 10:36am NO FLY ZONE

Has to be Dorsey! NO FLY ZONE ! NO FLY ZONE !

02/02/2010 - 2:03pm Hands ?

Does sex with hands count? or fruit? also hypothetical my friend wants to know not me........ Miss Michigan and Palmala handerson would get lonely

02/02/2010 - 1:42pm Spinner

Furman will play spinner

02/02/2010 - 10:27am Top Ten

We will get Dorsey! With another big name like parker I think he will come to michigan. With parker Dorsey CC, Turner! thats a good line up right there

01/29/2010 - 1:27pm Hotels?

Any one of a good hotel to stay at in Ann Arbor? I am a little far from it and would stay over night for the spring game.