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11/20/2014 - 2:36am Nothing that hasn't been said

I must preface this comment that I am an ohio state grad. I've been following Mgoblog for quite a while but never comment because I prefer not to troll. I had a great amount of respect for Brian over the past ~6 years or so. This is why this post is so absurd to me. I can't believe how brian passes off assaulting an 18 year old in a story. Over the last few years, multiple people have been killed in random soccer attacks, that have taken away fathers of young children because they couldn't control themselves. Then Brian seems to want to position this as not an excuse for what happened by telling it right before jumping into the story, but he is not using it as justification because he says so.... Then Brian proceeds to lay into folks for criticizing someone for beating a woman online for not having an appreciation or understanding of their past without regard for why people maybe be quick to judge or vocalize their feelings about beating women without regard for our past. And maybe I am wrong on this, but even if the victim in this case doesnt read comments on mgoblog criticizing the fact that someone beat someone, I'd like to think that it demonstrates among others who read that this habit is not supported and maybe some who have dealt with this issue will appreciate the support.

Is this a sad story? Sure, for everyone involved. Do I have enough sympathy for frank Clark, a man who was given natural gifts I could only dream of? Then had the opportunity to receive an education at michigan? Make millions of dollars in the NFL and do whatever he chooses? No. I come from a place where I see no sympathy for a coach who ignored free tattoos and was vilified for it. Sorry if I have no sympathy for a man who has everything at his fingertips and chooses to beat a woman in front of children. No Brian, I don't think you are defending his actions, but I could really care less if the mob wants to bang down his door.

10/16/2012 - 9:34pm Hahaha

Well I love this site, so I don't want to troll out of respect. Something had to be said about these watches though.

10/16/2012 - 3:18pm 10k+

These are some of the most beautiful time pieces I have ever seen and I am an Ohio state fan. 10k plus, I mean they are making less than 100 of them between all three designs. I am going to have to ask this guy to make osu watches.

02/09/2012 - 8:26pm Trade

As an Ohio State fan, I can say that this is the most jealous I have ever been of Michigan.  Watching charles woodson, ohio born player kicking our butt.  Who cares.  I'd rather have Kate Upton as a fan.  I would like to trade Ohio States recruiting class for Kate Upton.  And by Kate Upton, I mean going out with Kate Upton.  And by going out with Kate Upton, well, you know what I mean.