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08/12/2009 - 6:56pm thank god, but....

helmholdt says evans and helmuth have left team. not a huge loss but still really hurts out depth on an already thin line

07/03/2009 - 4:27am you're growing tiresome

i've tried to give u the benefit of the doubt and look at it from your point-of-view. At first I took the high road and attempted to reason, apparently to no avail. "hey there's nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism and legitimate concern(s)" (albeit i agree w/ very few). It's the same hysterical, black-or-white, irrational, knee-jerk reactions again and again. At this point i'm pretty sure you're an insecure jackass that can't get a hard-on to jerk off until you've read enough of your own BS. You probably sit in the mirror w/ a video recorder and recite your diatribe(s) over and over and fantasize youself in an interview with colin cowherd, beano cook or whoever. I'm no psychologist but there might be a self-loathing component to your madness. Maybe you hate yorself so much and resent the fact that you gave up on UM so long ago that u feel guilty and now realize "hey, maybe i was wrong?" (this by the way goes back well into the Carr era, i'm sure we were'nt "modern" enough back then and now it's some different excuse with RR at the helm). i don't know what your agenda is but if you haven't gotten the pic yet then i'm not sure if it's actually possible that u will. obviously you just love to stir-the-pot and like to listen to the sound your keyboard makes while typing and/or jerk off afterwords while you read all the negative attention you get from it. I guess I might be guilty contibuting to the latter but either way, you disgust me. i've tried to understand. can't wait for 9/5/09!!! go blue!!

06/29/2009 - 2:37pm mildly concerned

mildly concerned, of course turns into seriously concerned if this becomes a pattern 3-4 years down the road. grabbing 2-4 less 4 stars on defense than we normally would in one recruiting class is not going to sink the ship.

06/25/2009 - 2:03pm ??

I Genuinely believe that the vast majority of fans here r not "blindly" following "the great" RR. My point and I think most of the other people on here was it's takes a little time to implement change. Obviosly a 3-9 season is something no fan wants to expereince ever again (or even close to that). But for cryin out loud, 1 SEASON!!!! Brand new staff, s&c, players, system, etc. 1 season!!!! And if your worried about RR getting enough time to get things in order, you'd better hope the people that make the decisions @ UM aren't as hysterical as u. Just because we don't want to fire RR or doubt his ability to coach (because the evidence and track record is there) doesn't mean we're all cool aid drinkers.

06/25/2009 - 3:41am you're a sad, sad fan

javarie johnson? i don't think he's been on the radar since may!?!?!?!! and oh no, no onwukaife. what? i thought we had a surplus of 3 *'s

06/25/2009 - 3:36am x recruit, y recuit

you make yourself at least sound intelligent........woop dee ding dong, we dont get who eva..............if u knew a thing or two 'bout a thing or two, u wouldn've posted what u posted.

06/24/2009 - 3:04pm well.......

I would like to consider myself about as level-headed a fan as a fan can get (as we all like to consider ourselves) for as being as passionate a UM fan as I am. Never TOO high (don't expect NC every year, don't even expect B10 title every year but certainly expect to be in contention), never TOO low (don't feel it's the end of UM Football after 3-9 season but it's getting close if it's 2 in a row) Not near the AA area at all so i'm pretty isolated from other UM fans, local media coverage, etc. As well as all the hype that surrounds an area regarding it's favorite team. But I do stay very in-tune and aware of the state of the program via internet. IMO there is NO way RR won't turn this program around. It's been said before all over the place: his track record speaks for himself. If he can win @ WV (and everywhere else for that matter) and compete w/ power houses from other BCS conferences, he'll certainly do it here. It just feels like i'm beating a dead horse here. Way, way, way too much emphasis being put on 1 recruiting class that isn't even completed yet. RR has recruited very well as a whole and some people r getting way too excited about how many 3 stars we're getting. UM has never had these "type" of skill athletes on the field on offense at so many positions as we'll see next year and so on. When I mean "type" I basically mean explosive athletes that do very well when they get the ball in space. And the quality of athlete is only gonna be better @ UM than everywhere else he's coached. Just because we got maybe 3 or 4 more 3 star recruits than most years isn't gonna set the program back 10 years. I certainly don't wanna see another season like last season in my lifetime (who does?) but for cryin out loud, PATIENCE. I expect to be at least .500 this year. It doesn't sound like much but a bowl in game IMO would do wonders for the morale and overall vibe of the program. We've been so spoiled here for the last gazillion years that when we hit a rough spot, albeit the worst season in history, we wanna jump off a roof. remember PATIENCE. If we have this same discussion next year i bet we'll see a whole lot of change from '08 to '09

06/18/2009 - 5:48pm robinson & forcier

it would be interesting to see if they design some packages for him to be used like a percy harvin type (slot, tailback). i think it would be fun to see him and forcier in the game at the same time w/ d-rob in that role. maybe even sprinkle some wild cat in there?

06/18/2009 - 3:22pm maurice clarett

do i think sweater vest is a creep because he was coaching when clarett was there? no. and i'm not sure but was pacman a douche when he was @ wvu? i think most of his probs came when he was in the nfl?

06/18/2009 - 3:00pm eventually

i think some of that negative stuff about the spread, to some extent, will become irrelevent. it seems teams in the NFL are not necessarily going to spread offenses but they r liking and looking for more mobile and versatile qbs. some teams are implementing wild cat offenses (or at least packages within their playbook) where a spread qb in college that isn't good enough to play the role of a drop-back qb in the NFL could find a job in the wild cat. who knows if this wild cat thing is gonna catch on and if so to what extent but even so it seems like coaches and gms in the NFL are a little more open-minded when it comes to mobile, spread type qbs these days.

06/18/2009 - 2:47pm not only system

it's not just the fact that we run a spread but RR obviously has a knack for finding diamonds in the rough. he has his own idea of an ideal fit for his system. also if we need the types of talent that the likes of florida, usc, georgia, lsu, and texas get and we have to recruit in their back yards to get them (mostly in florida) then we're gonna have to find those under-the-radar types (i.e. v. smith, hawthorne, witty, odoms, feagin, drake, dileo, hopkins). we're not gonna get the dunkleys and clements all too often from those areas.

06/17/2009 - 5:32pm O
1. ortmann
2. forcier


1. ortmann

2. forcier

3. matthews


1. warren

2. ezeh

3. mouton