Video Request: The Happening: Denard

Submitted by BlockM on September 12th, 2010 at 7:00 PM

GustaveFerbert mentioned this morning that "The Happening" could be a nickname for Denard in this thread, and I thought it would be awesome if someone could make a video of fan/sideline/etc. reactions from his 87 yard run (or any other reactions from the game) without showing what exactly is going on except maybe some jerky footage of Shoelace juking defenders until the very end of the video, which would clearly be Denard streaking towards the endzone.

The audio from the trailer is mindbogglingly fitting:

Especially the following sequence: "The first stage is loss of speech. The second stage is physical disorientation. The third stage... is fatal."

I would do it myself, but I'm not as awesome as the video editors around here... It would make my year if someone could make this happen.