There Are . . .

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There Are . . . 

billy taylor michigan.jpg

... days until Billy Taylor, Michigan’s All-American (1971) and three-time, All-Big Ten running back (1969-1971) witnesses the 2018 Wolverines’ running backs torch the Notre Dame defense with lightning quick cuts for long runs and thunderous blasts through the line for key short-yardage gains and several touchdowns, leading to a big win in South Bend! 

Go Blue! Wake up the echoes of the Victors Valiant of the past and send a volley of Hail to those new Victors Valiant as they emerge as Conquering Heroes on September 1!




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For today's video, if you’ve got 21 minutes to spare, here’s the first part of "PERSEVERANCE: The Story of Dr. Billy Taylor"

Added to MGoBlog 3.0 at the request of JWG Wolverine who’s away from his computer today.

As an added reminder, let's remember that Ben Gedeon also knows the number of days until the Wolverines emerge from South Bend as Victors Valiant in the 2018 season opener.

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please stop posting these.

too many times i end up watching the videos.   and enjoying them.   and i'll probably find time today to watch this one. 

so stop it.  please.

(thanks jwg and chatster)