Stadium Observations From Saturday

Submitted by mvp on August 23rd, 2010 at 2:48 PM

A couple of things I noticed about the stadium that I haven't seen posted elsewhere:

On the West side of the stadium on the inside of the concourse (between concessions and the new wall that runs along Main Street) there are murals up on the wall with information about each of Michigan's National Championship seasons.

Also, cut into the stone on the insides of the bases of the arches you can see from the exterior are the names of all the Michigan counties.  (I just looked on Wikianswers, there are 83...)  I don't know if those are the only names cut into the columns.  When we left the stadium, we went out through the tunnel, then looked back in to the entrance for the East Side tower -- there were more county names there.

Finally, you can't even appreciate how beautiful the brickwork is until you're up close.  Occasionally, you'll see details like a Block M in brick pattern relief.  It is all very cool and makes the stadium look so much more impressive from the outside.



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You have to use an image hosting service such as photobucket.  Facebook works too if you have one and you've already posted it there.  Get the URL from the host website and paste in.


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somewhere like   Then you can use the URL provided by the hosting site. 

Most of those sites are free.  You just need to set up an account and upload your pics.


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I have a ton of pics that I have posted to my shutterfly account. You can visit the page only if you are a member, but it is free. There are 47 or so pics that most people haven't seen from inside the structures and from around the stadium. I will also work on posting them here so no one has to leave the site.

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Tha Quiet Storm

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while watching the ND game from last year, and after seeing some pics of the new field turf, it really hit me how beat up the field looked and how much better it is now.

You can really see how faded it looks in the first pic and how much better it looks now.