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Submitted by sheepman on May 27th, 2013 at 8:34 PM

So one you awesome MGoBloggers just gave an amazing sight to stream the Red Wings game. 

I am mirroring it from my iphone to my appleTV - and it looks awesome. Like perfect.

Here is my question...

My wife and I usually activate Uverse from September 1st until the time UM is knocked out of basketball brackets. But really, who can afford cable?

Does streaming of this quality exist for every Umich football and basketball game? If it does, I am never paying for cable again.



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and are you going to share the stream you are using?  I need one.  Also, then I can answer your question.

But seriously, share the wealth/stream.


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I'm assuming you mean which I found in the game thread.

Incredible quality!  No, you usually cannot find this clear of streams.  For UM basketball games on BTN, there were high quality streams of similar quality.  MGoVideo would post high quality videos about 1/2 a day later for football, but live streams generally were not nearly this good - but still watchable if that is your only option.



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There are usually plenty of good streams for football. Not perfect hd always but usually decent. Regular season basketball is tougher and BTN games are sometimes hard to find. It's possible but you have to be willing to sacrifice quality at times.


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Successly replacing your favorite cable only channels depends on lots of things including your ISP.

Get a Mohu HD Amplified antenna for $79 for local programming.  Reception is excellent and the range is about 60 miles if you're a flatlander.  In a metro area, you'll be blown away with number of channels.

Using Roku (video only) and with Playon (on your PC) you can get a lot of live channels and videos of most primetime series through Roku to your TV.  Picture quality varies especially on the 3rd party channels.  There's a bundle from Playon for both the Roku and a lifetime license for Playon for $59-$79.  PlayLater is an add-on dvr sw for streaming. 

The difficulty is sports and MSNBC: BTN (Charter always blocks it regardless of whether you subscribe or not when you're not a TV customer.  Playon can get you CBSSports with your BTN Subscription but they don't get BB and FB games and Charter blocks all flavors of ESPN et al it can ID.

The ESPN web site is evolving.  Now ESPN3 is usually available and mirrors some games that are on other ESPNs.  You'll need an ESPN Insider account. Get a subscription to the magazine when it's on sale.  My 3-year subscription was $24.  Lately I've been able to see more things on ESPNs so long as I log into Charter through the ESPN site.

The best sources for ESPN are on Playon and some free streaming sites like BUT sometimes I can't get it because the stream is showing some other game or Charter has blocked it.

I'm always prepared to go to a sports bar regardless of what the tv schedule says on MGOBLUE.  It's often not accurate.


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One of the more interesting rumors in the last year in this vein is that ESPN has apparently been in and out of negotiations with Apple to make the WatchESPN app available on AppleTV. A search of the Apple Support forums doesn't turn up anything for BTN, so I assume it isn't accessible through AppleTV as yet either. 

Normally, the streams that are posted on the board and in the LiveBlogs (if you frequent those) for football games are not bad, but not perfect by any means. Basketball seems to be dedicedly less available outside of the BTN world - that's been my experience. You could definitely try BTN2Go, but the problem would likely be that the availability of BTN2Go - if your provider participates - is premised on being an active subscriber to one of those services (AT&T does participate, however).


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If you want news and pretty much all of the channels found in a high tier cable package, i'd download xbmc and install navi-x.  Navi x livestreams roughly 1000 or so channels from the US, UK, and world wide.  You can find some 720 quality streams but it is rare but the standard def streams are pretty darn good.  XBMC also allows video add-ons such as 1channel and ice films that have 720 quality streams of tv shows and movies.