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I am a junior at U of M, and I studied abroad last semester another of U of M, the University of Manchester in Manchester, England.  I had an amazing experience, and because of that I became a Peer Advisor for the International Programs in Engineering (IPE) to encourage and help other students to gain their own international experience, as I have nothing but great things to say about my own experience.

As a Peer Advisor, I am also in charge of the social networking pages for the IPE, including their Twitter and Facebook pages.  Please help me out and follow the IPE @UMIPEOffice on twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/UMIPEOffice) and LIKE the facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/UMIPEOffice?ref=ts) so the IPE can gain more exposure and help more students study abroad and gain that ever-important overseas experience.  The sites are relatively new and your help is greatly appreciated.

I would also like to hear about other MGoBlogger's experiences abroad, so please share in the comments section!





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I studied abroad nearby at Lancaster University, north of Manchaster.  Like the OP says, it really is an awesome experience and one that I would never change.  So many stories--good luck getting the word out there, though I should plug my own school, Arcadia University,  for having one of the best study abroad programs on the east coast.

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She was a U-M junior (now a senior) majoring in International Studies with a minor in German.  She spent over 6 months in southern Germany at Univ. of Tubingen.  For her it was a great experience.  It was a great opportunity to learn the language much faster while really being immersed in the culture.  She lived with a really nice German family for part of the time, and a dorm the rest of the time.  I'd say from talking to her though, that the classes weren't as challenging workload-wise compared to U-M. 

Of course the best part for me was my wife and I visited her this summer and had a great time seeing Germany and drinking some great beer!

I'll pass on the link to her.


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It's one of two non-profit student run work abroad programs in the US and has a strong presence at Michigan. I did a biomedical engineering research work abroad through them in 2003 for 7 months. Amazing opportunities. I learned Spanish and just about all of my friends were the local Colombians. Much more encompassing experience than study abroad in my opinion.

http://www.aiesecmichigan.com/ if interested. 10 years ago we had a great relationship with the IPE. Hopefully they still have that.