OT: Minnesota to get new baseball stadium

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on May 18th, 2010 at 10:42 PM

Technically, this will be a full out renovation of Siebert Field, the Gophers previous on campus stadium, but the overhaul is so large, that it's being called a completely new stadium.

The Gophers become the 3rd stadium to receive a huge revamp in the last 10 years, including Michigan and Michigan State (Ohio State's Bill Davis was a few seasons before that). This is another sign that the Big Ten is committed to continuing their commitment to baseball, even when the rules of the NCAA are against them.



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...a sign of what the BTN means to Big Ten schools. Even in these times, ADs are able to take on such projects because they are confident of a large, steady and growing revenue stream.

Good for the Gophers and good for Big Ten baseball.


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Well, not so fast. They've raised 3.5 million of the 7.5 million needed to build the renovation, thanks to a gift today of $2 million from the Pohlad family. There still is a lot of fundraising to do, and once that initial work is done, they need to raise another 7.5 million to build the plaza, the locker rooms (!) and player development area.



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...but that discounts the fungibility of revenue.  The BTN revenue allows ADs to focus their fundraising on specific projects.  Not saying that Minnesota wouldn't have pursued a focused fundraising effort for their baseball stadium anyway, but it's a factor.


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In addition to a renovation of Siebert, Tubby has been begging, BEGGING, for a new practice facility for the basketball team. That's probably a higher priority than SIebert given that Tubby could leave over the issue. There has been no fundraising for that project notwithstanding the BTN revenue.

However, the huge donation by Pohlad yesterday was the impetus for the baseball push. Without it, that effort would be right where the Tubby effort currently sits.

Bando Calrissian

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Speaking of baseball stadiums in Minnesota, it looks like the Twins completely outdid themselves with Target Field.  Absolutely gorgeous facility with every little detail executed to perfection.  A little hint to the other UM...  Whatever they did, do it.