OT: Metro Detroit's High School Football Rivalries by T.C. Cameron (edited to OT per request)

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This book is a few years old, published in 2008.  It seems like a pretty good book but from the amazon preview it looks like it is mainly about the 50s/60s not more recent. 

Has anyone read this book?  What are your thoughts and would you recommend it?


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I know TC.

TC was infamous around Metro Detroit a few years back.  He was a very active Referee in Hoops and Football and Umpire in Baseball for High School and Travel.  He was involved in some very controversial calls as such, particularily in Baseball.  One was a call in a MHSAA regional baseball game my son played in on an interference non-call.

I talked to him a few times when he was supervising/evaluating other umpire in my son's High School press box while I was running the scoreboard.

I liked this book, not because TC is a very talented writer, but because he had the determination to write it on such an obscure topic that I liked that wasn't likely to have much success commercially. 

TC put a lot of effort into what he was trying to do (Ref'ing/writing) he just wasn't very successful at any of it.  How ever, I think TC is a nice guy.

I believe he left Detroit a few years ago for the Baltimore/DC area. I think if was to follow his wife's career and to continue to try to be successful writer.

I've attached this URL for a blog he used to publish associated with the Oakland press.  The last entry was 2009.





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Alright, well it sounds like the guy im thinking of. Good umpire, however,  he was always trying to be a big shot out there. Like he had something to prove every game. If you disagreed with a call, he let you know how he felt. Even if you weren't trying to show him up, it seemed like he felt offended. Had no problem talking garbage right at players.

I'll never forget, I was coaching an American Legion ball team and he was throwing a hissy fit behind the plate. He was even jawing with the fans. Both teams and fans were irate. So, my pitcher and catcher got together once there was a man on first and they decided to throw a pitch out, but when the catcher jumped up and over, our pitcher hummed in a fastball right down the middle. Hit him right on the hand. He turned around, swore at me (even though i was unaware this was happening) and walked off the field. He just drove off. The base ump had to suit up to finish the game.

Bush league on my players, but the guy had it coming.


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I'm really perplexed by these posts... I doubt many of you know TC umpired Michigan in baseball and worked some football practice for Michigan. Perhaps you didn't agree with his calls at your local HS? I can't speak for everything, but it seems really unfair - As a Michigan fan, I'm shocked to see this stuff on a public board about the same guy.

As for his books, our PR department worked with TC, who was securing what's called 'one-shot rights' with our archives. I for one am glad he wrote the books he did, because he's managed to put into print what our local libraries and schools are throwing away. He was honest and forthcoming about thhe project and delivered on every promise he made.

Finally, there's a lot of inaccuracies in there posts. I was there at Farmington HS for that Legion game with a representative of a professional team looking at one specific player. All I can say is it was a DH and TC was working with a 400-pound man who didn't move two steps all day. There's a lot being left out...