OHSAA Football State Championship Primer

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For those of you who are fortunate enough to live outside of Ohio, I wanted to make sure that you knew today is the first day of the Ohio High School Football State Finals.  Today, Division VI, IV, and II (in that order) are playing.  If you live in Ohio or have a satellite dish, the games are all televised on Sportstime Ohio (662 for you DIRECTV customers).   Since there is an abundance of talent in these games, and who doesn't love 8 hours of football...I've put together some info on all the games today.

 I've been planning to write a primer for those who don't follow as closely.  Unfortunately, I have procrastinated to the point where I no longer have any time to put it off, so here we go...


Game #1 - Division VI Championship.

Time: 11:00 AM

Location: Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, Massillon, OH

Matchup: Maria Stein Marion Local (12-2) vs Newark Catholic (12-2)

General Info: Both teams like to throw the ball and have both had very challenging schedules (MSML plays in the toughest 'pound for pound' league in the state while NC plays a schedule full of tough Division III and IV teams)

Interesting Info: These two teams are perennial powers who have a combined 13 state championships (MSML - 5, NC - 8), but they have never faced each other.

 Outlook:  Marion Local is a slight favorite.  If I were an oddsmaker, I would have them as a 4 pt favorite.  This should be an excellent game with both teams putting up some points on the board.

Players to watch: Adam Bertke, QB - Marion Local.  He visited a UM game this  year and is one of the QB's under consideration for an offer.


Game #2 - Division IV Championship

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Canton Fawcett Stadium, Canton, OH

Matchup: Saint Clairsville (14-0) vs Clinton Massie (14-0)

General Info: These two teams both got here with a major upset in the semifinals.  Saint Clairsville took down the 2011 state champion, Norwayne 40-27 while Clinton Massie defeated previously unbeaten (and 2010 champion) Columbus Bishop Hartley 45-0.

Interesting Facts: Both teams are appearing in their first OHSAA championship game. Saint Clairsville has outscored their opponents by an average of 48.4 to 17.2 and has not scored less than 37 points in any of their 14 games. Clinton Massie averages 55.4 ppg (!!) while holding their opponents to 5.3 ppg,  and has not scored less than 35 in any of their 14 games.  They have eclipsed the 75 pt barrier 3 times.

Outlook: Clinton Massie is probably a 14 pt. favorite based on their stellar defensive play.  People at the SC games last year thought that Ferns was a little dinged up as well. Either way, there is going to be some quick scoring in this game and should be very exciting to watch.

Players to wach:

Michael Ferns, RB,/LB - Saint Clairsville.  You may have heard of him before.

Dan Monteroso, WR/DB - Saint Clairsville.  A BC commit has racked up huge receiving numbers on the SC's playoff march.


Game #3 - Division II Championship.

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Paul Brown Tiger Stadium, Massillon, OH

Matchup: Toledo Central Catholic (13-1) vs Dayton Trotwood-Madison (12-2)

General Info: Two heavy hitters with loads of Division I CFB talent.  Trotwood is the defending Division II state champion, while TCC is looking to win their first since 2005. TCC's only loss (0-42) came at the hands of Toledo Whitmer who is playing for the Division I title on Saturday. 

Interesting Info: Trotwood has survived 1 OT game and a back and forth nail-biter vs. New Albany to get back to the title game.

 Outlook:  After looking at the depth of D-1 talent on hand, you would think TM would be a big favorite.  However, TM does not have good QB play while TCC has a big-time prospect in Kizer leading them.  This levels the playing field, IMO. This game should be a close one, with so many exciting players on hand.  People are leaning toward TCC, but I would call it a toss up.

Players to Watch: Considering that Trotwood Madison is the Cass Tech of Ohio, we will start there.. 2013 recruits..

Mike McCray LB/TE - Trotwood.  You may know something about him...

Cam Burrows DB - Trotwood. ohio commit #4 CB per Rivals, #27 player overall

Jarrod Clements DE - Trotwood. Illinois commit #17 DE per Rivals

Reon Dawson CB - Trotwood. Illinois commit, but UM recruit. Unranked 3* per rivals

Israel Green RB - Trotwood. Uncommitted 2* RB who set a state record in the title game last year

Cody Collins OG - Trotwood. Marshall commit. 2* per Rivals

Trey Williams-Brown DE - Trotwood. Uncommitted 3* per Rivals

2014 recruits include: Kieran Winn (DB), Ashton Jackson (RB, multiple D-1 offers), Verondtae Wilkinson (DE, Illinois & Cincinnati offers), Kendric Mallory (Illinois offer), Ryan Reese (Illinois offer) --I'm starting to see a trend here...


Jayme Thomspon S - TCC. #19 S and #195 overall per Rivals.  4* ohio commit

Keith Towbridge TE - TCC. Unranked 3* per Rivals (Underrated, IMO)

2014 recruits include: Deshone Kizer (4* QB) and UM recruit. Paul Moses (RB, Nebraska offer),








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I'm new to MGoBlog and its content like this that gets me hooked!

Great info and writeups!

Thanks for the great content!  

I wish I could watch some of our recruits...


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Being from small school Ohio in MAC country, I can tell you that Marion Local is a definite favorite in the D6 finals. They've teetered between D5 and D6 in the past few years and they could probably win either division. Looking for the MAC to add to their long list of state championships.


November 30th, 2012 at 12:21 PM ^

I know they play tomorrow, but they used to be my high school's biggest rival unti they moved conferences. We still play em in basketball, but thank god we don't play them in football right now. My high school team played Toledo Central Catholic and actually made it a game (lost 49-28), but Whitmer then proceeded to beat them 45-0. They're insanely good.


November 30th, 2012 at 1:43 PM ^

Interesting quote from Trotwood coach Mo Douglass in Tuesday's Dayton Daily News:


Maurice Douglass liked what he saw in this season’s senior class on the Trotwood-Madison High School football team — enough so that he vowed to be with them to the end.

“They were the group that I told them that I’d see them through their four years,” said Douglass, the Rams’ head coach. “I had gotten some offers to go to the next level, but I made them a promise that I would see them through.”


That seems a not-so-subtle hint that he's moving up to a college job after this year. I suppose the new staff at Kentucky, where he played, is the obvious thought but to me the implication is that this is something that's been in the works for a while and he's been putting off the move because of his commitment to his players.

Which has me thinking about that endless stream of Illinois offers mentioned in the OP. Any chance he joins Beckmann's staff? They've obviously had a lot of contact over the last couple of years.


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I think you have the score of Clinton-Massie's semifinal wrong: it was Massie 45, Hartley 21.

Hartley was up 14-0 after one quarter; in the second quarter Massie scored 24 while Hartley only had two offensive plays. They fumbled two kickoffs before successfully receiving the third--on that drive they threw incomplete and then fumbled.



November 30th, 2012 at 2:04 PM ^

But the D6 game just ended and it was an absolute classic.  Marion Local 28 - Newark Catholic 21.  Newark went 60 yards in 20 seconds and threw incomplete from the 5 on the game's last play.  Wow.


November 30th, 2012 at 3:00 PM ^

These Ohio schools do make it easy for a neutral third party to discover a rooting interest. In the D6 game Newark Catholic came out in all green with these on the sleeve:

Ugh. That looks familiar.

And then in D4 we have St. Clairsville:


November 30th, 2012 at 3:25 PM ^

Marion Local wins the D6 final by a score of 28-21. Newark Catholic had the ball on the 6 after a pass interference call for one untimed down and the pass was batted away.

Could be a rematch in order next year as both teams playing few seniors.



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Clinton-Massie 46, St. Clairsville 36.

Massie's Bayle Wolf ran for 220 yards and 4TDs, caught a 36-yard pass for a fifth TD and had an interception.

Massie runs a rushing-heavy wishbone attack, military-academy-style. They aren't particularly big, they don't have a single player that even has an entry at any of the recruiting sites, much less a rating. And in a 15-game season (the same number of clock minutes as a 12-game college season) they scored 822 points.

That's 1.14 points/ minute. 68.5 points per 60 minutes. Running the football.

If you can imagine Army or Navy or Air Force rolling up nine or ten touchdowns per game on their way to an undefeated national-championship season, that's what it looked like.