M Softball knocks off #2 ASU

Submitted by MGoBrewMom on March 15th, 2013 at 4:15 PM
At the Judi Garman Classic tournament at Cal State, Fullerton. Final score 5-4. Until today, ASU had lost only once. It was a combined pitching effort by Sara and Haley, and ASU hitters got 14 hits, but solid defense, clutch hitting and grittiness won out. This is the only time all year I will see them live, and they're a fun team to watch! Sierra Romero is a clutch ss with a strong bat, and Sara is really, really, tall! Both pitchers look great. Good luck to them this afternoon vs. U of Arizona. If you live near Ann Arbor, go check them out this season! Go Blue!



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Yay for softball. At least there was one Michigan team that had a good day and beat a ranked opponent.

All that said, this is a huge win for them!


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ASU left 12 runners on base, M just 5. Good fortune, or the M pitchers and fielders' ability to stay focused under pressure, or some of both. In any case, I'll take it. ASU is a very good team.


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Ashley Lane went long for 2 RBIs and ended up 1 for 2 with 2 runs scored. Amy Knapp went 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs.  Nicole Sappingfield went 1 for 4 with an RBI.

Sara was the winning pitcher in 2.1 innings giving up 0 ER off 4 hits; she walked 1 and struck ou 2.  Haylie came on in relief pitching 4.2 innings giving up 4 ER off 10 hits.  She struck out 3 and walked 1.

Overall a very good outing for us.  We only had 5 hits but they were all key hits.  ASU had 14 hits but as the OP says, good defense kept us strong.  No errors against a great team usually wins every time.



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Haylie (sorry for the misspelled name earlier!!) started, and was getting hit pretty hard. Sara came in and held them (in the 4th inning, i believe) until Haylie came back and closed out the 7th. Great team effort. Also, a horrible safe call by a first base ump, that allowed ASU to score a couple extra runs in the 3rd or 4th inning. After that inning (which we should have been out of), we were down 4-2. I actually got the catch/out at first base with the ASU runner not touching the bag, on camera. If I figure out how to post the photo later, I will. I was surprised at my amateurish photography skills picked it up!
Regardless, they overcame a lot to beat a very good team. And I didn't even think about basketball, thankfully.


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I just had a first hand account, and that's the only time all year I will. I'm so bummed I missed the second game though. Arizona softball is like USC football for me-- living on the west coast, I despise both of those teams!

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That's a huge win for the team.  Looking at ASU's schedule, they haven't played the toughest teams (they'll get plenty in the Pac 12 schedule, so unlike us they don't have to work as hard to prove themselves in the non-conf portion).  However, they only have two losses, one of which was to us, and 12 mercy-rule wins.  Hopefully we can complete the Arizona sweep!  Down 1-0 early, but lots of time to come back.