How did you become a Michigan fan?

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I'm bored and thought I'd see if anyone would share how they became a Michigan fan. I became a fan on September 13th,1988. I was 10 years old and flipping thru  the channels and I saw Michigan vs. Noter Dame. Even tho Michigan lost that day I was hooked for life.



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I grew up in Brooklyn, NY, so I had no connection whatsoever with the school.  However, I liked professional wrestling, and also liked the Steiner Brothers.  They used to come down to the ring wearing their Varsity jackets to "The Victors" and I thought that was cool.  That was actually the first time UM was ever on my radar (and the first UM shirt I ever had--the Steiner Brothers in front of a big Block M).  Fast forward to my junior/senior years in HS, when I started getting a bit more serious and started to like Government and History as subjects. One of my brother's friends graduated from UM and told me how good the Poli Sci program was.  I applied, somehow got in, and made one of the best decisions of my life.


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I was 11 years old in Texas watching and realized hey man, I was born there might as well root for them. When they won I was sold on UM basketball. In 91' I just happened to walk in the house while I was playing outside and turned the TV on to see Desmond Howard making an amazing catch for a touchdown. I was then sold on Michigan football and haven't missed a season since!


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in East Lansing....nuff said!!!


Seriously though, I got sick of everyone always pounding the Michigan fans. I became one at 9 years old in 1979. No looking back after that...stupid sparty!!!!!!!


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Just always been a Michigan fan. Dad went to Michigan and Mom went to State. I've lived about 20 minutes from MSU my whole life, most of my friends growing up were State fans, and I remember going  to MSU spring games when I was little. I've just always had a hatred of everything MSU and a love for everything Michigan.


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My dad went to Michigan.  We had season tickets and went to a ton of games in the late 70s and 80s.  I applied for and was admitted to UM but I ended up choosing a different school because the program that I was interested in was more established and honestly, bigger at the other school than it was at Michigan.  Still, I wish I had gone to UM... I regret that in the long run...I think life would have been much more different had I done it.  Anyway...Michigan football is in my blood, I cant get rid of it...


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Was raised a Michigan fan living in the Detroit area.

My first two games were against Long Beach State and Wisconsin in 1987.  Both were 49-0 victories.

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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Parents went to U-M med/grad school, so I was born a maize and blue blood.  Also an aunt and uncle were profs.  I remember going to Camp Michigania.  Got into football in the early 70s in the days of Big 2, Little 8.  I'm also an alumnus.

Picktown GoBlue

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Had a Michigan driver's license while in college in Chicago, but parents had moved to da UP after I'd started college so it wasn't really my "home" state.  Youngest brother ended up going to U of M, though, and got me hooked; he also made sure to get our kids appropriate gifts - maize and blue hats/shirts, Bo bobble heads, stuffed wolverines.  Getting transferred to Cbus, though, and having to live around the rabid folks here is what drove me to being a big time fan in a strange land.


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My dad played football at michigan state, but is a full blown Michigan fan. He had me watching games since I could remeber.  My dad always tells me stories of Bo and how he recurited him, but he went to msu becuase of playing time. He says its the only regret of his life.

Go Blue!