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As most of you know, the athletic department just yesterday announced that they were adopting the dynamic ticket pricing method for single games.  My problem is that I live in Tennessee and can only make the Ohio game this season.  This recent announcement about the dynamic ticket pricing was very discouraging to me.  The fact that they had the Ohio game listed at $95 (now estimated to start at $175) for the longest time on the athletic webpage just absolutely pisses me off.  

So I thought I would enlist the help of the blog for advice on purchasing single game tickets.  In this case, what would be the best method to try and get cheaper tickets to the Ohio game this season?  Would buying from Stubhub or Craigslist be a good option or would the cheapest option be just buying from  Or if you have any other options on how to get these tickets closer to that $95 area that I was looking, please share.  I do understand, though, that it is likely that the lowest that they will go for is probably the initial price they have listed on the athletic webpage.  Thought this also could be helpful to the fans that have a situation more like mine.

Thanks everybody, and GO BLUE! 


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I assure you that I read it, but I was simply stating a mere fact. You're NOT going to find cheap tickets to the Ohio game.

Now, where will you find them the "cheapest?" I have no clue. You have to check all sources for that. No one knows where you can find them the cheapest. Every source (athletic department, Craig's List, eBay, etc.) varies annually.


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Dude.  You asked about how to find them cheaper ("in that $95 range") and someone said you're not finding them cheaper.  Your question is essentially what is on the mind of every single UM football fan in the world.   The school is trying to match what the secondary market does and the secondary market is doing what they do because of demand.  A staple game, demand is always up, prices will always be high.  Personally, I think it is silly to assume you could get them through either school because those are the highest of high demands and the schools aren't interested in "only" getting $95 for them anymore. 

Sucks but that's just how sports are nowadays.  The internet and the streets of AA will be full of people looking for the best deal possible.


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First off, you won't even be eligible for purchasing individual OSU tickets unless you're a donor (with a significant number of points). 

Individual tickets to marquee games are essentially sweeteners that DB gives out to UofM's best donors.

If you really want a cheap ticket, the best chance you have is to go to the game w/o a ticket and buy it from a scalper after the game starts (like during the second quarter). 

Otherwise, just go the stubhub route like everyone else.


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Or if you know any current students, enlist them to help find someone with student tix who can't or won't go. They are plentiful. That's how I go. You can validate them for less than the price of most tickets for big games.

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Have you considered buying a season ticket package and selling the games you can't come up for? Doesn't do you any good this year, but would in the future. My brother is an Alum and lives in Clarksville. He grabs flights from Nashville for something like $99 round trip ( he may use Miles for that).

Not much help for you, but good luck.


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So anyone buying the full season ticket would still be getting ND or Ohio at the original $95? This would only apply to some buying individual game tickets correct?


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You are getting good advice from below.

The chances of getting them through the AD is slim to none.

There are probably more tickets available than you would think becuase of it being Tgving weekend.  There is less demand, and people that have tickets, might not be able to use them.

The real game could be a week later in the B10 championship game, if it looks like that is where we are headed, it's a possibility that the game could have little or no meaning of who wins, with everybody looking forward to the follwoing week. Who knows how likely this is.

If you want to 'play the scalping' game, then between last minute stub hub, and scalpers, you can probably do 'ok'.  I hate that doing that, because i want to enjoy tailgaitng, etc, not managing my tickets.  


June 28th, 2013 at 7:41 PM ^

If propel think this game will have no meaning because the conference championship may not be on the line, than this is nowhere near the rivalry we think it is. Any time we play them in any sport, I want us to win more than anything. Any time you have the chance to see Michigan play Ohio in Ann Arbor, you take it.


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The cost of the ticket now might be drastically higher or lower than the cost when game time approaches.  Should either program have several unexpected losses, demand will obviously be less, or if both programs go close to perfect, ticket costs could be out of sight.  It is a gamble you take.  

For the most part, I have found that when I needed extra sets of tickets, buying at the beginning of the season, with a few exceptions, has been more expensive than waiting until game time. I have bought on both Stubhuba and Ebay....sometimes you get lucky, sometimes, you pay through the nose.


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I could use some advice as well.

I got a pair of tix to ND game via Alumni Asso, but I have a wife and a daughter coming with me so I need one more ticket.

Now, do I try to buy a single game ticket via mgoblue? Stubhub?

I would like to sit somewhere close to my family. Do I buy three new tickets and sell the other two? Do I just get the ticket closest to my other two tix (which I don't know where it is since I won't be getting it for another month)?

What is my best strategy?


June 28th, 2013 at 5:12 PM ^

you are Alumni/Victors club member I think you will get first crack at individual tickets when they come one sale (July 30th I think). If you are on right at 8:30, you should be able to get 3 together at cost, and then sell your pair for the cost of the three.


June 28th, 2013 at 7:53 PM ^

my advice is buy a 3 game pack


pick ohio st and the other 2 games of your choice


sell those other 2 games and lower your ticket cost

or just go to all 3 games for about the price you would pay for 1 ticket to THE GAME