First Ever Home Game To Be Called Early

Submitted by Happy Gilmore on September 4th, 2011 at 7:43 PM

With the way the Western game finished and the discussion that has commenced, I figured I would share this with the Mgocommunity:


I was recently watching the HBO documentary on the UM-OSU rivalry and heard an interesting piece of information that I had (somehow) missed when I had watched it previously. When I first heard it, I had just moved to Ohio and thought to myself "Hey, this is a nice little piece of history to bring up to locals talking smack."

This history happens to be the result of the UM-OSU game in 1902, played in Ann Arbor, in which the Wolverines defeated the Buckeyes by a whopping score of 86-0. However, the most interesting part of this game was how it ended. A quick Googling of the game brought up "The Ohio State Football Encyclopedia," stating the following about the game:

Ohio State was thoroughly humiliated at Michigan, 86-0, in the fifth game on October 25 [1902]. The score could have been far worse had the officials not stopped the contest midway through the second half "simply because the game was getting out of hand."

Interestingly enough, this game is also the highest combined score in any UM-OSU game as well, without the Buckeyes scoring a single point.

Now, I am unsure as to if this was officially the first ever home game to be called off early, but it is defintely one to remember.

Link to GoogleBook (information on page 30):…



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I know you didn't say they were wrong with what they said on Saturday, and that's because they weren't wrong.  To anyone else who may read this, the game against Western was the first in the modern era (that is since 1946) to be ended early.  Thanks for the info.