Coin Toss Strategy

Submitted by jrt336 on August 30th, 2009 at 5:26 PM

If Michigan wins will they receive or defer? I can see them not wanting to start out on offense because it could give Tate a bit to settle down (if he's starting) or just because they don't want to start with a 3 and out. But I can see UM not wanting to start out on D and give up a FG/TD on their first drive, especially if Tate starts and he's thinking he has to go down and score or else. So, will they defer or receive and does it depend on the starting QB?



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I think they will go offense first, I really think the offense will be the stronger portion of the team. Should start with your best foot forward.

restive neb

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If you win the toss, you get first choice in the first half... The other team gets first choice in the second half. if you use your choice to "kick," you can be certain the other team will not be so foolish in the second half.


August 31st, 2009 at 12:28 AM ^

No, its the rules. Each team gets a choice to kick or receive. So if you choose kick, that's your team's choice and in the 2nd half the other team can choose to do whatever (kick or receive). Obviously, the other team will probably choose to receive.

If you defer, you basically say you want to receive the ball in the 2nd half, as the other team won't choose "kick". If they do, they're giving you the opportunity to receive both halves.


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I always go with that. Granted, I only get to use that in a video game, but it is still my strategy. Who knows, maybe the defense will give the freshmen QBs something exciting to take their mind off the pressure. It's not a big deal, though, for Tate. He seems to have no pressure on him, even though if he turns out to start, he will have the weight of every Michigan fan in the world on his shoulders. Sleep well this week Tate and Denard, you will need it.


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In the beanie bowl the player who won the toss chose to defer. I am sure that RR did not give the player who won the toss permission to make his own decision. He was coached to say "defer" if he won the toss. I assume that will be the same strategy used on Saturday.


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Here's why the Beanie Bowl toss isn't indicative of anything:

The coin toss was scripted so that the 1st team offense went first (that is, they didn't actually let the outcome change, they just pretended the White team won the toss so that the Blue team received). But they scripted it so that the winning team deferred. So they practiced deferring, but actually sent the offense out first when given the choice. You can draw an equally valid inference either way.


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In terms of strategy, I see an early field position battle(as opposed to a shootout). I've got to believe whoever starts, we will see a heavy dose of Minor early, especially if we're looking at a true freshman.

Looking into the crystal ball, I see Denard taking snaps in the redzone. I see Sheridan handing off to Minor and Brown and throwing horizontal passes to Odoms when we are in the lead or tied(for better or worse). I see Forcier throwing the ball downfield when we are behind(high risk/reward). What I hope we do not see is 3'rd and long with Sheridan under center. Just as bad would be a cold Forcier thrown into the game on third and long.


August 31st, 2009 at 12:37 AM ^

Defer defer defer. You're always going to want the extra possession in the 2nd half rather than the 1st half, especially since you're going to hopefully have lots of offensive adjustments thrown in to exploit the defense with your extra possession.

Also, choosing receive (when you win the toss) is kind of a dick move. Yeah, you can do it, but you'd better win the game by a lot because you're basically saying "F you, we're going to take the ball, and we're going to score". That's all fine and good when you're Florida and playing the Citadel, but normally its not going to happen.