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Does anyone know if he is still in school, and despite all his troubles, what would it take for him to rejoin the team? I personally would like to see a year on the practice squad working his butt off. Also I would like to see him attend regular study hall sessions and to volunteer time with various community groups around Ann Arbor. Of course all this would be predicated on attending a substance abuse clinic.



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after the rumor hit that he might be able to work his way back onto the team he had another run-in w/ the law. so now the door is shut. or as his high school coach put it "bolted shut on both sides."


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I don't have the link, but he admitted to possessing marijuana w/ the intent to distribute recently...Like you, I wish the kid the best, but his days on the team are over.


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I have no answers to your questions, but he has to be done at this point. He's had too many issues since getting kicked off the team. And now they have a ton of DB's in this recruiting class and probably are counting on his scholarship anyway.

At BEST I could see them letting him back on the team as a walk-on. If he busts his tail and stays out of trouble maybe they could let him on the field. But I think he's blown his chances at this point unfortunately.

Dhani Bowtie

February 8th, 2010 at 2:02 PM ^

Of course I would want to do that. I'm sure that at this point Cissoko realizes that he had an incredible opportunity to obtain a fantastic education and life experience as a scholarship player on the University of Michigan football team. He made some horrible mistakes that ripped that opportunity away from him. I feel bad for the guy and hope he grows up and works his way back to a promising position at another university.

david from wyoming

February 8th, 2010 at 1:46 PM ^

I personally would like to see a year on the practice squad working his butt off. Also I would like to see him attend regular study hall sessions and to volunteer time with various community groups around Ann Arbor.

And I want to ride a unicorn to candy land and never worry about grading for a freshmen course again.

Care to guess which is more likely?


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Fine, you lived nearby. But you are arguing with someone who actually lives in the city.

Anyway, as an A2 resident myself, I think the tales of "dangerous Ypsi" are greatly exaggerated. Most of it is fine. There are a few areas that are a little sketchy, but I wouldn't really call them unsafe. People move from Detroit to Ypsi to get away from the 'hood.


February 8th, 2010 at 4:48 PM ^

Yes, someone who's in denial about living in a slum.

This whole debate is pretty pointless but when I was an Ann Arbor resident I would get extremely angry reading about the shootings, rapes, muggings occuring in Ann Arbor, most of which were instigated by Ypsilanti residents. Though these incidents were relatively uncommon for a city of Ann Arbor's size, it's pretty undeniable that Ypsi's criminals would prey on the wealth and naiveness of Ann Arbor's residents and Michigan's student body.


February 9th, 2010 at 12:25 AM ^

Ypsi definitely has problems. It's just not to the point where marauding bands of criminals are attacking Ann Arbor, Road Warrior style, like in the imaginations of some of our more fearful and simple-minded posters.


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on returning to the football team, but let's hope he stays in school and gets his life back in order.

There was also some rumors he was heading to GVSU to play football.


February 8th, 2010 at 4:02 PM ^

This is complete and utter hearsay, but I know a guy who went to Cass Tech with Boubacar and he said that Booboo is going to transfer to Missouri State. No idea why he would choose Missouri State, or if what he told me was even true, but I think it's safe to say he's done at U of M either way


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get so politically correct? I made an "off" attempt at a satirical parody but to lose 40 points. Are you kidding me? I have read the word FUCK on here as common as the name Rich Rod. Ding me some points, I am okay with that but Jesus...let's not get militant.


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I'm not sure what parts of Ypsi you guys have been to but that place is gangster... they sell ribs on the street. You dont even see that type of shit in Detroit.

If you dont think Ypsi is gangster then go hang out in the deja vu parking lot one night and see how long it takes you to get shanked.

There is a reason that no one from AA goes there. When you were in school did you ever hear of anyone "just going to Ypsi for the night" that wasnt going to the strip club?