Baseball: BTT Games 1 & 2 Open Thread

Submitted by formerlyanonymous on May 26th, 2010 at 1:47 PM

Michigan doesn't play today, but they'll take the highest seed of the two teams winning. Game 1 is half way through with Iowa tying it up 4-4. The big surprise in this game is Purdue's coach Doug Schreiber starting their #2 starter and saving ace Matt Bischoff for game two. Well, despite a solid start from #2 Matt Morgan, he's been removed from the game after a Hawkeye 4-run 5th.

It's vital for a team to avoid the loser's bracket, especially those that don't get a bye. They'll have to win 6(!) games in a row to finish the tournament. That's 7 games in 5 days. No way any team has the arms to do that. By saving Bischoff for a potential winner's bracket game, Scheiber has essentially said we're winning it in 3 games or bust.

Indiana and Northwestern are due to start at 3:30pm ET. Both the current game and the 3:30pm are both being shown, as all games in the tournament, on BTN live.



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That's always a tough call but interesting strategy.  Unless I like something particular about the match up of a #2 pitcher vs the first team you're playing, I'd be inclined to go with the arm that gives us the best opportunity to make it to the next game.  I guess he has more of a "big picture" approach, but I like to "survive today, work it out tomorrow" type.  It's actually a great topic for discussion.


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From my perspective, he's already raised the white flag against Minnesota or Michigan, saying, I can't beat them without Bischoff. The problem was he had to face someone else's ace, a team that swept the Boilermakers last weekend. 

I have to disagree with all the circumstances of this case. Sure, if you're favored heavily, or your second guy has better numbers against the team your facing, throw the #2. But when your first guy is All-Big Ten first team, easily the second best pitcher in the league this season, and your second guy is meh, and the team your facing swept you last weekend to enter with momentum? Way too many things against you.

You throw your ace and avoid having to go through the loser's bracket. You take the chance of drawing Michigan who doesn't have an ace, and you throw your #2 against them. You risk playing Minnesota with your #2, but hey, he threw 7+ innings and gave up just 2 runs against the Gophers earlier this season. What on earth was he thinking?


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I don't really know big 10 baseball all that well, but from the sounds of it, he tried to be strategic, but applied the wrong strategy.  There are times to go against the grain (e.g. if you know that this particular pitcher has been lights out, handles that particular team well, or pitches a certain way that might really challenge the opponent's style of play.)  Then there are times to play it straight. 


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Favorite Big Ten Tourney tweet I've seen so far comes from BuckeyeNine/Buckeye  State Baseball writer Chris Webb:

Michigan is adding insult to injury. Players chirping at three Iowa blondes in the front row as their boys trail 3-0.

Not sure what was said or otherwise, but here's hoping they were at least good looking.


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For some reason that reminds me of the Michigan hockey game (i believe CCHA semifinals game) In between action, a Michigan player said to a Miami  OH player  "That's why i F*** your girlfriend!"  You heard it faintly because they were standing by a referee or near a Mic.  I looked over to my buddy and he had heard the same thing.


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Huge escape for Iowa with the bases loaded in the top of the ninth. Looks like they're probably hold on to win.


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It's final. Iowa wins. Michigan fans should be rooting for Indiana in the afternoon game. That would have Michigan face Iowa's 2nd starter (GOOD) and Indiana facing Minnesota (GREAT). Indiana has the best opportunity to out-slug Minnesota.

If Northwestern wins, Michigan faces the Wildcats and Francis Brooke. We might have beat Brooke last time, but he's a good control pitchers (7 walks in 87+ innings).

I like our chances more against Iowa. I definitely like Indiana's chances over Iowa against Minnesota.


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BTN's contracts, to ensure they could get in most of the markets they are in, stipulates they can't simultaneously stream any live games that are also on TV, at least not in the US. So they could theoretically stream the BTT overseas or in Canada, just not in the US.

I haven't gone searching or CS. Call me pessimistic when it comes to finding something. I'll be spending tomorrow at Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. It's the only place I can get a beer, have free wifi, and watch the BTN within a 1.5 hour driving radius.

Hopefully I'll have the laptop with me for an open thread/twitter/something or another.


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Perhaps next season, after we hold a "Send FA to Columbus Week". It would cost $300 in gas alone. Money is on the tight end for any college student.

That, and I would have needed to leave 2 hours ago so I could get into Columbus by 5am. Spend the next few hours prepping for the game, watch the game, finally get to sleep after being awake for 36 hours, including a 16.5 hour drive. Do the tournament thing through Sunday. And if the championship round goes into the Sunday if necessary game, I'd miss that as I'd have to leave mid game in order to make it home in time for work on Monday.

The time and money didn't quite fit into the schedule well. Had Michigan locked up a bye a few weeks ago, the time could have been worked around. Hell, I could have bought plane tickets to Columbus for just $200 after taxes up to 2.5 weeks ago. It just didn't look like Michigan would have gotten a bye until this last weekend. And that was also when Michigan was in a bit of a slide.

So yeah, in summary: I'm sticking it out here.


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Indiana has a 4-0 lead after the top of the 1st. Good start. Jokisch threw like 41 pitches. Not the start I expected. His complete game last week might be still feeling on the arm.