2016 Michigan Football Poster Mailout Update!

Submitted by Gordon on August 5th, 2016 at 11:23 AM
Thanks so much for the overwhelming response to the poster offer. I have over 100 responses, from all over the United States and abroad. It's very cool to see where everyone is at, all around the world.
Here's an update of where we're at:
I picked up about 350 posters and schedules from the Michigan athletic department yesterday.  Everyone in the ticket office is supportive of this, and were all very helpful.  I've got enough posters to cover everyone, and if you want any extras, I can get as many as needed. (Our posters literally came right off the master poster stack in a back office. Our schedules came right out of the box from the printer.) Let me know if you need any more or less. I can get as many as needed.
Since someone asked, this is the official poster for the year.  The game schedule is in smaller print than usual, centered at the bottom of the poster.  This design is how all the Michigan team posters will be for this year.
Shipping and cost wise, it's going to be about $6 for 1-2 posters, and about $6.25-$6.50 for 3-6 posters.  Anything above that, I need to get the weight and prices, as I might need a bigger tube for those. If you haven't paid yet, and are getting only a couple of each, please send that payment to [email protected].  Anything larger, and international orders, please wait for me to figure out the cost to ship.
If you don't have PayPal, need help figuring that out, or any questions with payment, please email.
More info was sent out in an email.  If you're interested in being added to the list, email me at [email protected].