SDSU mini program

Submitted by Lanyard Program on September 23rd, 2011 at 12:52 PM

seemed like there was some interest last week, so here is a revised version of the mini program for this week incorporating suggestions such as numbered depth chart, opponent depth chart / roster (abbreviated) and times as they are known for schedule. the michigan coaching staff has been ommitted in favor of the other info, but i think in the future i will try to include that as well as some national rankings on offense, defense, etc . one thing to comment on is if the text size is too small, i tried to keep it legible, but i realize that i might have better vision than some other readers. the DL depth chart is a bit muddy right now, so i left it from last week. i figure all the names are there somewhere.

for those of you who missed it the first time around, this is basically a cheat sheet to help with rosters, numbers and names and is especially useful if you are attending the game and don't want to buy a program that will get ruined. it is also useful to have on your coffee table during the game at home.

[edit: preview seems to work. was a bit wonky there for a bit as i tried to get rid of some of the previous versions of the pdf on scribd. should be good now]


sdsu miniprogram



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sdsu miniprogram


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Looks very useful.  Any chance it could be made available to non-FB users as well?

EDIT: sorry, unclear.  I meant is this available anywhere for either downloading or printing for those that don't have a facebook account.



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Very cool.  The most interesting part is that their DL is actually smaller than I thought they were, even though I've been saying all week that we should attack their small DL.  Their DEs are LB-sized, their MLB is S-sized and their safeties are CB-sized.  We need to take advantage of that.


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This is exactly what I need for my armchair quarterbacking!  However, I'm having trouble pulling it up on my computer.  The link comes up but it is blank.  Is there any other way to disseminate the cheat-sheet?  Its really a tremendous idea and I don't want to miss out.



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Pretty awesome - I hate it when I can' figure out which number is which player. Now I have the handy reference. Thanks - please keep doing this for the rest of the schedule.


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Speaking of mini programs, is the Michigan Football Guide gone for good?  Those were those free programs they'd pass out on the street corner.  I loved those.


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I printed mine out earlier this week, and have it folded up in my wallet ready to go! It is awesome! Thanks! I just hope my flights don't get delayed...or else I have just wasted a lot of money


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With the lack of:

The Michigan Football Guide 

The Gameday Michigan Daily 

A consistent data signal that doesn't drain my battery completely by the end of the first half

This is the perfect gameday companion!  

Last week, we had a couple of questions about our own players in my section, and we had to wait until they got a flag or a tackle to figure out who they were.

About the Football Guide: Seriously, what happened?  I miss the watercolors, the stains from the cheap ink, the full rosters, of course Punt/Counterpunt (Even my sparty wife enjoyed reading that part).