Saturday Morning Psycho #7: UnAmerican Activities Ed.

Submitted by SMart WolveFan on November 3rd, 2018 at 1:59 PM

Not much with the bye week, any good movies coming this holiday?

(movie trailer voice)

In a world where the USA has been penetrated by evil forces, 
the South East & Atlantic Coast occupied by those who would 
take away our way of life, sometimes the only answer is ....
a football team!





Chase Winovich as Patrick Swayze

chase.jpg swayze2.jpg


Shea Patterson as Charlie sheen

shea1.jpg sheenDawn.jpg


Quinn Nordin as C Thomas Howell

qNordin.jpg  howellDawn.jpg






featuring those who would deny these young heroes their moment of glory:


Todd Stansbury as Commie Bastard #1

Committee.jpg DawnVilli2.jpg


Ken Hatfield as Commie Bastard #2


hatfield.jpg commie#2.jpg


Nick Saban as "The Cuban"


saban.jpg sabanDawn1.jpg



Also starring:


Jim Harbaugh as Harry Dean Stanton

harbaugh.jpg HDeanStanton.jpg


and introducing:


"Dreamy" Joel Klatt as Powers Poothe

joelKlatt.jpg youngPowers.jpg




Will the sinister CCCFP replace the American way of "earning your place by the merit of your performance" with a "people's champion"?

USA's only hope is a group of isolated mid westerners, known by their local school's mascot.




With Revenge as their fuel:



Added by an ally, "behind the lines".


"Listen kids, the Red Dawn has already begun on the Atlantic Coast and 
in the South East; they've given control of everything from the 
Rockies to the Pacific to soccer players ...SOCCER PLAYERS! 
As far as these Commie's think, College football doesn't exist in the west."


"I'm not sure if it's the KGB, ISIS, CIA, NCAA, ESPN, FCC or the FTC, but if you look at S&P, FEI and SAG and compare that to the CFP 25; the ACC and SEC are WTF? LOL"


Our boys will battle!




But can the heroes overcome the the red scare of bias?


Find out at a Saturday Matinee this weekend!





My Top 4

1) Clemson: Best Defense, 2nd most efficient Offense, reliable running game, tested

2) Alabama: Best Passing game, not yet tested, D not as dominant as usual

3) Michigan: 2nd best D, Most Efficient O, tested, focused on revenge, believe they would beat ND today

4) ND: Efficient, undefeated.


Game prediction:

Since it's good weather and it seems like UofM needs some style points from the Offense to counteract all the bias, plus encouraging PSU to abandon the running game early would make the evening much easier on the D; sooooo, I think the O will be more aggressive early than we've seen so far, working a lot on the vertical passing game, since they will need it to close out the season.


Join us next time, when we discover the truth:




Beamer.jpg sidiuos.jpg


Till next time, Stay PsYcho! and GoBlue!



SMart WolveFan

November 3rd, 2018 at 5:28 PM ^

Halftime update:

Well, maybe a smidge more aggressiveness early;)

Not enough, IMO; the O seems behind schedule with the vertical passing game, hopefully they don't need it too much in Columbus.

Of course with that running game and defense, they might not.