Piling On

Submitted by Ziff72 on November 19th, 2008 at 12:00 PM

As the greatest team in college football history with a fan base as entitled as a UAW worker, this season has gone from bad to worse to off the rails the last few days as we head into the shoe and everyone is coming out of the wood work to pile on. I say to them bring it on. Herbstreit and Spielman keep yucking it up, Dantonio you can keep acting like a smug idiot..Go Bucks??(Keep lying down for your old buddies maybe they'll let you go to a Rose Bowl in another 20 years...what a moron.) ESPN pile on Rodriguez with inaccurate headlines, Newspapers slant Desmonds comments, Valenti continue to waste 3 hours of your show talking about Michigan but insisting you're not obsessed with them, callers keep calling for Rodriguez's head, interneters keep up with bashing heap it all on, shovel after shovel, we're pissed off and you get us even more mad, we're a laughingstock and just like Ol Fat Charlie all we can do is take it. I'm sure the kids are taking it, the coaches are taking it so if you're fan save it all up, because revenge is sweet and in a few years we'll all be going to the dentist.

In case no major news will pick it up(they always post the boring clarification)..I listened to Desmond oon WTKA and he explained his comments, expressed his support for Rod and the coaches and thinks if given time they will play for the NC in 5 years, the best part was when Sam asked him about Herbie and Spielman's comments and taking noise from all the Bucks @ ESPN. He made fun of them a little bit, then said I'll try to paraphrase "Herbie, Spielman, Robert Smith those guys no better than to talk noise with me, because they know I scored the most humiliating touchdown in their stadium in its history, they know I never lost to those guys so don't bring that my way, they best no who they are talking to..none of those guys have winning records against us. I bleed Maize and Blue and I want my second Ann Arbor family to know I'm with them 100%