"That" Michigan van

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on August 7th, 2009 at 12:21 PM
Brian's recent entry was kind of a kick in the ass of sorts because while I had never noticed the van, whether by poor location on my part or drinking... on my part, but knew it from somewhere else. While everyone is kind of knocking it as a piece of crap with some great signatures, there's something else to it that should be known about the owner and the van.

It actually WAS an ice cream van, or functioned in the capacity, and was owned by a very generous individual. If memory serves, he actually was not an alumna but truly loved Michigan sports. I saw him for years at the annual golf outing that's hosted the day after the alumni hockey game. That van was always parked off the tee box on 18 and he would serve anyone who wanted free ice cream. Kids would return four to five times throughout the day and he didn't even blink. However, when players or coaches would arrive for the hole, he knew all of them by name. While money is often thrown out in large sums (a certain NHL hockey player once bribed a cart boy $60 to go and buy him a bottle of Jim and plied me for the huge Fosters cans when I beer-carted... he barely got off the course standing), he always refused and simply asked for an autograph on the van. In that sense it didn't matter to him how much money he "spent" (donated) by giving out free ice cream, he was there for the autographs.

Side note: For puck fans, I can guarantee that has Marty Turco, Berenson (visible), Steve Shields, Jack Johnson, Brendan Morrison, etc. somewhere on it.

I would hate to think something happened to the guy as I knew and discussed with him how much he loved that van and the history it had on it but it's important people at least know the previous owner was a great representative of the program from this standpoint and that van has seen some really great things in its running capacity.

Also if anyone wants to drive down there and secure me the hood for a couple benjamins, I'm game. Hell, I'll take the Red Berenson door.



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when i got old enough, i beer-carted and would whip around that course, finding ways to get to the 18th hole for ice cream sandwiches while being ORDERED up by various NHL players and coaches.

however, by the end of the day after having driven the beer-cart and enjoying some beverages of varying content, i would turn into will ferrell in anchorman

"ice cream bars were a bad choice"


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Whomever has info on this sad tale please come forward. I cant imagine that this thing was not sold. Countless bars could have gutted the van and put nice seats in it and made a sweet booth out of it. Someone needs to get this thing picked up and dropped off at Casey's Tavern or something. A couple of guys could figure something sweet out...

Will Trade Sou…

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Great idea - is there somehow with the time, tools, and know-how to detach the hood or door panels? They would make great collector's items to hang on a wall instead of corroding in a scrapyard. Maybe it could be auctioned off with half the proceeds donated to MGoBlog or the University?


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Ended with a conversation with the man that owned that van, along with a couple of pictures with myself by the van. I always envied that guy. I would drive that van everywhere!!! The one negative thing about the van was that they did let a Buckeye sign it (Kirk Herbstreit). I think someone within the Michigan community needs to get that van back to life.