Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #5: Michigan 3, Michigan Tech 3 (OT)

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Not good.  I have Michigan with a CORSI score of 27.  That is just over half of what they had last night.  They got six combined attempts from the slot.  They scored on three of them.  I am running out of things to say about this offense.  They just generate very, very few quality scoring opportunities.  The attempts they do get are mostly from quite a distance.  Yet, enough shots go in.  Yay being lucky, I guess...

 A major hat tip to Alex Kile who slithered through the slot on his knees and roofed a puck to give Michigan a lead.  That was one of the most impressive non-Connor goals I've seen Michigan score in a while. Cutler Martin finished off a rebound to tie the game late in the third after Calderone had driven the net and Pastujov created a nice rebound in front of the crease.  Those were both actually very repeatable even strength chances.



Michigan should have gotten destroyed, tonight.  I had Tech getting a CORSI score of 59.  That over double what Michigan had.  And that's exactly what it looked like, as well.  If it weren't for some fantastic netminding (and a handful of missed opportunities), this game would have been Tech by 3-4 goals.  Michigan Tech was again able to get wherever they wanted on the ice.  At least in the 3rd period, Michigan was able to push Tech away from the slot.  So, I guess there's that.  Tech also hit the post at the end of regulation and again in overtime.  Overtime was completely dominated by Michigan Tech, as well.  Michigan again struggled with Tech's forecheck, clearing the puck, and retaining any sort of possession anywhere on the ice.  It just seems like a matter of time before the goaltending dam breaks and there is a flood of opposing goals.



Michigan, again, finds a way to score on the power play.  Will Lockwood snapped in a rebound from the left circle to give Michigan a lead early in the opening period.  They ended up going 1/5 in total.  In the early third, M had back to back power plays and could not muster more than a single shot.  That was discouraging and about when Tech took over momentim and scored a couple of goals.  One interesting note: Michigan goes with the 1-3-1 with their first PP line and more of an umbrella on their second PP line.  I'm guessing this is because they do not trust anyone but Piazza to stand by himself on the blue line.

Michigan did another good job of only giving Tech four power plays, tonight...not that it didn't seem like even strength was a Tech power play all night, anyway.  They did not surrender a power play goal.

There was an interesting bit of 3v3 hockey as both teams took two isolated penalties each.  After initial rushes for both teams, no one really took another chance and nothing really came of such a rare opportunity.



Jack LaFontaine put in a shift tonight.  Michigan surrended 45 shots and he stopped 42 of them.  Tech consistently got down low and filled the slot with scoring chances.  Their first goal was the result of a well-played 3v2 that was jammed in by the post.  The second was an attempt through a handful of skaters that was twice deflected and went between his JLF's legs.  The third goal, he may want back.  He was beat far post by a snapshot from outside the left circle...in a seemingly benign chance.  Other than that, he did almost everything else at a very high level, especially considering he was pretty much under siege the entire game.  JLF looked athletic, quick to react, and controlled his rebounds rather well.  Michigan does not seem to have any issues in net. 



I counted only three.  There were about 2-3 almost OMRs in the second period, but since the puck never got out of the zone, I could count those more as DZTOs.  Tech scored an a beautifully worked 3v2 that got stuffed in the far post, beating JLF.  The goal was reviewed but it was determined that it was not a kicking motion.  It was pretty close.  The last two OMRs were a 2v1 and another 3v2...neither came to anything as M actually defended them well.  OMRs do not seem to be an issue for M, this season.  That's a positive, I suppose.



Michigan Tech 59, Michigan 27 ( 31% possession)  

www.collegehockeynews.com had it 72-29...that's even worse


I Bleed Maize N Blue

October 22nd, 2016 at 11:09 PM ^

It just seems like a matter of time before the goaltending dam breaks and there is a flood of opposing goals.

Maybe. Or is that just the usual Michigan fan's looking for doom?

It's early yet. Who knows how our freshman goalies will hold up under a season of getting bombed? But so far it seems like Lavigne and LaFontaine are pretty steady, giving up one bad goal, not multiple bad goals. Sure, in a low-scoring game, that could be the difference - gave up the lead, & no miracle GWG tonight. But at the moment, I'm not feeling so bad about goaltending.

OTOH, offense & penalties, ugh.


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Shortly before the Kile goal, I looked at my son and said: "There's no way we get out of this with anything but an L." His response: "Well, a couple of individual efforts, and a little luck, and you never know." And then Kile does that. Filthy.

On the other hand, the OT looked like we were trying to kill a major. Probably down to youth, but still. I was awfully happy to get out of there with a draw.