Jeff Zuttah doing well

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Jeff Zuttah, two years older than Jeremy, was one of the top prep offensive linemen in New Jersey in 2002, a consensus All-American who accepted a football scholarship to the University of Michigan in 2003.

It was there that his lifelong affliction derailed him for the first time.

Jeff Zuttah has sickle cell anemia, an inherited blood disorder that affects 72,000 people in the United States. Two million Americans carry the sickle cell trait.

Doctors at the University of Michigan would not clear Jeff to play. He never took a snap in any practice for the Wolverines.

So he decided to transfer to Stanford, where team doctors allowed him to practice the following year.

He played two games for Stanford in 2004, but then could not continue.

He received an economics degree from Stanford.

"There's no cure, you just live with it," Jeremy said. "Since he's not doing anything overly physical, like conditioning for football, he's going to be fine."

So now, Jeremy, a rookie third-round draft pick of the Buccaneers, is feeling his way through his first NFL training camp, without the benefit of his brother getting there before him.

"That would have been cool, but you have to take whatever comes your way," Zuttah said.

Jeff Zuttah is an investment banker for Morgan Stanley in New York City.

"He's doing great for himself right now," Jeremy said. "He's going to make more money than me in the long run."



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just so u know, jeff was an "athlete student," and deserved his Stanford Degree. I graduated high school with him, and have known him since middle school. He was always an affluent student, Vice President of our class, honor roll, took AP classes, and exceptional SAT scores. You should find out his whole story before u assume


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but if he is that type of student, he would have likely wound up in the BBA program at Michigan and had very similar opportunities. Generally, the same financial firms recruit at Michigan BBA that recruit at Stanford.


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that show perserverance like this are very inspiring. It also makes stories like Marques Slocum's even more frustrating. JZ tried everything he could and refused to quit so he could live out his dream but his body wouldn't let him. Marques just threw away his God-given talents taming his fuck lion.