An Interview With Royce Jenkins-Stone

Submitted by Ace on January 23rd, 2012 at 10:10 AM

Cass Tech linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone was just the fourth player to commit to Brady Hoke's class of 2012, doing so last April. The consensus four-star recruit has since won a state championship with the Technicians and played in the Army All-American Game, and he's looking to continue that run of success at Michigan. I got the chance to chat with Royce over the weekend—via text, hence the short-ish answers—and we discussed his goals for his freshman year and career along with a few other topics:

ACE: How was the Army Game for you? It had to be fun being there with James [Ross, Royce's childhood friend] and your future teammates.

ROYCE: Yeah, it was a great experience. Everyone competed and had fun.

ACE: What are your goals for your freshman year?

ROYCE: Get my weight to 235 [Royce is currently listed at 215 on Rivals, though he looked bigger in person this fall], learn the defense, and see if I can at least get in the rotation.

ACE: You and the whole 2012 class come in with some big expectations. Do you ever feel pressure from that, or more just excitement?

ROYCE: Just excitement because everyone in this class is all about getting better and getting on that field.

ACE: What's it like to know you'll be playing for Greg Mattison as your defensive coordinator next year?

ROYCE: It's good to know you have a coach that knows what he's doing and not leaving when you get there.

ACE: When your Michigan career is over, what do you want to look back on and say you've accomplished.

ROYCE: [I want to say I've been an] All-American and All-Big Ten in my sophomore, junior, and senior year.

ACE: Do you expect to go out on top at Michigan like you did at Cass Tech?

ROYCE: Yeah. I plan on getting a national championship when I get there and before I leave.



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I like he says he just wants to learn the defense so he can get in the rotation and not become a starter. I think that makes him sound more responsible and not all " I need to start my freshmen year or I'm going somewhere else!".