OT: Purdue's Rob Henry to move to safety

OT: Purdue's Rob Henry to move to safety

Submitted by dnak438 on October 2nd, 2013 at 7:03 PM


  1. Purdue has suspended B.J. Knauf and Jordan Woods (after their arrest)
  2. Freshman Danny Etling will take over at QB
  3. QB Rob Henry will move over to defense to fill a need at safety


Purdue gives Danny Hope a 2-year contract extension

Purdue gives Danny Hope a 2-year contract extension

Submitted by M Fanfare on December 23rd, 2011 at 9:55 PM


His contract now lasts through the 2016 season. Hope is 15-21 (10-14 Big Ten) so far at Purdue. Michigan plays at Purdue in 2012, but does not play the Boilermakers in 2013 or 2014.

Rivals scouts Purdue for us...

Rivals scouts Purdue for us...

Submitted by Search4Meaning on November 10th, 2010 at 8:18 PM

Here's how it breaks down according to Rivals:


"Scouting The Offense:   The Wolverines are dealing with uncertainty at the quarterback position, where QB Denard Robinson leads the Big Ten with 150 yards rushing per game, but he had to leave the Illinois game in the fourth quarter with concussion-like symptoms. He is expected to be available for the game with Purdue, but Robinson’s durability is suspect, since knee and shoulder injuries have also knocked him out of previous games. Should Robinson be sidelined, Michigan has a different offense, but not necessarily an ineffective one. QB Tate Forcier filled in for Robinson and led the Wolverines to the triple-overtime win against Illinois with his passing and running."


"Scouting The Defense:   The Boilermakers have had the heart of their offense removed when season-ending injuries claimed their top receiver, running back and quarterback, so the Purdue team Michigan faces is somewhat limited in its options. Michigan’s struggling defense will be best served by living with the blitz and hoping to force mistakes aplenty from Purdue’s trio of young quarterbacks."

OK, so Robinson is an uncertainty?  Really?  According to whom?

We beat Illinois on the last play by blitzing, so we have to live by the blitz?  What?

Drew Brees and the 2000 Boilermakers' victory over Michigan

Drew Brees and the 2000 Boilermakers' victory over Michigan

Submitted by the_dude on September 9th, 2010 at 9:42 PM

So looking back with the knowledge that Drew Brees is a Super Bowl MVP, does it make that 2000 loss to Purdue a little easier to accept?  No, of course not, but knowing just how good Brees is do you chalk that loss up to the Michigan offense or defense?

Michigan offense: in the first half Michigan raced to a 28-10 lead but only scored a field goal in the second half before losing 32-31.  That offense was stacked with Drew Henson, Anthony Thomas, BJ Askew, Marquise Walker, David Terrell, Steve Hutchinson, Jeff Backus, Jonathan Goodwin, Mo Williams, Ronald Bellamy and Bennie Joppru.

Michigan defense: adjustments?  We don't need to stinkin' adjustments!  History has shown the defense wasn't nearly as talented as the offense: the d-line had bupkis, while the back 7 featured Victor Hobson, Larry Foote and Jeremy LeSueur.

In retrospect I think you can say the defense acquitted itself much better than the offense.  The defense just wasn't nearly as good which was made painfully apparent in THE HORROR (The Prequel) when it gave up 54 points to Northwestern.  With that being the case giving up 32 to Purdue was a reasonable outcome for that undermanned unit.  Brees was after all the Big Ten player of the year, Maxwell Award winner, and a Heisman finalist.  And future Super Bowl winning QB and MVP of the game.

That offense on the other hand should have been able to put up much more than a mere field goal in the second half.  Doing so would have allowed the team to run away and hide by outscoring the Boilermakers.  A win in West Lafayette and the team would have eventually wrapped up an undisputed Big Ten championship.

Is this team still who we thought they would be?

Is this team still who we thought they would be?

Submitted by Kevin Holtsberry on November 7th, 2009 at 3:45 PM
After the Penn State and Illinois losses that is what I kept hearing from the uber-rational folks here.  This team is exactly where we thought they would be prior to the unrealistically raised hopes of 4-0.  Get to a bowl game and every thing is hunky-dory.

Well, Michigan has pissed away another game and has now lost five straight conference games (turnover = touchdown; onside kick = touchdown; missed extra point and field goal = loss).  The defense gives up big play after big play while the offense can no longer be counted on to make the big play with the game on the line.  This team finds a way to lose.

Can anyone really say victories over Wisconsin and Ohio State are possible at this point? Be rational, right?

So what is the Michigan fan supposed to think - in a clam and rational manner - if this team loses seven straight conference games, has a losing season, and misses out on a bowl game?

I am not advocating firing the coach and starting over.  I do not think that is the answer.  But what I would like to know is what all of these "calm down this is what we expected" folks think at this point.

Because I did not expect this team to compete for a Big Ten title or beat high caliber teams.  But I sure as heck expected this team to not get crushed by Illinois and choke a game away against Purdue when they had a two touchdown lead at the half.

It seems likely to me that this team is going to have to improve just to be mediocre next year given the defense.  And if the offensive line doesn't get substantially better how are we going to outscore everyone?

Maybe it is my fault for not realizing that Michigan would need three years to be competitive - not national but in the conference - again.  Feels like this program is a lot farther behind than I thought.

Purdue Blog's preview of Michigan

Purdue Blog's preview of Michigan

Submitted by jcgary on August 7th, 2009 at 9:39 AM

A friend of mine who is first a Michigan fan and also a Purdue fan on the side told me to check out Purdue's blog Hammer & Rails and read their preview section on the Michigan game. It was an interesting take on the game but can see where he is coming from.