OT: Illinois Week - Zook Factor

OT: Illinois Week - Zook Factor

Submitted by MGoBlueMyself on October 17th, 2016 at 3:02 PM

Found this in the annals of MGoBlog history. Poor guy went from some genuinely positive takes by Brian to an analytical qualifier for opposing coaches and came to define "stupid coaching decisions that fly in the face of game theory." 

Zook to the Illini

By Brian — December 7th, 2004 at 10:14 AM — 29 comments
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Ron Zook has taken the Illinois job.

Thoughts: good move for the Illini. Zook obviously connected quite strongly with his players at UF, even though he didn't win as much as they would have liked. For all the kvetching from UF fans, Chris Leak was a freshman last year, a sophomore this year. it's really tough to win with a young QB under center. Zook brought in a couple monster classes as Florida head coach and he's got name recognition. If he can turn UI into the natural destination for the Chicagoland area he can make UI a winner.

OT: Nebraska loses another offensive lineman, Klachko transfers to Illinois

OT: Nebraska loses another offensive lineman, Klachko transfers to Illinois

Submitted by y2mh on August 16th, 2012 at 12:41 PM

New Illinois head coach Tim Beckman seems to have found a new recruiting tactic, getting transfers from other B1G schools, and Nebraska seems to be losing linemen weekly, as they lost their 2nd in successive weeks.

  Ryan Klachko transferring to Illinois

Yesterday, Nebraska offensive lineman Ryan Klachko, a RS-freshman from Springfield, IL transferred and will sit out the 2012-2013 season. He was a 4* recruit out of HS last year.

Last week the Illini added Penn State transfer Ryan Nowicki to their offensive line. Nowicki is eligible this season.

Over the weekend, offensive lineman Tyler Moore, 4*, left Nebraska and will take semester off then consider a return to Nebraska or FSU and UF.

Is this team still who we thought they would be?

Is this team still who we thought they would be?

Submitted by Kevin Holtsberry on November 7th, 2009 at 3:45 PM
After the Penn State and Illinois losses that is what I kept hearing from the uber-rational folks here.  This team is exactly where we thought they would be prior to the unrealistically raised hopes of 4-0.  Get to a bowl game and every thing is hunky-dory.

Well, Michigan has pissed away another game and has now lost five straight conference games (turnover = touchdown; onside kick = touchdown; missed extra point and field goal = loss).  The defense gives up big play after big play while the offense can no longer be counted on to make the big play with the game on the line.  This team finds a way to lose.

Can anyone really say victories over Wisconsin and Ohio State are possible at this point? Be rational, right?

So what is the Michigan fan supposed to think - in a clam and rational manner - if this team loses seven straight conference games, has a losing season, and misses out on a bowl game?

I am not advocating firing the coach and starting over.  I do not think that is the answer.  But what I would like to know is what all of these "calm down this is what we expected" folks think at this point.

Because I did not expect this team to compete for a Big Ten title or beat high caliber teams.  But I sure as heck expected this team to not get crushed by Illinois and choke a game away against Purdue when they had a two touchdown lead at the half.

It seems likely to me that this team is going to have to improve just to be mediocre next year given the defense.  And if the offensive line doesn't get substantially better how are we going to outscore everyone?

Maybe it is my fault for not realizing that Michigan would need three years to be competitive - not national but in the conference - again.  Feels like this program is a lot farther behind than I thought.