OT: Yahoo Fantasy Football League - LEAGUE FILLED UP

OT: Yahoo Fantasy Football League - LEAGUE FILLED UP

Submitted by CarlosSpicyweiner21 on August 23rd, 2016 at 11:59 AM

Draft is Sept 5th 7:30 PM EST. I know there have been a league or two already that filled up, so i thought I would create another. Name is Harbaugh Bowl and is a basic league. Looking to have some fun with fellow Michigan Fan's.

All I as is that you remain active all year. If you are a guy/gal who bails halfway through please don't waste the time. No cash just fun with some goodhearted smack talk thrown in.

Below should be the link


10 team league. Please make sure you change your team name once you join so I know you are all in. 

GO BLUE!!!!!!



NFL fantasy football open thread

NFL fantasy football open thread

Submitted by ClearEyesFullHart on August 6th, 2012 at 6:18 PM

I haven't seen one of these this year, and I thought it would be nice and tidy if we kept the NFL stuff in one thread...

Just to kick things off...10 man ppr, 10yds rushing or receiving =1pt...

I am in a league with a ridiculous amount of bench slots(8!)  which has me thinking about stealing handcuffs(guys that will be useful when/if the starter goes down).  In what order would you pick these guys?

Bernart Scott

Ronnie Hillman

Taiwan Jones

Rashad Jennings

Rashard Mendenhall(ACL)

Jacquiz Rodgers

Michael Robinson

Ryan Williams

Isaih Pead

Dion Lewis

Bernard Pierce

Chris Rainey

Tim Hightower

Alex Green

Montario Hardesty

Javon Ringer

Delone Carter

Ronnie Brown

David Wilson

Kevin Smith



OT--- Mgoblog Fantasy Football Leauge

OT--- Mgoblog Fantasy Football Leauge

Submitted by hailtothevictors08 on July 30th, 2010 at 9:24 PM

ight so i did one of these last year and would like to do it again ...

I am looking for people to go against in fantasy football, first come first serve

The leauge will be free through espn and i want to limit it to ten teams

I would start with basic rules but if the leauge wanted something switched obvy we could

Finally, i was thinking a live draft (snake) in late august or early september

if you want an invite put down your email and ill send it


(edit: All right invites are out, if you have an issue or didn't get it email me at [email protected])

Hypothetical UM Bowl

Hypothetical UM Bowl

Submitted by TrppWlbrnID on January 2nd, 2010 at 11:29 AM

after watching lots of bowls this week, i have been wondering what would have happened if the ones that got away had not gotten away. i am referring to the illinois game (1st thru 4th and 1 to seal the game) and purdue game (missed PAT, etc) as the winnable games that UM didn't win. you could obviously choose to throw in msu and iowa as those were close, but i don't have the same sort of regret about losing to those two (anger, not regret).

scenario 1 - michigan wins 1 of those games. this gives them a 2-6 conf record, 6-6 total and because iowa goes bcs every b10 team moves up a bowl, the pizza bowl goes to michigan where they face off against ohio. ohio got down early 21-0 to marshall and managed to come back before losing 21-17.

scenario 2 - michigan wins both of those games. this gives them a 3-5 conf record, 7-6 total and because the conference tie breaker goes to better total record, michigan goes to the insight bowl to face iowa state. iowa state won this one 14-13 in a pretty evenly matched game, statistically.

there are obviously many intangibles and reasons why we can't simply plug michigan in, but this is hypothetical so i am gonna. i know national rankings are a bit flawed, but this has really been too long a post already.

hypo pizza pizza bowl - UM v OU
OU (78th O, 46th D) lost closely to Marshall (96th O, 68th D)
michigan had the 44th O and 82nd D. this tells me that UM scores more than marshall, by a 10-14, but lets up more points by a little, 3-7. bottom line - UM wins pizza pizza bowl.

hypo insight bowl - UM v ISU
ISU (103rd O, 99th D)was even with Minnesota (101st O, 61st D).
michigan had the 44th O and 82nd D. again, simplistically, michigan scores many more points, 14-21, and allows more 10-14. bottom line - UM wins insight bowl.

i know this is very remedial, but i really really miss michigan football. i just wish michigan would have been able to pull out these wins against non bowl teams.

a look back and hope for '09'

a look back and hope for '09'

Submitted by noahtahl on January 22nd, 2009 at 2:24 AM
Edit Message as for last year...lets go over each game and come up with a logical reason to have hope for 2009. game 1)Utah: first game with new coach, system and a walk on freshman QB starting because rrod thought he fit the system.tough game against the true national champion. yes, michigan did get most of the breaks but the second half was more indicative of the talent comps.Final 25-23 0-1--With Forcier or more experienced Threat 1-0 game 2)Miami: still learning complex system and this time started a r/s freshman QB. lackluster performance mostly brought on by embarrassment over home opener loss to a mid major team(who knew they were that good).Final 16-6 1-1--Forcier exp. Threat 2-0 game 3)Notre Dame: a little jump in their step. finally over losing to Utah, the best team in college football;-P but 4 fumbles and 2 int. later a tough loss to swallow. outplayed Notre Dame in South Bend but the errors and hard rain took it's toll. hope abounds.Final-35-17 1-2--Forcier exp Threat and less bad luck 3-0 game 4)Wisconsin: do miracles ever cease? this game saw Mich. turn the ball over repeatedly in first half and this led to one of the greatest comebacks in Mich. history.the 4th qtr. showed the promise of the spread. Final 27-25 2-2 Forcier exp Threat 4-0 game 5)Illinois: Mich. spurred on by great comeback against Wis. comes out strong, takes an early lead and just falls apart, exposing the truth...Michigan is led by a freshman Qb running an offense not designed for him. Juice see's blood, doesn't throw a pick and....Final 45-20 2-3 Forcier exp Threat 4-1 game 6) Toledo: threat makes another freshman mistake, Toledo comes out with an offense designed by their old coach Gary Pinkel, now at Missouri, and throws over 100 times...well, at least 50 and once more plays with more passion than the Wolverines.Threat gets hurt and Michigan gives away another.Final- 13-10 2-4 Forcier exp Threat 5-1 game 7)Penn St: #3 team in happy valley.Michigan once again starts strong, leads at the half and then Threat goes down...end of story. promising but still another loss. Final 46-17 2-5 Forcier exp Threat closer but still lost 5-2 game 8)Michigan St.:same old story. come out strong, lead or tied for most of game and fold like the young and now bewildered team they've become. Final 35-21 2-6 Forcier exp Threat 6-2 game 9)Purdue:Michigan's offense scored more points against Purdue's staunch defense than both Penn St. and Ohio St. in fact , Michigan's 42 points were more than Penn St. and Ohio St.'s combined scores of 36...problem was Michigan gave up 48. Final-48-42 2-7 Forcier exp Threat 7-2 game 10)Minnesota: this game showed a complete package of what the spread can do, even with a walk-on, when playing in perfect conditions and getting most of the breaks. the defense once again made an appearance helped by the offense actually limiting their three and outs and Michigan won that juggy thing.Final 29-6 3-7 8-2 game 11)Northwestern: Michigan come out in the snow and rain runs the ball for almost 200 yards, leads at the half 14-7 and loses. other than the elements, the 88 yards in passing and the defenses year long inability to stop 3rd and 30's did the Maize and Blue in...the pain...the pain....Final 21-14 3-8 Forcier exp Threat 9-2 Game 12)Ohio St.:Terrelle Pryor pass intercepted by Stevie Brown at the OhSt 47, returned for 34 yards to the OhSt 13. MICHOHST1st and 10 at OHST 13Carlos Brown rush for 2 yards to the OhSt 11.002nd and 8 at OHST 11Nick Sheridan rush for a loss of 2 yards to the OhSt 13. 3rd and 10 at OHST 13Michigan penalty 5 yard false start accepted. 3rd and 15 at OHST 18Nick Sheridan pass incomplete. 4th and 15 at OHST 18K.C. Lopata 35 yard field goal MISSED A.J. Trapasso punt for 33 yards, returned by Martavious Odoms for no gain, fumbled, recovered by ohio st.tuos 6 plays for 318 yards michigan intercepts pryor on first drive returns to 8 and sheridan puts a dagger in the maize and blue heart. game over Final 42-7 3-9 Forcier exp Threat and a witch doctor...10-2...just kidding;-P;-P 9-3 Next year 9-11 wins...yea seriously...Go Blue!!