TomVH: Quick Darian Cooper Update *More* Leilon Willingham Time Change

TomVH: Quick Darian Cooper Update *More* Leilon Willingham Time Change

Submitted by TomVH on February 1st, 2011 at 11:01 PM

I talked to Darian Cooper briefly through text tonight. He told me he hasn't decided what school he's choosing yet. Normally I would dismiss that, but I think there might be some truth to it. I don't know if it means anything, just thought I would share.

**Denver LB Leilon Willingham rescheduled his announcement to Thursday because of the snow storm.

TVH Weekly: Signing Day Edition

TVH Weekly: Signing Day Edition

Submitted by TomVH on January 31st, 2011 at 11:37 AM

Signing day is almost upon us, and there are roughly six recruits to keep an eye on.This staff has done an excellent job keeping kids committed  and adding additional pieces to fill gaps. Here's a look at what to expect, and when to expect it.

As always you can find more updates from me on Twitter, and also feel free to email me with any tips or questions at [email protected]

Thomas RawlsThomas Rawls

5'10", 215 lbs.

Running Back

Flint, Michigan

Rawls is a three star prospect, which most people assume is because of the concern with his grades. Most people assumed he would not qualify, which led to a not so impressive offer list. Also, since his high school coach is Fred Jackson's son and he's made no secret of the fact that if he qualifies he's going to Michigan other schools may not have bothered.

Don't let that list fool you, because Thomas is the kind of back Brady Hoke is looking for in his offense. I can only imagine the conversations about Thomas between Fred Jr and Fred Sr. [ed: "Son, you are the greatest coach in the world and you have created a combination of Herschel Walker, House, and Bo Jackson."]

Rawls recently came back from his trip to Ann Arbor with an offer and a plan:

I wouldn't say it was the dream offer, Michigan is the dream school. I grew up watching them, and I just worked to get there. I basically had the offer, but I just didn't say much. I don't want to say too much about academics, but I will be eligible for the 2011 season. I want to keep some stuff for my press conference, which will be at 9:30am on signing day at Flint Northern.

Thomas is "deciding" between Michigan and CMU on signing day. This should be an excellent pick up for Michigan, and an excellent job by Thomas to get eligible.

Jacob FisherJake Fisher

6'7", 270 lbs.

Offensive Tackle

Traverse City, Michigan

Jake Fisher is fresh off a visit to Oregon, and it's coming down to the wire. Chip Kelly is pretty strict when it comes to prospects visiting and offers they hand out. They like kids to visit if they are seriously thinking about coming to Oregon, and I think Jake is. I spoke to him after his visit, and he had this to say:

Everyone is fair game right now. I'm going to sit down with my parents and talk everything over. I'm either going to announce the day before signing day, or on signing day.

He also told me the visit to Oregon went well, but not much more than that. Jake is really tough to read, so this could go one way or the other. The Michigan coaches have made him a priority. Will it be enough?

Who's Signing When

Signing day is Wednesday. As mentioned earlier there are roughly six prospects that Michigan has honed in on. They would have enough room for all six under certain circumstances. Here's who's left, and when they plan on announcing.

  • MI RB Thomas Rawls: Signing Day at 9:30am.
  • CO LB Leilon Willingham: Signing Day at 7pm MT. Michigan is in great shape still with Willingham. He'll be choosing between Michigan, ASU, Colorado, Washington, and UCF presumably.
  • OH LB Frank Clark: Signing Day around 10 or 11am.
  • MD DT Darian Cooper: Signing Day.
  • MI OL Jake Fisher: Either announcing the day before signing day, or on signing day. Visit to Oregon went well. He plans on talking it over with his parents and then deciding.
  • TX TE Chris Barnett: Will announce on Saturday. Wants to weigh out all the options rather than think on emotion. The Michigan visit went very well. He is deciding between Arkansas and Michigan.

Prediction: I don't like predicting, but Michigan has a legitimate shot at landing all six that are left. I don't know if they will, but they have a shot. I am confident about three of them, somewhat optimistic about one, and usure about two. I think when it comes down to it they will most likely land 3 or 4, if they get the 5th or 6th it's a bonus.


Darian Cooper's Visit Reaction

Darian Cooper's Visit Reaction

Submitted by TomVH on January 30th, 2011 at 2:14 PM

Defensive tackle is one of the holes that hasn't been filled yet for Michigan, which makes Darian Cooper one of the most important recruits left on the board. Up to even a few weeks ago it seemed like Cooper wasn't going to entertain the idea of even visiting Michigan. The new coaching staff made him a priority and convinced him to visit this past weekend. Michigan has now moved into his top four with MSU, Iowa, and Georgia Tech. Here's his film, and what he had to say about the visit.

TOM: Tell me from the start what you guys did.

DARIAN: We got there at five on Friday, and we went and ate dinner at the Big House. After that I hung out with some of the players, we hung out with Josh Furman, Patrick (Omameh). We got to meet all the players and we played some video games.

TOM: Was Saturday more the business side of it then?

DARIAN: Yeah, Saturday was more the academic side of it. My mom and little brother were with me, and we spent a few hours with the Dean of business. They went over what a degree means from Michigan and the overall academics there.

TOM: That's usually what parents care the most about, did your mom come away impressed with that?

DARIAN: Their degree ranks 15th in the nation, so it's hard not to be impressed with that. My mom doesn't care so much about the football side. She wants there to be stability with the coaching staff. Football is football, you line up and the objectives are all the same, so she's worried about the other parts.

TOM: I'm assuming you also met with the coaches, Coach Hoke and Mattison, on Saturday. What did they have to say?

DARIAN: They were talking to me about my role on the defense. For the past few years their strength has been offense, and they were telling me that they're defensive minded coaches and they want to bring that defense back. They're putting an emphasis on defense now.

TOM: What did they say as far as your role in the defense, what's their pitch to you?

DARIAN: They were telling me it's a great opportunity to play early. My freshman year, Coach Mattison said I would be a relief for Mike Martin on the field. They would work me into a nickel package, and a third down rushing defensive tackle. Playing is good, I don't really care what my role is as long as I get to play.

TOM: You went from not wanting to visit Michigan, to now potentially having them in your top group when you decide. Did this visit help Michigan even more?

DARIAN: Michigan moved up in my mind, definitely. I'm really focusing on my experience with the players at each school. Buildings are buildings, but it's all about the people in the place not the bricks that have been laid. 

TOM: Was there anything that really stuck out to you that was different from other visits?

DARIAN: It was an official visit, so everything's going to be great. What I liked was that they didn't take me to the most expensive restaurant that I'll never eat at again, which was interesting. They took me to the training table and told me everything that was real, and this is how you'd live here. They didn't try to sell me with stuff that wasn't going to be how it was there. I liked that part.

TOM: Where do you go from here?

DARIAN: Most likely make my decision on signing day. I'll sit down with my mom, and make my decision.

Michigan still in it for Cooper?

Michigan still in it for Cooper?

Submitted by bluesouth on January 23rd, 2011 at 11:58 PM

Summary from Spartan Rivals.  The CC kinda turned him off.  He has met with Hoke and communicated with Mattison and is expecting a visit sometime in the early part of the week.  He's seems still wide open and will listen to what they have to say. 


The rest is MSU related how enjoyed his OV to Iowa, and the last DT roster spot in Sparty land

TomVH: Weekly Update: Stefan McClure, Leilon Willingham, Frank Clark and More

TomVH: Weekly Update: Stefan McClure, Leilon Willingham, Frank Clark and More

Submitted by TomVH on January 23rd, 2011 at 6:00 PM

This weekend was a huge success for Michigan, not only with the three commitments from K Matt Wile, DB Raymon Taylor, and DE Keith Heitzman, but with the other visitors as well. Here's what some of them had to say.

Stefan McClureStefan McClure

5'11", 170 lbs.

Defensive Back

Vista, California

The interest from McClure came from his relationship with Brady Hoke at San Diego State. Now that Hoke was at a bigger program like Michigan, McClure was interested.

It was a great time. We met with all the coaches, saw the stadium, and hung out with the players. My host was Denard Robinson, which was pretty cool. He's like a celebrity there. Walking through the Big House was pretty cool, too.

Michigan's new defensive coordinator, Greg Mattison, has only been on campus for one weekend, but he's already polished off his recruiting tricks.

I talked with the defensive coordinator quite a bit. We talked scheme, and he knows his x's and o's. It was pretty cool to be able to talk with him. I also talked to coach Hoke about the school, tradition, and the opportunity to play early there.

Stefan has said he will decide and announce sometime this week. I would imagine distance might be a factor with him, and I wouldn't get too excited. While I think he had a good time, it's hard to pull kids out of California. I would guess he'll stay home and go with someone like Cal.

Leilon WillinghamLeilon Willingham

6'2", 240 lbs


Denver, Colorado

Willingham is a four star that had been committed to Texas A&M, and decided recently to take a trip out to Michigan. Coincidentally, or not so coincidentally, he took a recent visit to Colorado the same weekend as current Michigan commit Kellen Jones. Kellen had an opportunity to tell Leilon why he chose Michigan, and what he liked about it. This weekend he got to see it for himself.

We got a chance to talk to all the coaches, and it was pretty cool to sit down with the defensive coordinator. Ray Lewis is my idol, so that was like a dream. They were just telling me how they would use me up there, ether inside or outside. I really liked it up there. I mean, the Big House speaks for itself, everything was great. We hung out with all the other recruits, and everybody was just having a good time.

Willingham does have one more visit scheduled to UCF, and says that he will announce on signing day.

The (Michigan) coaches know I'm going out to Central Florida, so that's fine. I'm decommitted from Texas A&M, too, so I'm not with them anymore.

However, don't be surprised if he decides to "come public" with his choice earlier than that. This visit put Michigan in the driver's seat, and then some. 

Frank ClarkFrank Clark

6'2", 210 lbs.


Cleveland, Ohio

Although he's from Glenville, Clark has always maintained that Michigan is high on his list. Before this visit Michigan was in his top three with MSU and UNC. I spoke to him briefly after his visit, and Michigan has definitely helped themselves with Clark.

He described the visit as, "excellent" and said that he will be announcing his decision on Friday the 28th. Clark is in the same category as Willingham right now. He will make his choice public soon, but Michigan has put themselves in the driver's seat with this visit. 

What's Next?

  • OL Chris Bryant is announcing on Friday. Likely between Michigan, Arizona, and Pitt. I like Michigan's chances.
  • TE/LB Frank Clark is announcing Friday. Between Michigan, UNC, and MSU. I like Michigan's chances.
  • LB Leilon Willingham may announce this week, but could wait until signing day. I like Michigan's chances.
  • 4 Star TE Chris Barnett is visiting this weekend, the 28th.
  • 4 Star DB Floyd Raven may visit Alabama this weekend instead of Michigan. We'll see what happens.
  • RB Thomas Rawls may visit this weekend, and is announcing on the 31st. If he's qualified, I like Michigan's chances.
  • DB Blake Countess may come back up for an unofficial visit to meet the new DC, and potentially the new DB coach if they have one in place.


  • OL commit Tony Posada was in Ann Arbor this weekend, and the visit reassured him of his commitment to Michigan. Nothing to worry about there.
  • DT Darian Cooper just got done with an official to Iowa. He tweeted that Michigan's new DC Greg Mattison promptly called him, and said he was, "very interesting." That could be something to watch if they go after him hard.

TomVH: Darian Cooper Update

TomVH: Darian Cooper Update

Submitted by TomVH on January 19th, 2011 at 11:25 PM

I wanted to do a quick update on Maryland DT Darian Cooper, because there seems to be a lot of buzz about him. 

He has maintained this whole time that Michigan's coaching situation was too much for him, and he eventually eliminated Michigan. I spoke with him when Brady Hoke was hired and he still felt the same way. I spoke with him the other day when Mattison was hired, and he said the same thing.

I spoke to him again tonight, and he said, "The coach came by the house today. He was cool, but I wish I had met him earlier. I'm pretty solid with my top three." His top three are Iowa, Michigan State, and Georgia Tech.

If he decides to visit then there would be reason for excitement, but I wouldn't get your hopes up. Don't take this as 100% because Brady Hoke could push hard, but as of right now it's not something to get excited about.

TVH Weekly: Weekend Visitors, Upcoming Decisions, and More

TVH Weekly: Weekend Visitors, Upcoming Decisions, and More

Submitted by TomVH on January 3rd, 2011 at 7:30 PM

This Weekly Update is going to be a little tough because so much can change within a matter of days. Here's what's potentially happening in the near future. With Demetrius Hart decommitting to Alabama that leaves Michigan with roughly seven spots to fill. 

January 7th Visitors

As of right now most, if not all, of the visitors plan on making it in this weekend. I have received two texts from prospects asking if they should reschedule their visit, though. I'm going to make sure that everyone understands that anything can change at any time. That even goes for the comment I made the other day about current commitments sticking with Michigan. Tony Posada and Dallas Crawford both said they will "most likely" stick with Michigan. That most likely is their way out, so it's not 100%. Dallas is being actively recruited, so that's something to watch. [Ed. He did say he was "solid" on Facebook today, FWIW.]

Anyhow, here's the list of recruits expected to be in this weekend.

  • S Sheldon Royster - Royster will be a tough pull for Michigan. Considering Michigan, Rutgers, South Carolina, Miami, and North Carolina.
  • ATH Raymon Taylor - Decommitted from Indiana because of a coaching change. He loves Michigan, but ya know, they might have a coaching change. 
  • WR Devin Lucien - Devin was just offered by Miami today. He really likes Michigan though. He'll be making his announcement on January 30th at his school. He could be making his final decision soon though. Decision is different than announcement. He's said Michigan's standing does not depend on their coach.
  • DT Darian Cooper - I spoke with Darian last night, and he said "he thinks" he's still coming this weekend. We'll see if that changes.
  • WR Shane Wynn - Glenville product, potentially coming this weekend.
  • QB Cardale Jones - Same situation as Wynn. The visit might not happen.
  • TE Frank Clark - Same as the two above.
  • DE Deion Barnes - This visit looks like it's leaning towards not happening, but I haven't confirmed it yet. I'll still include him here, just not expecting him to be there.
  • TE Tanner McEvoy

Army Game Decisions

There are 13 total prospects making their decision public at the Army All American Game on Saturday January 8th. The two that apply to Michigan are LB Kris Frost, and DB Wayne Lyons.

Kris Frost: 

Kris has been consistent with his public stance, and who he names in his top group. I have been in very close contact with Kris the entire time, and it's my understanding that he had his final decision made up around 3 weeks or a month ago. Frost is an early enrollee, and has told me he's comfortable with his decision. 

Wayne Lyons:

Wayne has kept a lot of his recruitment close to the vest, but the rumor is that it may be between Michigan and Stanford, with potentially Nebraska in there as well. This provides an interesting scenario with Michigan and Stanford's current situation. I don't think anyone can predict the outcome of this one, so we'll have to wait and see what hat Wayne picks up on Saturday.

Chris BryantChris Bryant

Offensive Line

6'5", 330 lbs.

Chicago, Illinois

I put this on the board a few days ago, but Chris Bryant has decided to hold a press conference to announce his decision on January 21st. 

Chris has always been very high on Michigan, and has been out to Ann Arbor a few times. The interesting scenario here is that Bryant is likely down to Michigan, Arizona, and Ohio State (if they offer). Stanford was also a school that Chris was very interested in, and he's aware of the potential coaching changes that could take place at Michigan. All of this could obviously change from now until January 21st, but I think Michigan is in strong position right now.


  • The silent commits that I've alluded to are still intact. I know of two for now, and potentially a third soon. Some of them could decide to go elsewhere. They're still in place for now.
  • If Michigan makes a coaching change, and makes it fast, there could be opportunity for that coach to bring in some of their recruits. Specifically Jim Harbaugh with his current commitments. I've spoken to a few Stanford commitments that are going to wait to see what happens, and make a decision from there. I've spoken to four, and only one has said he will stay with Stanford 100%. 
  • Early enrollee Greg Brown is in Ann Arbor, and ready to go.
  • Again, all of this information could easily change in the next few days, so don't take it as 100%.

TomVH: Weekly Update: Decision Dates, Visits, and Who's Left

TomVH: Weekly Update: Decision Dates, Visits, and Who's Left

Submitted by TomVH on December 27th, 2010 at 11:55 AM

We're in the middle of a recruiting dead period, and about a month away from signing day. I thought I would give an update on who's left on the board, time frames for when specific recruits will make their decisions, and who will be visiting in the near future. 

Who's Left?

2011 Michigan Commits
Name Position State Rivals Ranking
Demetrius Hart RB FL 4 Star
Justice Hayes RB  MI 4 Star
Brennen Beyer DE MI 4 Star
Blake Countess CB MD 4 Star
Dallas Crawford CB FL 3 Star
Jake Fisher OL MI 3 Star
Delonte Hollowell CB MI 3 Star
Kellen Jones LB TX 3 Star
Chris Rock DE/DT OH 3 Star
Greg Brown DB OH 3 Star
Jack Miller OL OH 3 Star
Desmond Morgan LB MI 3 Star
Tony Posada OL FL 3 Star
Matt Goudis K CA 2 Star

That's 14 current commitments, and for argument sake we'll just assume that Michigan will take 20 in this class. Rich Rodriguez has recently said they will take anywhere from 18-20 commits, so we'll go with 20. Here's a look at the most likely recruits left at each position, up to this point. There could be some new names pop up, but this list seems pretty solid for now.

Wide Receiver
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Kris Frost NC Army All American Game (Jan 8th) 4 Star
Hakeem Flowers SC Either January or Signing Day. May still take visits. 3 Star
Devin Lucien CA Signing Day. Visiting Michigan January 7th 4 Star
Prince Holloway FL January 15th. Recently said he will commit to Michigan on his January 15th visit. 3 Star

Frost is in this category because he will most likely get his chance to try wide receiver before potentially moving to linebacker. The situation for Michigan here is that they may just lead for all four of these receivers. 

Defensive Backs
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Wayne Lyons (S) FL Army All American Game 4 Star
Raymon Taylor (ATH) MI  Visiting January 7th. Decision after that. 4 Star
Sheldon Royster (S) NJ Visiting January 7th. 4 Star
James Richardson (CB) TX Deciding in January 3 Star
Roderick Ryles (S) FL Planning a visit, decision date unsure. 3 Star

Again Michigan is in great position for most of these recruits. 

Tight End
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Jack Tabb NJ January 3 Star
Frank Clark OH Visiting January 7th, decision date unsure. 3 Star
Tanner McEvoy NJ Visiting January 7th, decision date unsure. 3 Star

Tabb is thinking over his decision, and will be announcing sometime in early or mid January. The coaching situation had been factoring into his decision, and he was also hoping for an offer from Miami. He's not getting the Miami offer, so it will be between Michigan, North Carolina, and Arkansas.

Offensive Line
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Chris Bryant IL January, or Signing Day 4 Star

Bryant isn't sure if he wants to wait until signing day to make his decision, or just get it over with. He is waiting to see what happens with the coaches, but Michigan is likely to land Chris.

Defensive Line
Name State Decision Date Rivals Ranking
Anthony Zettel (DE) MI Likely to decide in January. 4 Star
Darian Cooper (DT MD Visiting January 7th, likely to decide signing day. 4 Star
Max Issaka (DE)  NJ May visit Michigan 3 Star
Deion Barnes (DE)  PA Visiting January 7th, decision in mid-late January or signing day 4 Star

As you can see, there are a lot of recruits left for only roughly 6 spots left. The good news is that there is a lot of quality left on the board. The recruits that are left and still have Michigan in the race are ranked highly, and more importantly could help Michigan in key areas. 


The next visit weekend will be January 7th, and will be host to a good amount of prospects. Here's the list so far, and as usual will be updated as we get closer. These visits aren't set in stone, so they could change from now until the 7th.

  • S Sheldon Royster - Michigan is in Royster's top four with North Carolina, Rutgers, and South Carolina
  • DE Deion Barnes - Michigan is in Barne's top group with Penn State, South Carolina, and Georgia.
  • WR Devin Lucien - Michigan is in a very favorable spot for Lucien. This visit could determine where he ends up.
  • DT Darian Cooper - Cooper still lists Michigan in his top group, but definitely has concerns about the coaching situation. He should have some answers by this time.
  • ATH Raymon Taylor - Recently offered by Michigan, and recently decommitted from Indiana I suspect that Michigan leads. 
  • TE Tanner McEvoy
  • TE/LB Frank Clark - The Glenville prospect always speaks highly of Michigan, and is excited about the visit. 

TVH Weekly: Jack Tabb, Roderick Ryles, Darian Cooper and More

TVH Weekly: Jack Tabb, Roderick Ryles, Darian Cooper and More

Submitted by TomVH on December 20th, 2010 at 2:11 PM

As we get closer and closer to signing day, Michigan nabbed two quality commitments this week in instate LB Desmond Morgan and Maryland DB Blake Countess. Michigan is currently at 13 commitments, which leaves anywhere between 5-7 more spots open. A few updates from this week, and a look at what could happen going forward:

Roderick RylesRoderick Ryles

6'1", 185 lbs.


Orlando, Florida

I'm sure everyone has noticed that Roderick has an outstanding set of dreadlocks, always key in recruiting. Ryles was committed to Arkansas, but recently decommitted/had his offer pulled from the Razorbacks. He has opened up his recruitment, and Michigan will be part of the process.

I'm not with Arkansas anymore, so it's back open with everybody. I'm definitely interested in Michigan. I just talked to Coach Smith on Thursday (10/9).

Dr. Phillips just lost in the state championship game so Roderick will be focusing on recruiting going forward. He hasn't set up his visit date yet, but is looking to do that soon.

Darian CooperDarian Cooper

6'1", 275 lbs.

Defensive Tackle

Hyattsville, Maryland

I'm not sure where it originated, but there was a rumor that Michigan was out of it for Darian Cooper. That's not entirely true. This was somewhat discussed in this thread earlier, and this is what Darian had to say about it.

Tony Dews came out on Thursday, and we talked about some things. I asked him about the coaching situation and he said that we'll know on January 1st. They're not out of it yet, I'm just concerned with what's going on with them because I had a friend go through that too.

While Michigan isn't out of it for Cooper, they are slightly behind the likes of Penn State, Georgia Tech, Iowa, and Michigan State. We won't know if Michigan is back in it until we know the fate of the coaching staff.

[Ed.: That's quite a statement from Dews, if second-hand. Not even a "we'll be back." Everybody limbo.]

Jack TabbJack Tabb

6'4", 230 lbs.

Tight End

Red Bank, New Jersey

Jack Tabb and recently offered Glenville prospect Frank Clark are the main tight ends on Michigan's board these days. Tabb has decided that he's ready to announce his decision after visiting Michigan, Arkansas, Iowa, and North Carolina.

I'm announcing either Wednesday or Thursday, I'll find out tomorrow. I'll have hats for Arkansas, Michigan, North Carolina, Rutgers, and Iowa.

The coaching situation at Michigan has also been in Tabb's mind recently. He really liked his visit to Ann Arbor, but I wouldn't get your hopes up with him. 


  • Commit Demetrius Hart told reporters last night that he will officially visit Florida, and still plans on enrolling early wherever he decides to go. If Rich Rodriguez stays, then I think Dee will too. If Rich Rod goes, then so will Hart.
  • Instate DB Raymon Taylor was offered by Michigan this week. He's a lifelong Michigan fan, and barring anything out of the ordinary there's a good chance he'll be a part of this class. Taylor is a Rivals four star who was committed to Indiana before their coaching change; the other sites have him a generic three-star.
  • The Army All American game will be played on January 8th, and Michigan fans will have reason to watch. Michigan commits DB Blake Countess and RB Demetrius Hart will be in the game. The two prospects announcing their decisions during the game to keep an eye on are FL S Wayne Lyons and NC ATH Kris Frost.
  • There's a dead period that starts today that will run through January 3rd. The next big recruiting visit weekend will be that following weekend of the 7th. We'll have more as it gets closer, but so far WR Devin Lucien, TE Frank Clark, DB Sheldon Royster, DB Dallas Crawford, and DE Deion Barnes are scheduled to be there.